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Date:   12/24/2007 3:34:35 PM ( 15 y ago)
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whoa there cowgirl. Don't freak out. Miniscule pound fluctuations like this are completely natural, even when you are fasting. Especially right now, your digestive system is trying to hold on to what it has, and if you truly have 60 pounds to lose like you say you do, then it will probably be another week or so until you really start to shed it. No matter how much we weigh, our bodies naturally go into "starvation mode" when we are not supplying it with a consistent input of nutrients, minerals, water, etc. Metabolism also slows down in "starvation mode", which means that the inhibitors that burn fat stop moving around and working so hard, because for all they know, you're stranded in a desert for 12 more months and have to keep everything you have!!! Additionally, as a result of this slowed metabolism, it is wuite possible that you may be a little constipated--even if you are having regular bowel movements, your body may be holding onto certain deposits of things for "just in case" you are stranded in the Sahara. Got me? PLEASE do not worry about little tiny one-pound fluctuations like this. This also could be water retention! Hell, 1.2 pounds could be anything! Are you exercising? If not, you should be, and also keep in mind that if you are, muscle does weigh more than fat, so you may look and feel like you are losing weight but really you are just redistributing and transforming it.

I hope this helps relieve some of your worryies, love! If you keep this up, it will be even longer until those 60 pounds are up, got it?

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