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    My 120-day fast on vegan urine/water (later will add green juice)...

My 120-day fast on vegan urine/water (later will add green juice)...
by jerksforthesedentary

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  • Day 10 urine/water   by  jerksforthesedentary     15 y     2,622       3 Messages Shown       Blog: My 120-day fast on vegan urine/water (later will add green j
    I'm trying to be accustomed to the idea that no repair can happen even till after the blood acidity has been corrected which will probably mean until day 15 onwards. So I just have to get through these five days before I can even start thinking that way.

    Slept quite a lot yesterday. I hate how "lying doing nothing with eyes closed" tends to mean a lot of unwanted mental activity that is either very stressful and unpleasant or intense and stimulating - the opposite of a rest. As I said before, _qua rest_, I can't believe that's better than reading some lightiana like _The Suicide Club_. Qua detox, getting "rid" of mental/emotional garbage, I can't see the difference between this and just the usual non-fast "monkey-mind" busy-ness - there's none.

    It's not, non-fasting, a stressor for me to be still and do nothing - some people go crazy with it - but at this point, it's the activity fast that is making me crave music and books and paintings and film and nature activities and instruments - those cravings and deprivations are currently much worse than missing foods. And stuff is all around me, tempting, as food isn't - it's diificult.

    No detox but some skin outbreak - not weak so much as tired. Able to do a couple of minutes rebounding - I think that'll be good. I suppose after we've read the various, ever-conflicting views of others, we have to decide from our own wisdom and intuition and our body's what we think is going to be salubrious on a fast and effective, and what a negligible consideration. I know most people decide it's more important to have something to do during a long fast and lose whatever efficiency of healing doing things might cost them. Some decide they'll be healthier during the fast if they exercise. Some decide they'll feel more secure, safer and comfortable if they do enemas, and so forth.

    One thing I must warn urine fasters is about dehydation. Yesterday I newly resolved to drink, as one site recommended, 12 cups of liquid a day - much more than my body weight would indicate _normally_ by the fashionable rule for water drinking. It was disastrous. By the time I'd had 64 oz., half urine, half water, by around 3.30 p.m., I was feeling stressed from drinking, my body was very tired from it and was saying so, and I'd started a deluge of urine at that point, going on to urinate about 30 oz. more the rest of the day. I made an executive decision to, rather than drink it, consign it to the "aged" urine bowl for topical application - it was diluted and almost like water, anyway, and since it was late-in-the-day urine, I didn't feel so bad not drinking it, because it'd be the "less healing" time of urine, so they say. Today I am going to have to make some adjustment. The difficult part is, that with all that over-wateriness and -drinking, I still felt dehydrated, severely so at night - perhaps that is just the kind of dry mouth that one supposedly gets during a fast and does not indicate "dehydration" per se. In any event, it makes one feel like drinking water, and drinking water is very soothing. (It also feels great during a detox spell like faint-ness - I say this as one who does not non-fast usually enjoy water.) The problem with feeling like drinking water on a urine fast, and I think it's a problem that compounds dehydration problems, is that one is so frequently urinating. One is then forced to drink that urine, and then to wait a while after it before drinking water so it can do its work undiluted, and then one is not supposed to drink urine too soon after water! And urine is not thirst-quenching! I doubt if it's hydrating, however "structured" it supposedly is. Not anyway on a urine fast when it's so concentrated - it seems to create thirst. Anti-urinists will say, duh, that's because it's full of toxins, so then your body cries out for dilution just as it would if you ate/drank something full of toxins. I don't know as to that - I do know that my urine is stll quite powerful-tasting and makes me thirstier than even before I drank it.

    As for urine versus water fasting, at this stage, I see absolutely no indication that this fast is more esoterically, deeply personally powerful in any sense (physically - spritually - psychologically - etc.) than a water fast would be. However, I am prepared to believe that the urine has enabled me to feel less weak and to be more in balance, and that it will ensure a certain bio-chemical equilibrium, as indeed it apparently has so far. It also may be that it has been the factor keeping detox symptoms so far to an absolute minimum, though I've mentioned beore that I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign.

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    • Edited   by  Wrenn     15 y     1,574
      I was thinking about a few things you mentioned.
      Dehydration/ overhydration.

