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  • “Does my Arse look thin in this?   by  Weightlossguru     15 y     2,547       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Weightlossguru
    Blog – “Does my Arse look slim in this?

    Have you ever asked that question? I bet not! You have probably, like me asked the other question of “Does my Arse look FAT in this!” It may be something that you feel is absolutely out of your range possibilities to ask if your arse looks slim. However do not give up thinking I am asking too much of you, just read on, and then think about it.

    What I am going to ask you to do is something which will help you change your fat mind into a slim positive mind, which will work for you, not against you. Sometimes we have to be very cunning with our minds, and coax, cajole and even shock it into submission, (remember how I explained that your mind can be either your friend or your foe – as defined in the yogic scriptures) to help them to change. (Because as we all know by now, without that change of attitude, slimming is hard and frequently impossible.

    From my own personal experience, which is so vitally important because I often see slimming books for women written by non-experts, people who have never had a slimming challenge in their life and sometimes written by men, well come on, you need to have thoroughly experienced something first hand in order to be an expert and help others: - (sorry I rambled on – but I feel very strongly about this, you need to be totally in integrity for things to work well, effectively and permanently. So beware of false teachers, discern with your heart as well as your mind. Try this - Hold a book between your hands and “feel” if it’s written truthfully and in integrity and written from a heart centered space.

    We frequently denigrate our bodies, comparing them to fashion models. I did for many years. I would often ask the question “does my arse look fat in this”, it was a standard procedure for me to ask this before I wore a new outfit or attended a party or important event. I was unconfident about my size and how I looked. Then after developing my weight management system, yoga for slimmers, I realised I was not going to be ruled by my old way of thinking and negative perceptions of myself, and in order to switch my mind I decided to ask the million dollar question of my husband, and my gosh it was soooooo hard to do, my voice was feeble and weak, but after a few times I felt confident and it gave me a sense of empowerment and being in control, of course I was faking it a bit to make it! So whatever your size, you do not need to denigrate your body and mind any more, ask the question “Does my arse look slim in this?” and I guarantee it will make you also feel confident, empowered and yes, in control – all this from just a change of mind – yippee! (I love mind change – it’s free as well as guaranteeing success!)

    So this is your “assignment” this week, in order to help change your thinking ask your boyfriend, husband, close friend, family member – “does my arse look slim in this?” We are swinging the pendulum of our thinking right in the other direction so eventually it can find a happy confident medium.

    I believe that the body really does pick up on every word you say, so if you are saying negative things it believes it, anyway this change of thinking helped me so much, I hope it helps you too – try it!
    As always, much love to you

    PS It may interest you to know that here in Asia where I am living they have false padded bottoms for sale, so I guess they actually like a nice fat arse here!

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    • hahahaha   by  annaconda     15 y     1,361
      I think they should use my butt as a model for those padded asses!

      This is a great post and I'm going to try it. I've lost weight, about 20 pounds, and it's exciting, but I'm also starting to see where I could go - it's another 20 pounds away, putting me at the 150-165 weight (I'm 5'6" and am pretty muscular)

      It's funny to try to transition into a new way of thinking to go along with all this progress I've been making, so thanks for the suggestion.
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