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    Raw Milk: The Whole Truth

Blog: Raw Milk: The Whole Truth
by chef jem

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  • Raw Milk: The Whole Truth by chef jem
    • "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth" Now In Canada! by chef jem  5 y
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        • Re: "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth" Now In Canada!   by  refreshed     5 y     4,887
          Subject:   Re: "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth" Now In Canada!
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          Perhaps these are some places that are still around in Georgia. If not try some other states at http://www.realmilk.com


          Bowdon: Red Hott Tomatoes, owned by Nancy & Jacque Garry, (404( 409-2352 (do leave message as they are full-time farmers), http://thegarryfarm.webs.com
          GA. State pet food license.The Garrys full-time farm and also sell vegetables, hatching and eating eggs, many poultry, bunnies and more on their 20 acre farm where they also homestead. Their milk goats are allowed to graze in open areas and are also fed high quality custom blended feed and hay in their barn and during milking time. The goat milk is sold when available at visit, but it is preferable to set an appointment time for milk as many units are already presold. For more information email them: garryfarm@gmail.net stop by 169 Reavesville Rd, Bowdon, GA 30108 to see about availability of milk and be put on a schedule for milk pickup. They also sell milk at local farmers market.

          Bremen: Raven's Haven 680 Bell Road Bremen, GA 30110 770-537-2778 ampdga@yahoo.com, ravenshaven.webs.com LaMancha and Nubian Dairy Goats. Raven's Haven is a small family-owned and operated, diversified homestead. Their milk is licensed for PET consumption ONLY. They sell Fresh, RAW, whole, goats milk. They encourage customers to come out (by appointment to be sure they are home) and see the animals, facility, and milking parlor so they know first hand the health of our animals, the level of care they receive. They strive to produce a CLEAN and WHOLESOME product. They prefer customers who want to know where things come from and demand quality in what they buy. All of their goats are registered LaMancha and Nubian dairy goats. The herd is on standard DHIA testing, the herd is linear appraised every other year. Rotational Grazing, high quality limited grain and only the best legume hays are what it takes to make rich milk and healthy dairy goats. Our entire herd is also CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis) negative (re-tested bi-annually). They pride themseleves in maintaining healthy animals.They also provide grass fed beef, pastured pork and chickens, and now rabbits, when available.

          Canton/Jasper: Flights of Fancy Farm, Kelly Beedle (678)642-9176 , http://www.flightsoffancyfarm.com,
          Licensed to sell raw (unprocessed and all natural) goat milk for pet consumption. Their small herd of Nubians are pasture grazed on our 130 acre farm with minimal grain and are antibiotic, hormone, pesticide free. Their girls are hand milked twice daily then fresh milk is double filtered and chilled immediately. Available in half gallon containers frozen or fresh for local pick up BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! They also have farm fresh free range eggs for sale and occasionally chicks.

          Cherrylog: Smokey Hollow Farm, Frank & Pat Corker, (678) 374-7473 or goatmilk@smokey-hollow.com , http://www.smokey-hollow.com.
          Licensed to sell raw goat milk for pet consumption. Goats are pasture grazed with minimal grain on the milk stand, and are antibiotic and hormone free.

          Cochran/Warner Robins: Clear Crescent Homestead, 478-225-7297 or clearcrescenthomestead@gmail.com. Licensed with the state to sell raw goat milk for pet food. Our pair of hand-milked does have free access to browse their acre pasture at all times and are offered grain on the milk stand only. We use an herbal worming system and withold the milk for 48 hours after treatment. Our does are not treated with or exposed to hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. We welcome visitors.

          Dalton: Trinity Oaks Farm is located just minutes off of I-75 in Dalton, GA. We are licensed with the GA Dept. of Agriculture to sell raw milk for Pet purposes from our registered Jersey Cows that produce rich, creamy milk with a high butterfat content. The cows are on pasture and in the winter on grass hay with a small grain treat at milking time for their pleasure. All milk is labeled for Pet Purposes Only. They also have fresh eggs from our flock of free range chickens as well hatching eggs from our Black Copper Marans, Blue Copper Marans and Wheaton Americaunas. Milk and eggs sold by appointment. Please feel free to call at 706-263-2006 see their webpage at http://www.trinityoaksfarms.com
          or contact them via e-mail at chris@feonow.com . You may find directions by clicking on this link: http://maps.google.com/maps/place?georestrict=input_srcid:b9687e0b0dc509a4&h

          Elberton: Tim Young, Nature's Harmony Farm, email for more information, tim@naturesharmonyfarm.com . 100% Grassfed Jersey cows, NO GRAIN EVER, results in lower milking volumes and therefore higher costs, but 100% great taste and nutrition. Their Jersey cows are grazed on pasture all year and are only milked once per day. They operate a Grade A inspected dairy. Visit their website at http://www.naturesharmonyfarm.com.

