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    My 120-day fast on vegan urine/water (later will add green juice)...

Blog: My 120-day fast on vegan urine/water (later will add green juice)...
by jerksforthesedentary

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  • My 120-day fast on vegan urine/water (later will add green juice)... by jerksforthesedentary
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            • Re: Raw Food Militia   by  jerksforthesedentary     15 y     1,193
              Subject:   Re: Raw Food Militia
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              Date:   2/25/2006 12:45:00 PM   ( 15 y ago )
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              This is NOT my avatar. This is just randomly assigned image, until I upload my own avatar. Click here to see my profile.

              I'm exceedingly interested in hearing of your Golden Dawn - as you may know, I'm much thinking about how to eat post-fast, and one of my goals in doing this, this long and "radically", is in hopes that if the Y/F/acidity/mycotoxicity picture is in fact correct, as it seems to be for me, this long sugar-free fast will set up my biological terrain to be able to thrive on frug, as I wasn't ever before. In fact, as I fast, the fresh high-water simplicity of an ahimsa dietary - well, it's the most appealing of all those I turn over in my mind as I'm fasting, the other options seeming too unlive or heavy. I really hope that my terrain can afterwards frug with impunity, and that doing so supports and enhances whatever results - ahem - I accrue on the fast.

              Nice to hear from a real 100%-er and hoping you'll keep me informed - one has searched for such on the web, and they either turn out to no longer be doing it, to look disgusting and be obviously brain-cell-eviscerated, or to, in the case of one, consider themselves 100% fruit whilst still using commercial salad dressing from a bottle on their avocadoes.

              Besides the ethical aspect, the simplicity aspect, the "natural" aspect of frug is appealing - no tools, machines - real desert island stuff. I certainly wasn't weighing in on the side of "combo-abombos" with salt and dried this and dried that. I don't even have the patience for juicing, and the "recipes" full of fat and condiment and whatever the latest raw "miracle treat" being pushed that Cousens, Wolfe, and the raw vendors shamelessly go for, that resturants offer, are immediately rejected by one's body as abuse. Nothing makes me fall off the raw wagon quicker than having just eaten something like that and suffered from it.

              So it's not that I admire the militia - far from it - they make me feel highly uncomfortable, so that I doubt even what seems to make sense that they say. For me at this stage, the chlorophyll high-mineral (organic mineral) alkaline thing seems to make sense, based on my own terrain, but I'm bound to say it hasn't brought any results, either - why I'm here today doing this, dude. I've found that to be untrue as much as mucuslessness. I agree that there's a woeful lack of evidence _really_ supporting the militia's claims, and the answer repeatedly comes down to: each rawfoodist must work his/her own salvation. I warrant that no-one can go wrong with a simple dietary of fresh whole fruits and greens and minimal overt fats. I even have to learn to get my mind around the concept that one raw path can work for someone in one phase of his/her life, and then the body says to switch to another raw path, which works then. A difficult idea for me, but it seems like a good one. The idea being to be enough in touch with the body that you can hear it talking louder than your mind talking. All-fruit dietary is good for that. It hands the reins over to that non-mental voice most of us never know what it's like to hear or follow.

              Ehretism appealed to my basic dietary asceticism (although one comes to intensely appreciate that favorite fruit), and the decadence of many of the raw-foodists, particularly those who sell the cacao nibs, is certainly a sign that one is not, won't be, on the same wavelength as what they think, feel, say, or promte and advise(I was mono-, of course). Certainly I've never fallen nearly so devoutly for any of the later raw-foodists' line as I did for the mucusless one. One is still in the dark. Hopefully, I will emerge from the fast with a keener sense of what is authentic and good for me and true to my nature, as well as the physical health and stamina to implement and honor it - if that is the case, I won't have to seek guidance from anywhere else, even rawfoodists who have been high on sprouting and algae for 20 years and can't say enough for the power of hemp oil, pollen, maca, and dried goji. It won't even be an issue. I should also perhaps note that one of the things I am hoping for from urine per se is that UT would make frug healthy and sustainable for me, effectively dealing with any imbalances and overgrowths fruit or fruit-sugar might otherwise end up causing. Also that UT would enforce the knowledge of whether something was individually right for one, and help it to be right for one. If UTcan in fact combat cataracts and polio or whatever (which I've no proof of at the moment), I should think t would be able to correct any problems that might otherwise arise in frugivory. But perhaps not - perhaps one would be, by drinking frug urine, intaking yet more "sugar"?

              Time and again, I've started frug again, thinking just as you say: that it's a personal call that neiher Ehret nor the newer capitalists can make for one; and that frug's what I'm dietarily called to. But it hasn't worked out - and did I ever used to follow the mantra, "It's not unhealth, it's detox"! Whilst I think the mycotoxicity-acidity paradigm is a key for me, I'm also rather repelled by the heavy cellulose and fat and contaminated water dietaries actually recommended to replace any fruit. Many say they eat no sweet fruit at all now - if that's true, I'm not sure it's so great. It could be. It could be unnecessarily joyless and digestively burdensome and unclear, impure. As for the "raw" free-for-all, as I say, whilst it's very laid-back and tolerant and refreshing and has a kind of ideological attractiveness of its own as far as that goes, I just can't do it for more than a day. Physically and psychologically impossible, it has seemed for me. (That too could change post-fast.)

              The forums can really push one easily to a point where one feels one's "health" demands ceasing to read them. Sometimes one can get a good vibe from posts, and sometimes one can be appalled and upset and it's like, who needs this. You have to decide which is more the case, and if it's the latter, "health" demands that you give it up or at least cut back radically. This is true of all sorts of web forums. On CureZone, probably some forums are inherently more frustrating than others. During this fast, at first I assiduously checked all the fasting forums, but I've been finding, for instance, that the fasting-for-weight-loss forum, where people never talk about any result from a fast but pounds and inches and sizes and fantasize about "fried chicken" when they are done fasting, actually wasn't helping me, and I admit I felt overwhelmed by the thought of helping them. A fault, I know, but there's some truth to protecting oneself from psychic vampirism and bad "negative energy", and opting for self-prioritizing peace, whether fasting or not. And sometimes just conflict and controversy, whether ignorant or dogmatic or just not true for _you_, just gets too much and isn't worth it and is a waste of time, especially if you've found a place or an ideology/practice where you are happy and healthy and you have knowledge in your bones. Fruit-naysaying still irks even me, and even I have little patience with it. Everbody _seems_ to be just guessing, or looking at it misinformed or askew, or dogmatic, and one wants to do frug just to not folow them. Walk away by all means.

              That said, in recent years, I've lost any fondness for fruit, too sweet for me. I don't know if that's because I ignored it as a devout Ehretist, the aversion to sweetness, or because in the intervening years I've had so much green stuff which I prefer to sweet, or because by now it's been so long since I've had white sugar that I used to be less sensitive to sweetness than now. I'm quite curious whether after a long fast, fruit that was too sweet will seem _fabulous_ (as I think it might, now as I sit here dehydrated), or will in fact in my new hoped-for purity seem all the sickly-sweeter and inedible. The recent-years too-sweetness has been one of the handful of stumbling blocks to my fruitarianism.

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