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Date:   10/9/2007 10:55:02 AM ( 15 y ago)
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You might need more protein than other folks doing the diet. You have to do what is best for you. There are very nice raw cheeses and sushi out there. I would encourage you to do take the supplements suggested in the study but eat more protein, animal based if need be. I don't eat meat because I do not care for it and for ethical reasons. I guess the poor fish get the rough end because I take fish oil capsules. Consider taking fish oil. My magic number is 4000mg a day.

Here's a good protocol for you:

3,000mg/day fish oil
1,000mg/l carnosine
1,000mg/evening primrose oil
two-four tablespoon flaxseeds a day as tolerated. Some people have to start out with a little.
5,000mcg biotin a day

Also, the green smoothie a day is a must. I've stopped going gray and my hair has taken a nice sheen to it between the fish oil and the greens.

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