          Ellijay: Mountain Valley Farm - Fresh Raw Cow Milk for Pets from their pasture grazed 285 cow dairy herd is sold in their Farm Store. Their milk is filtered in-line and quick chilled to 34 degrees. It is unprocessed, all natural, full fat, cream-on-top raw cow milk (for pets). Each container is labeled "Raw Cow Milk for Pets" in order to be in compliance with Georgia regulations. No hormones, no antibiotics, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers. Located in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, the farm has been owned and operated by the family continuously since 1840. Cows are milked twice daily and enjoy grazing and relaxing on pasture between milkings. Milk is not bottled until you arrive to purchase it, ensuring the freshest product possible. Each container is labeled "Raw Cow Milk for Pets" in order to be in compliance with Georgia regulations. They also offer USDA Inspected Grass Fed Beef (dry aged) and Free Range Berkshire Heritage Pork for sale by the cut in their Farm Store, and fresh eggs from their pastured poultry. All animals are raised on pasture in a stress free environment and handled humanely throughout all life stages.They are licensed and inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. For more information contact: Suzy Wright at Mountain Valley Farm Cell: 706 889-0999, Email: suzyw@ellijay.com , Website: http://www.grassfedgeorgia.com.

          Forsyth Ayrsmoss Ranch: 278 Logwall Church Rd, Dee Dee Shaw, 478-508-2678, codeoflife@bellsouth.net, Oberhasli Goat Milk, free range eggs, Fed locally produced non-medicated feed & hay; use herbal dewormers as much as possible. Fresh goat milk available through share purchases.

          Forsyth County/Suwanee: 2365 Southers Circle, David Cowart, 770-886-0959, mrkfarm@bellsouth.net, They sell fresh raw goat milk from Alpine dairy goats which are fed grass, hay, and some unmedicated grain. Their milk is licensed for animal use only. They use rotational grazing. They also have blueberries.

          Gwinnett County / Dacula: Rancho Alegre Farm is licensed to sell raw cow milk and raw goats milk for pet consumption. They have a small herd of pure jersey cows and alpine goats. Their passion is to serve as a center for education in the community to teach growing of food using all natural practices without any chemicals. Their practices are very open and transparent for people to see how they raise their animals naturally. They offer many services from Field Trips to Birthday Parties and their foundation is based around growing as much food as possible on their 20+ acre land. All using sustainable practices, rotational grazing, and rebuilding soils with compost, worms and compost teas. Along with raw milk, they also offer pastured raised eggs, chickens, vegetables and some fruit. Visit their website http://www.ranchoalegrefarm.com
          and make sure to sign up for their newsletter to stay abreast of new offerings and events. Pilar Quintero, (770) 339-3065, contact@ranchoalegrefarm.com , 2225 Givens Road, Dacula, Ga 30019

          Madison: Raw Jersey Cow Milk from all Jersey Herd. Cows on pasture all day, fed grain at milking time. Contact Sam Jones - 770-490-5190 email - sbajones@hotmail.com1600 Doster Rd Madison, GA 30650

          McDonough: NYRLE Real Goats Dairy Farm located at 230 Eskew Road McDonough, GA 30252 Owner/Manager: Yvonne (Goat Lady) Robinson. For more information contact them by phone 770-954-1167 or visit their website at http://www.nyrlerealgoats.com.
          Robinson Family Farm is a small family-owned and operated, diversified homestead. They have been at the McDonough, GA location since 1991, and have had goats for over 20 years. NYRLE Real Goats Dairy is part of this farm, and has been state licensed and running since 1997. Their milk is licensed for PET consumption ONLY. They sell Fresh, RAW, whole, goats milk. They encourage customers to come out (by appointment to be sure they are home) and see the animals, facility, and milking parlor so they know first hand the health of our animals, the level of care they receive, and last, but NOT least, the CLEANLINESS of their parlor. They strive to produce a CLEAN and WHOLESOME product. They prefer customers who want to know where things come from and demand quality in what they buy. All of their goats are registered Saanen dairy goats. They are on standard DHIA test, and have linear appraised off and on throughout the years. Their milkers have won multiple top ten awards in the past, specifically butterfat, which averages 3.8 to 4.2 %. Rotational Grazing, high quality limited grain and only the best legume hays are what it takes to make rich milk and healthy dairy goats. The entire herd is Certified and Accredited. This means they have been tested and consistently (year after year) found NEGATIVE for both Tuberculosis AND Brucellosis! This testing is VERY important for ALL dairy animals! Our entire herd is also CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis) negative (re-tested bi-annually). They pride themseleves in maintaining healthy animals.

