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    Oct 31-

    Today is leg day. This is going to be the best day for workouts EVER. Why? Because my husband woke me up this morning with an axiety attack about not making enough money to support a family. Where women are dispairing about being tied down to a home and children, men have no choice like that. They have two choices work and work. I just took a look at my bank account and I don't have any money till thursday and hope/pray that the wedding photographer bank note doesn't overdraw my account! I suppose I could get upset. I started giving in by eating some cooked foods but then I said NO. Not going to give in to the negative energy.

    Not only am I going to have a good leg workout but I'm going to repeat my PB of dips again today.

    later on...

    db squat 2x15 15# 1x15 20#
    plie squat- same
    deadlift 2x15 50# 1x15 80#
    SL deadlift 2x15 50# 1x10 90# yes pure accident...I put on ten pound plates instead of five. No wonder why it was so heavy eye-popping.gif I did the reps but oh boy my hammies and slightly aching back!

    I wanted to do a taebo DVD but my I'm off to the library to return some videos. I flipped through the Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding but a lot of exercises are machine based. My husband was telling me that nautilus machines are great because lifting dumbbells used to be harder in his football days (he got a bad knee from high school football...who didn't??).

    P.S. five pushups and 52 dips... I got through one set then bonked on the second..started from the beginning and did all three sets. My arms love the dips I notice. I also did fifteen minute of aerobic dance if that's what you can call dancing to soca remix music which is just shaking and swinging around the butthead.gif while keeping your waist in one spot. Or the vigorous side to side shaking. I got the idea watching an infomercial for Core Rhythms. Why should I pay sixty dollars when I grew up going to Trinidadian carnival and know the basic latin moves already??? So my husband found old music on my other laptop and I played that. Great stuff.

    Nov 2-

    Chest workout:
    warmup- 8 pushups- I definately think the magical banana helped increase my power, that and popeye spinach!

    db press 2x15 15# 1x10 20#
    db flye 2x10 15# 1x5 20#
    db press palms facing inward 2x10 15#
    chest presses with two 25# plates for a total of 50# 2x12

    I was wanting to do more and got the idea to press my 25# plates. I got an old school db that I didn't feel was safe to do palms in chest pressing. I actually saw the dumbbell in an old bodybuilding book *LOL* I felt good after this workout. Today is tricep day and I love to work the triceps because the chickenwing arms are disappearing and I love it

    Nov 14-

    I finally found my digital camera. The pics I took were very motivating. My fat behind is basically gone and my back muscles are really getting pronounced. Well anyway, my back/biceps workout was a bit rushed but I managed to have a decent workout. I'm in need of mental toughening up, a little fortification of my fortitude. My husband and I are financially challenged. I am thinking of how to take my body to the next level of improvement.

    I'm really tired from work today so I'll type my workouts tomorrow.
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