Re: I am not sure any of us here on this earth really understand !! by Aharleygyrl .....

Date:   8/5/2007 10:54:39 AM ( 14 y ago)
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well, i watch Pat as he speaks and he truly believes what he says and i get warm fuzzies from him (good vibes). he is a nice old man. unfortunately, my parents gave me everything i asked for. i was an only child. they gave me money to keep me away from them. are you saying the queen does not have any handi-capped children? yeah, the only thng one can do is wonder or have complacency about it because there is no way of really knowing, that is the agnostic viewpoint. yeah, i wish you were my neighbor, too. feel free to move to san diego. you can stay here while you find a place.

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