          McDonough: They sell raw cows milk from our all Jersey herd. Their milk is fresh and full fat and all natural. The cows graze on pasture all day and are followed by their free- range chickens and pastured pork. Come by for a visit. The Good Shepherd Family Farm. 1995 East Lake Rd. McDonough, GA 30252. 770-274-9093.

          Metter: Cool Springs Dairy, 3509 Watson Road, Metter GA 30439, located 6 1/2 miles northeast of Metter, Phone: (912) 685-3085 (no more email as of 1/1/12). They sell raw Jersey cow milk from cows on pasture and hay (no grain). Milk is sold by the gallon @ $6.00/gallon. They prefer to sell by appointment, and will not sell or take calls on Sundays. Licensed by GA Dept of Agriculture to sell milk labelled as Raw Cow Milk Pet Food. If no answer, leave message.

          Milner: Rovene Askren: Milner, Ga 404-985-9880. Raises saanens and nubians. Sells raw goat milk for soapmaking. The goats are raised on browse and have no antibiotics, chemicals, or additives. All milking done in stainless steel under clean conditions, put up only in glass jars. Under Georgia law they sell it to you for soapmaking. $2.50 a quart, 50 cent jar deposit.

          Nashville: Kickin K Ranch Tom & Michelle Kuettner 404-713-2439, 678-231-2957, tom@kickin-k-ranch.com , goatmom@kickin-k-ranch.com , http://www.kickin-k-ranch.com
          GA. State pet food license, they have a small sustainable goat dairy, their goats browse on lush woods & fields. Receiving minimal grain on the milk stand. They do not use antibiotics except in life threating situations preferring instead to use more holistic treatments & their animals never receive hormones. Their herd consists mainly of Oberhasli goats chosen for their sweet milk taste.

          Newnan: Allen Lambert sales raw milk in Newnan Ga 678-438-9120.

          Newnan: Country gardens Farm and nursery 3728 lower Fayetteville Rd. For more information contact Joseph Cunningham by phone 770-251-2673 or email mikec@countrygardensfarm.com, or visit their website at http://www.countrygardensfarm.com.
          Raw Milk, Grass fed Beef, pastured Chicken, eggs, pork and produce in season. Organic gardening products, Herbs, flowers plants and trees.

          Powder Springs: They sell Raw Jersey Milk under Georgia's Pet Milk label in Powder Springs, Northwest of Atlanta. They live on their five acre farm and also sell eggs, chickens for meat and produce in season. They rationally graze their Jersey cows and keep the calves on their mothers until weaning. They also feed hay and some grain at milking time. The milk is pre-sold. For more information email them at mydadandme@bellsouth.net or stop by 3698 Velma Drive Powder Springs GA 30127 to set up an appointment and be put into a weekly or bi-weekly rotation to pick up milk at the farm.

          Rabun County: Coleman River Farms is licensed to sell raw goat milk for animal use. Located in Rabun County. Closest town is Clayton, GA. Contact number is 706-782-1515.

          Rockmart / Atlanta? Carlton Farms in Rockmart GA, (1 hour NW of Atlanta) produces Raw Milk from Jersey Cows. Their cows are grass fed and recieve no antibiotics or hormones. As well, our pastures are not treated with Pesticides, herbicides, or commercial fertilizer. Their milk is labeled per Georgia law as Raw Cows Milk for Pets. They have a pipeline system which means our milk is harvested straight from the cow, filtered and cooled Immediately to 34 degrees. Milk is available to purchase at the farm, (they reccomend all of their customers to visit the farm). However, to make this purchase more convenient they do offer a delivery to several locations in and around Atlanta. Free Range eggs and other seasonal products are also available. Visit their website http://www.carltonfarm.com
          for more details about the product and delivery options. You can also email carltonfarm(at)gmail.comor call 770-655-1503. Click here for a map to the farm.

          Royston: Buffington Farms, licensed with the state to sell for pet food consumption. Offers raw milk from pastured Jersey cows This is the closest source to Athens, GA Royston, Georgia. For more information call 706-245-9706.

          Watkinsville: Latimer Luck Acres, Mandy Latimer-706-296-6852 LLAcres@juno.com . They have been milking goats for 22 years and are certified to sell raw milk for pet consumption only. Their herd is certified TB and Brucellosis free and consists of registered Nubians and LaMancha/Nubian crosses (High butterfat). Animals are on pasture, are fed locally grown hay and they use probiotics (good bacteria) to maintain their animals health. Goats are milked twice a day from Feb to Nov 1. Customers are encouraged to visit their farm and clean dairy but should call ahead first. Latimer Luck Acres strives to make sure your pets receive the cleanest milk possible which is free of added hormones and antibiotics. You can find them "Latimer Luck Acres" on Facebook.

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