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Date:   12/24/2007 3:43:08 PM ( 15 y ago)
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I am concerned about your way of losing weight. Please consider talking to a holistic practitioner or going to the health section at the bookstore and doing lots of research, or even online! The cream and sugar in your coffee will only block you up, the lack of water will only confirm this, your system will be trying to move because of the caffeine, but because of the lack of nutrients, will not be able to move anything OUT and therefore unable to burn anything OFF, which is what you want, right? Have you considered simply taking a short daily walk? Nothing will happen if you jsut sit there, you know that! What about taking on a house project, such as rearranging the living room or finally painting the garage, etc? Also, maybe you can sign up for a fitness class of some sort--if you payed for it, then you are much more likely to force yourself into going (from past experience!). If this is outside of your social realm or whatever, what about DVDs? Wii? My friend in high school years back lost 40 pounds from Dance Dance Revolution, you know! I know you want to fast, but if you want to fast more efficiently and literally FASTer, you will have to follow some type of regimen or cleanse so that your insides can actually funtion. Capiche? Not trying to be all-knowing or anytihng, there are just many other things you should consider to reach your goal--think of what it will feel like to accomplish that goal!

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