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Hi, Matt here,

I've been trying to make heads or tails of the whole 'Global Warming' matter since we started hearing about all this years ago...

There are certainly more questions than answers, and certainly allot we simply don't know yet because we may simply not have arrived at the point in time to be able to be seeing all the specifically relevant pieces of the puzzle yet.

Q: What do we "Know" after all this?

A: ( Answering the question with a question-- )

Q: What is hindsight 20/20 on it?

What we have witnessed so far is possibly more accurately termed "Climate Changes" -- sometimes to the extremes as numbers go now rather than a 'Global Warming' during warm season only.

A whole lot more to the picture?

Allot seems to be the perspective of where the author of an opinion or theory may be referencing or perhaps living? Think about it -- that the ocean currents are already changing (like the movie)-- possibly for unknown reasons -- and the British Ilses with Europe will be getting steadily colder in an overall trend scientists monitoring the temperature buoys have reported.

Conclusions yet?

A fundamentalist approach that jumps to a conclusion and shuts down after it has made up one's mind has resulted in a non-scientific haggling for influence and funds that has become nothing short of a fiasco on the national media.

I went to see the Gore film in its entirety to see if there was anything to it.

Q: What did I find?

A: We don't know yet.

A: What we do know I have scoured the internet and decided to not with-hold -- but dared to be as bold as you pioneers here have demonstrated on Iodine and taken to release out as clues...

The old saying: " a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing... " can be true and fully applicable even in the information age and the internet.

This is the article that changed my world on it and may change yours when it begins to take worldwide:


What I began to find is that it may actually be a grand convergence of many such cycles and yes-- alignments-- overlapping in a convergence and a crossroads the likes of which would put any 'Grand Drama' or rubbernecking movie offering out of Hollywood-- much less 'cable' to shame.

What I found, hit me over the head and would not let me go until I posted it on the 5 discoveries blog as DISCOVERY # 4).



DISCOVERY OF JULY 20th 2006: The overall biggest contributing cause to Global Climate Change, and the melting of the polar icecaps of -- both -- Earth and Mars is actually caused by our arrival into the brighter, more energetic equator region of the Milky Way galactic disc as we are coming in from deeper space.

In our movement through space --

-- our Earth has now fully begun to respond to the more powerful galactic energies and electro-gravitational bias as we have reached the higher energy equatorial disc region of the massive spiral armed adjacent galaxy, the Milky Way.


While the rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels cyclically charted by such scientists and researchers as quoted by Al Gore are powerful indicators, and even possible contributors to the unmistakable levels of climate and other changes, and pollution from the choices man has made are an increasing burden to the ecosystem of the planet, the larger cause of Global Climate Change by far is the first time in history event of the permanent merging of Earth and the Solar System with the higher energy state equatorial-orbital-disc region of the spiral armed Milky Way Galaxy. The climate change cycles quoted by Gore's scientists only take into account climate change cycles that go back to the last ice age-- when in fact much larger overlapping cycles going back for the last 2 billion years are actually what is currently in the multiplexed mix. (See glowing disc region as seen edge-on from our vantage point [NASA PICS above] that we are into witnessing and fully experiencing through the year 2012.


The Overall Biggest contributing Cause to Global Climate Changes, and the melting of the polar icecaps of -- both -- Earth and Mars is caused by our arrival into the brighter, more energetic equator region of the Milky Way galactic disc as we cross cut in from deeper space:

The discovery of May 30th 2006 reveals that the apparent placement of Earth at the nexus of these two galaxies has far greater significance than any had yet imagined--

Earth and her Sun star system is not aligned with the near 90 degree off-angle galaxy in the sky (now) before us "because the Milky Way is simply not our parent galaxy."

We have just established that we are still angled with the smaller parent galaxy but appear to have now gravitationally broken free the last time circling down through the disc, and are now moving independently -- back up-- and being gravitationally pulled into position as in a parallel parking fashion -- to the center of gravity of the Milky Way whirlpool arms and disc. It now appears to be only a matter of time before we're fully pulled into the angle of our new home, the Milky Way as we approach the center of the Milky Way disc in the year 2012.

With the aid of infrared telescopes, and super computers, scientists were recently able to distinguish the Sagittarius Dwarf presence, position, and looping shape out from the mass of background stars and create a new star map putting our solar system right into the intersecting stream of the two galaxies.

It was not until the most recent discoveries out just last Spring that all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together...

When one begins a search effort to determine the current state of humanity's understanding of the astro-sciences, it becomes apparent that such new discoveries can be happened upon and be reported in some obscure area of the internet that completely supersedes all other related discoveries and published data on the topic while the earlier incorrect data remains up for years and goes uncorrected in either the textbooks or the bulk of the internet sites...

*Such is even the case with things as large as the 200 billion star Milky Way galactic structure being discovered some time ago to be completely lopsided with no spiral arms branching out from the other side-- and all data to the contrary still remains and is even taught:

"has extra long arms sprouting out on one side and is warped and armless on the other." [DISCOVERY CHANNEL] [PIC: NASA]

The breakthroughs in Science are coming now so rapidly that even at this very moment-- most astro-science personnel that could be consulted for comment on even the first two mainstream science sourced breakthrough discoveries listed above [ Discoveries I & II of Blog ] (that) have now fully "undone" all related textbook science all the way back to Copernicus-- may not have had ample opportunity to be properly updated on these and actually able to be definitive in any related statements issued.

Professor Majewski, (University of Virginia Astronomy) lead author heading up the team releasing the 2003 paper (which revealed the hidden in plain sight loop shaped structure of the intersecting dwarf galaxy through our near space) has now clearly offered a fresh new scientific perspective on the state of our earlier understanding, and disclosed details of the launching of a new mission, instrumentation, and funding:

[ NASA/ JPL podcast 09/07/07 ]

"We don't know the basic things about our place in the galaxy, our sun's place in the galaxy."

Q: Are the Ice Caps of the Planets Melting?

LINK: Foliage On Mars near melting Ice Cap? History Changing Photos? Official Satellite Photos of plant life on surface of Mars

Could it be all the cars they are still driving over on Mars? ( I thought they swore off fossil fuels and went full electric? )

Q: What did the actual Voyager I and II spacecraft flybys reveal that it took the Russians to leak before we got any real clue from our friends at NASA?

On the blog you will also find the full "Debunking" of FEAR -- "2012 End-Of-The-World" style to reveal that the Mayan Calendar ends--

-- Not because it is the "End of the World"...

-- but simply the loss of the earlier angling reference point to the Pleiades star cluster the Mayans were using to calculate their astoundingly accurate calendar ( considered by many researchers to be the most accurate calendar on the planet -- requiring no 'leap years' to stay on track )



You heard it here first : )


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