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Master Cleanse - Reenie Goes For It
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  • A Day Late, But Hey...(Day 2)   by  #52640     16 y     2,509       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Master Cleanse - Reenie Goes For It
    Yesterday was actually my first day of the Master Cleanse and I spent most of the day (in between working - haha) reading MissW's blog about her experiences. Great blog, btw. I have to say my experience has started out a bit differently than hers. I got up a half-hour early yesterday, having pre-prepared my salt water flush (SWF) the night before, because I KNEW it would take me a while to get it down. Boy was I did take me 30 minutes and I thought I would die! It tasted sooo horrid! I used the sea salt from trader joe's. yuk!!!!! I was nauseous for a couple hours afterward...even just the memory of how it tasted was making me ill. On top of all that, nothing and I mean nothing happened as a result of drinking that sea water!!

    I had my 6 lemonades using 1/2 lemon, 1 TBS B Grade maple syrup and a dash of cayenne in 8 or 9 oz of water and then drank lots of water in between. Nothing came out of me all day except pee. So last night I had a cup of Smooth Moves tea. I felt only minor hunger pains during the day which were quickly squelched by drinking the lemonade (which I did about every 2 hours). Good energy all day. Minor headache every now and then. Not a big coffee drinker so I doubt it was caffeine withdrawal. The weird thing I noticed was how I kept having to remind myself that a meal wasn't coming. I'd be like ok, I'm home now..what should I have for dinner...oh yeah...lemondade.

    Today is day 2. I woke up at like 4:30am and my tummy hurt, but I rolled over and went back to sleep. Then I got up and started getting ready, since I didn’t immediately want to go to the bathroom I decided another SM tea was in order. Why won’t anything come out of me?? I don’t think I can do the SWF again…it was too awful. 

    On the way to work more tummy rumbling and pain, but still nothing right away upon arrival. Its about 1:15pm now and I did have a minor success in the bathroom, but sheesh! I would have thought I would be going! I pray I don’t have to do the SWF, but I may have to if nothing further happens today. Other than that, my energy is once again really good and I only get mildly hungry. I was 2lbs lighter this morning. Just imagine once I start releasing these darn toxins!!!
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    • SWF suggestion   by  MissW     16 y     1,315
      Hey! Congrats on your cleanse! And thank you for the kind words about my blog.

      The salt from TJ's is vile and I could never have done the swf if I had used it. Do you have a Whole Foods near you? They have grey celtic sea salt and it isn't expensive at all. I promise you will notice the difference. When I did my first cleanse someone told me that the grey tastes better and it does! I put my salt into a liter bottle of water the night before and in the morning gave it a good shake and held my breath and downed it. I hope you'll try the swf this way because I think it'll be easier for you and the swf will get rid of any detox symptoms as soon as you go to the bathroom.

      You've made it past the hardest days of the cleanse!!!!!! Well done, keep on keeping on!

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      • Re: SWF suggestion   by  #52640     16 y     1,289
        Hey! Thanks! I do have a Whole Foods near me. I will definitely go get some of the is definitely worth a shot! I did try the SWF again this is so weird..the tea seems to work somewhat, but the SWF doesn't do anything...perhaps it is the brand. We'll see!
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