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Date:   6/2/2008 2:01:26 PM ( 13 y ago)
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I recommend reading a book on fasting. Either Bragg's "The Miracle of Fasting" or Kecks "Dying to Get Well" ( Without reading a book on fasting, most people don't have the desire or determination or trust that fasting can help a lot.

I used to do lemonade / master cleanse fasts. However, I find that (distilled water) water-only fasts are much much better. So I recommend water fasts, better benefit in the same time.

The way you can stop the urge to eat is:
1) Minimize stress, people, no food lying around. Do it on a weekend.
2) Read a book for conviction. People who flake out are not convinced.
3) If you don't have time to start fast, start slow. Skip breakfast and lunch one day a week. Work from there. Maybe start with skipping breakfast and lunch and drinking as much fresh juice as you like.


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