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Date:   4/27/2007 8:56:14 AM ( 14 y ago)
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hi there! of course i will help support you! i love all the input i get on curezone and it helps get me motivated...i am currently on day 18 of my spring fast (i do it during the fall as well) but this is the longest i have ever gone..i am going for 30 and i feel really good....the first days are always the worst for me (1-3) and then my hunger usually totally goes away after day 5...i even made it through my birthday weekend this year! i think 25lbs in 30 days is totally do-able...i have already lost about 14lbs and i have not even weighed today...i have about the same amount to lose ("baby weight" and my "baby" is 2!) and i feel really good about losing this much so far....i am fitting into stuff i haven't worn in forever and thats good because i really missed my clothes! anyhow, anytime you need some support just let me know and keep up the good work...remember the first days are usually the hardest and then its pretty much just will power! if you fall off, you just get back on too! anyhoo, have a great day and happy fasting!

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