      You should normally be consuming
      1/2 your body wt in ozs water,
      per day... aside from other drinks.

      The kidneys can only process 8 ozs at one time.
      It takes the kidneys about 20 minutes to do so.

      Drinks and water should be warm or room temperature.
      If drinking cold stuff, then dilute it with room temp water.

      Anything under this amt of water can lead to dehydration,
      and to large toxic build ups in body,
      and create blood pressure problems that can lead to
      weakness, fainting, and even a form of *shock stroke*
      if allowed to go to far.
      Dehydration is a very serious thing.

      you stated that by midmorning
      you had already consumed 64 oz water
      plus urine. This means that you would have drunk
      128 ozs of water plus reflow urine by end of day,
      if you continued on that drinking routine.
      unless you are about 250 lb man that is far too much.

      I am/was about 120 lbs woman
      and I drink 64 oz for entire day,
      in sips thru out day at an even pace.
      (I recently lost about 10-15 lbs from a minor
      run-in with a moldy date)


      considering the issue above : Overhydration

      I would say that you are stressing your kidneys,
      if you have already drunk that much by afternoon
      plus urine.
      This means that you are flushing
      many vital life sustaining minerals
      out of your body far too rapidly.

      This can be deadly .. literally!
      Overhydration has lead to dead in a great many persons,
      that intake too much water or drink in short intervals.
      Some cases are related to athletes such as runners, football
      players, marching bands that exercise alot in sun, losing
      body minerals by sweating or by body use in exercising,
      folks in saunas, etc that then try to rehydrate too fast,
      thus flushing out what little remains of needed minerals.
      Even folks in hot summer that are told to drink
      *plenty of water* with no guidelines,
      have died by intaking too much water.

      This is a very serious issue.

      Please pay attention to the water amts you are taking,
      It might be a good thing for you to add a *bare pinch*
      of natural seasalt to your water, to ensure you keep
      a balance of saline in your body.
      Get outside and lie in sun for about 10-15 minutes
      each day if you are able, to keep vit d being produced.

      I never heard of having to wait a set period of time,
      between drinking Urine and water,
      just to not necessarily drink too much water right after,
      to avoid diluting the nutrients and antibodies you get.
      I don't think that samll sips to quench thirst or to get
      *taste* if *daunting* out of your mouth, would be a problem.

      Your urine should become less strong as day continues,
      if yours has been strong thru out day,
      then you may be not drinking enough to flush kidneys.

      (since you seemed to say if I understood correctly,
      that you ahd been drinking mainly just recycled urine
      and very little water, but then altered to more water
      for a day ?)

      Please weigh these suggestions/ tips
      in the light they are given,
      and apply what you feel might be necesssary
      to keep you strong, healthy energetic,
      and detoxing as you progress forward on your
      healing journey.

      about the mind *smile*
      when we detox, as you are doing,
      and the body is going thru healing processes,
      we also release alot of old past thought
      emotions, cycles, attachments, etc.
      since these are connected to illness as well.

      Try to get outside near trees, birds, anything,
      even if you are in apt, put out a chair and relax.
      Try to listen and feel the *natural harmonies*
      When the mind starts to ramble endlessly,
      don't get caught up in the process,
      acknowledge the thought..
      if it involves something that needs to be released,
      then release it , let it go and thank your body
      for doing so.
      Talk inwardly to your body, massage yourself,
      tell yourself that you love you, and thank your body,
      for rehealing, rejuvenating.. and perhaps apologise
      for any neglect you have given it in past years.
      This may sound *silly to you*
      but the fact has been proven that all living cells
      and plants/ beings/ thrive on kind loving words.
      We are above 70 % water, Dr. Emotos work with words,
      and thought forms has had astounding results that cannot
      be overlooked.
      When water in containers had words like Love, and joy , etc,
      they produced incredible beautiful water crystals.
      When subjected to words or thought such as hate, war, murder,
      the water got very muddy and rarely produced crystals or very
      distorted fragmented ones.
      The words with the most impact were Love and Thank you.

