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  • Mystery Canadian MD?   by  Wrenn     13 y     3,827       10 Messages Shown       Blog: QI (Chi) Pig
    I went thru hidden posts , and pulled out every passage I saw
    that had info related to CF's question as to WHO the mystery Canadian MD might have been, and WHY CF's question was asked to start with:
    * Claims of new heart being regrown in 21 day.*

    hope this helps:

    I have left out posters names, wishing only to pass along pertinent info that others might not have gotten that sincerely wanted this information answered,
    or potential names to research.

    Was it the Canadian Stanley Burroughs? He originated the Master Cleanser program sometime before 1950.
    *EDIT Wrenn : book link:

    Can someone please provide me with the name of the Canadian M.D. who found similar success to that of William Howard Hay, M.D. with orange juice fasting?
    I wish to investigate these claims of a "new heart" after twenty-one days...

    In 1891 a British M.D. named Emmet Densmore wrote HOW NATURE CURES, containing "a new system of hygiene," and also "the natural food of man," a statement of the principal arguments against the use of bread, cereals, pulses, potatoes, and all other starch foods.
    Briton Emmet Densmore might have been the original source for the Canadian M.D. whom you seek.
    *EDIT Wrenn: 4 books by Densmore:

    Thank you very much for the suggestion, oh defender of Gaul. I notice that Densmore's book is available via Health Research Books, so I shall include it as part of my next order...
    I am still seeking the name of this Canadian M.D. however, and if anyone is able to come to my aid I would surely be most grateful!

    I am curious as to the claims of the "new heart" in twenty-one days. It seems this Canadian M.D. utilized the same healing system as William Howard Hay, M.D., yet went so far as to claim that his heart was completely rebuilt after three weeks. Instead of merely taking someone's word for proof of this startling claim, I would appreciate reading the book for myself in the hope of researching the doctor's theories/tests, etc.

    OK, new heart in 21 days, Gotcha. I understand what you are trying to do, thank you. Zen macrobitics taught new blood, new life, new cells, new organs in 21 days also, that is based on a fundamental concept of blood renewal evey 21 days and since blood feeds and constitutes all our major organs the concept of new blood, new heart, new organs , new body in 21 days emerged. I think something like a billion new blood cells are created and old ones destroyed every day and what we eat and are exposed to creates this new stream of blood which then creates organs and tissues. This is a very hard problem that you are addressing CF, one I struggled with since college. Traditional mds say blood is made in the bone marrow, non traditional mds and researchers say blood is made in the intestines. I personally have never found a satisfactory answer regarding exactly where new blood cells are created as that would shed light on the 21 day new blood, new heart, new organs theory. If I find solid proof either way regarding blood cell genesis, does blood cell genisis really occur in bone marrow or in the intestines, as others claim, I will post that info.
    Good Luck, that is a really hard question to prove and solidly verify.

    I don't know anything about Hay or this Canadian MD, but did a little searching anyway to see what I could find... and came up with a couple different names that look Canadian/French and either seem to be connected to Hay in some way, or to cover similar material.
    I found these names on sites that also mentioned Hay.

    Guylaine Lanctot (a "well-known" Canadian MD that talkes about vaccines)

    * EDIT by Wrenn :(for interview with Guylaine, and link to her books, go here:

    also here is an article by her about Vaccines:

    Herbert Shelton (not Canadian, but seems heavily linked to fasting and raw foods)
    * EDIT by Wrenn: see link to free book at link at end of message*
    OF BIG NOTE!! IT COULD HAVE BEEN HIM : (even if not Canadian)
    Go to the link above to read article by him linking regrowing limbs and organs to fasting.

    Eleonora De Lennart *EDIT Wrenn : Books by De Lennart : (The Medical Mafia is one)

    Arnold De Vries* see link for free book at end of message*

    *EDIT by Wrenn : Arnold De Vries did write a book about theraputic fasting,
    that is available thru the link provided at end of this message,
    Also Herbert Shelton is there.*

    After searching clusty for some time I also came across a fellow by the name of Rasmus Alsaker. He is not Canadian, yet he is in the Dr. Hay mold and may interest you, and indeed others of course...

    *EDIT Wrenn: book link : for Alsaker

    follow the link below to get a huge supply of FREE download of many great old public domain health books all you need is adobe reader
    after you save to desktop/ magnify up I had to magnify 100 %
    to get books into readable text on my comp.

    The Dr. Hay book is one that is available as well

    Ami Joi Benton

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    • "Karmuppance"   by  #59694     13 y     1,917
      wouldn't it be just karmauppance if it IS Burroughs?! No, not possible. Mh doesn't approve of the MC (or even lemons it seems: he likes sweet fruit) so it's unthinkable (isn't it?) that he'd absorb Burrough's teachings and then morph them in with the ornage juice fast, WHH's work creating a "my way" teaching.

      I believe it was mentioned once he was a "baby doctor" -- a pediatrician...
      but then again, I could be mistaken. There are so mnay bizarre sweeping statements made, that then have to be laboriously unravelled, to locate the original kernal. Personally, honestly, I think it's appalling that everyone is scuttling about, whispering and sharing among themselves these clues, 'behaving' while the tyrannical 'giant' feigns sleeping. It makes me wonder how many of us are the children of alchohlic parents and/or abusers.

      A person who promotes teachings and products and trumpets the authors who've helped him achieve what he now wants to sell, will NOT divulge such an auhtor's name?
      Outrageous. I think it's a sorry statement that curezone seems to be thriving on this type of energy. Mh knows he's on the top of the heap here...

      Oh well. I'm sort of committed to tracking this information down now. It's become a mission. So when I do, I will of course share it here. I'm for self-study. Sigh. Other than that, I think it's time to leave.

      Delete this if it's inappropriate. It felt like it needed saying.

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      • Re: "Karmuppance"   by  chirontherainbowbridge     8 y     1,827
        How strange. This is my message--when I felt forced to don a 'user number' for a time. I was doing a google search to see if there was any precedant to the coinage "karmuppance" which I (believe myself to have) invented. Lo and behold, I find this message posted to a blog of Wrenn's, sans intro. It doesn't seem to make much sense out of its context, and it took me a few minutes to parse it. Curious experience to see your own words and not recall exactly the subject at hand, but then recognize yourself--Not, however, before noting the writer seems a little 'here, there and everywhere'. Must be the mercurial triple Gemini.

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    • Awesome!!   by  M.O.G.     13 y     1,867
      Thanks for the great information.

      I too have been wondering who this Mysterious MD was.

      At least some people here are willing to share information for free.

      Isn't that what self applied prevention is all about?

      Thanks again for the great post,

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    • My dear Ami...   by  #48222     13 y     2,100
      Your commitment to propagating truth is more than delightful. There are a dozen or so CureZonians whom I can be sure are utterly genuine, and I always seek comfort in this fact when all else seems pitiful...

      Thank you.
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    • Fantanstic Work! n/m   by  #68716     13 y     2,470     Reply   FCK   TinyMCE
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