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Date:   4/22/2007 8:51:18 AM ( 15 y ago)
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hello there!

i am so glad i motivated you! thats so cool. i am going to start my fast again and go the full ten days next time. im going to include the salt water flush in the mornings as an aid, i read that its actually safer and more effective than enemas anyway. i have certainly noticed that urine is much darker even though i am drinking loads of water. In addition my tongue was thick with white and my face had lots of spots ... all symptoms of cleansing. i found this excerpt on the web:

A thickening of the tongue, bad breath, skin eruptions and dark urine are common as the body begins to detoxify.

good luck with the fast! even one day is great. so many people say they couldnt 'even go two hours'


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