      this means that we truly are responsible for what *our water*
      contains. We can alter our own water, and those of others,
      simply by thoughts and words, and they can also *muddy our waters*
      or enhance them back.
      Consider the impact of this, and see if you notice changes
      in self if you do apply them.
      When we are fighting an illness, We spend a great deal
      of time focusing on the illness.. this actually gives our
      *life energy* over to help keep that illness 8(
      when you find yourself thinking about your situation,
      try to distract your mind to thoughts of love,
      and smile, (since even if you don't feel like it,
      it has been proven, that the expressions we wear will
      affect the emotions and thus the physical body thereafter,
      so that you actually do become *in a happier state*
      even if you were depressed before doing so.

      good soothing music, good truly enjoyable comedies
      (laughter) are all healing as well.
      I personally have found a wonderful outlet
      in watching korean comedies with english subtitles.
      You can find these thru computer, many sites are available.
      This naturalness/ freshness/ very little violence in this
      peoples movies continues to astound me.
      You may wish to consider something like this as well.
      One movie i really enjoyed was *Attack the Gas STation*
      I have seen evne better than it since, but I really do
      love that one *smile*

      I don't know what you are going thru,
      but I have every confidence that you can overcome it,
      and reheal/rejuvenate, once you focus your mind better.
      and apply a few extras.
      Fantastic btw! that you mentioned the *cravings *
      to draw or paint or play music etc.
      This shows that you are NEEDING creativity in your life!
      and the need for it is being rediscovered..
      I bought myself some coloring books *laugh*
      a bit more *adult * than childrens ones,
      and some nice prismatic color pencils,
      and found that spending even 30 minutes a day,
      was fun for me, focused and relaxed me,
      and gave me *just for myself do nothing time*

      If you are low on cash, there are so many ways,
      to still open doors of I did.
      If you are able to get to a park, check out the swings!
      and remember the fun you had as a child?
      Some day I hope to own a nice adult size swing set

      Use that imagination of your,
      the potentials are only limited by you.
      Indulge in creativity.
      I have started writing poems and songs again,
      of much happier thoughts than in my past years..
      once you open doors the processes will be there.
      Pick them up as you choose and beat out your life Rhythm.

      I will end on this note...
      My son, who is a pretty good musician with many forms,
      was beating out a rhythm on a container with his fingers,
      and told me to try..
      well i couldn't do it, since i am not as fast or skilled as him,
      neither have the finger strength to do what he was doing.
      so i picked up 2 pens and beat on my computer desk top
      just randomly *smile*
      he said i soudn like a kid beating on post and pans lol!
      The thing is when he said that I found it very funny!
      and indeed DID feel like a litte kid, and just went nuts having
      fun hitting everything without thought to content or sound or rhythm,
      just for the sheer fun and pleasure it was giving me.
      Release your inner child *smile*
      I felt incredible afterwards, smiling and happy at just being
      silly and being myself without restraint.

      Just some thoughts to share.
      hope anything here might be of small use to you.

      Ps, don't worry so much about lessened energies etc,
      sometimes these are related to the body detoxing
      and spending more time healing.
      Try to avoid overly stimulating things like loud music,
      tv, violent programs, and get to sleep by 1030 to ensure
      you get the sleep pattern that only occurs between 11-12.
      The kidneys and liver function best when you are sleeping
      in dark, quiet spot, and also this is when the body best
      spends time healing and rejuvenating itself.
      so if you sleep in room with computer on, set the screen
      to go dark after about 10 minutes no activity,
      to keep room dark, and NEVER fall asleep with a tv on muted!
      (your eyes still see all that continuous light show)
      and it depletes/distracts your energy from proper rest.

      Love to you,
      Ami Joi Benton

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      • Re: hi   by  jerksforthesedentary     15 y     1,482
        Thank you very much for your attention, thoughts, and encouragement, Ami Jo Wrenn! In fact it was you (one of your CureZone posts) who just very recently cured me of a lifelog (uninformed) habit of taking 16-32 or even more oz. of juice or sometimes water at one sitting - I liked to get my water intake over with, or I didn't like to juice too many times in one day. Now I make sure not to have more than 8 oz. in a 20-minute period. Eeven just recently I'd read 24 oz. in an hour, and thought that meant you could do it all at once! I'm glad I came across your wisdom-sharing.

        Good luck on getting that swing set!
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