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by Chef JeM

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  • Got "Real" Soul-Satisfying "Food"?   by  Chef JeM     9 y     2,177       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Cheeta: Cultivate Healing Environments - Enlighten Thru Arts
    August 18, 2018 -

    "One of people’s main concerns nowadays is the quality of their food – they seek to eat healthy food. It is of course highly desirable that food should not be contaminated by fertilisers or pesticides, but it is also important to realize that the food prepared by others is permeated with their emanations which are imparted to all who eat it. Chefs, caterers, bakers and all those people who prepare food for their families on a daily basis must know this law. With this knowledge they will then get into the habit of touching food, aware that what they are holding in their hands will contribute to building a healthy body for people nearby and far away, those known and unknown to them. This is a huge responsibility and it is therefore worthwhile for them to be in the best inner state when they prepare food, fostering thoughts of good health, peace and light for those who are due to eat it."[4]


    I may have another post under Cheeta where I mention that all the cooks, chefs, co-workers, etc. who may have contact with any of the food in the Community Supported Kitchen would all have at least the first degree of Reiki.

    January 16, 2020 - Spiritualizing Our Meals -

    "... Before meals, we sing to harmonize ourselves. For the moment, you sing out of habit. Of course, you clearly enjoy singing and you do so with all your heart; nonetheless you are not yet aware of the influence these songs can have on the food you are preparing to eat.

    Eating is a sacred act, a magical ceremony, and if you sing with the awareness of imbuing the food with heavenly, luminous particles, this food will have a better influence on you: not only will it help to keep you healthy, but it will give you energies that will allow you to act on the subtle planes."[9]

    June 16, 2014 - Tell me what food is to you. -

    This thought came to me the other day: Am I a "Stranger In A Strange Land"? Despite how much other people appear to be enjoying what they eat I honestly can't eat the stuff any more! It brings me to wonder about (what I believe is) a most fundamental question. I'm no longer willing to make any assumptions about others re: this fundamental question.

    Imagine, if you will, that you and I are comfortably sitting facing one another and have already agreed to have this "dyad" communication. We begin now by my asking you the following.:

    "Tell me what food is to you." .................................

    I now see that there is a perilous path that has bored its way into whatever may still remain of our ancestral food wisdom! I see this with the overwhelming abundance of modern day, "foods of commerce"(1). I'm referring to the commercial products that have been re-constituted with non food ingredients for "long shelf-life" and for greater profits. What happened to the traditional purpose of providing people with nourishing and truly soul-satisfying foods?

    The foods of commerce are coupled with (what appears to be) systemic "brain-washing" (is there a better term?) regarding what a politically-correct diet should consist of (with heavy leanings toward extremely low-fat, high carb veganism or extremely restricted vegetarianism).

    Our food markets now have inherited a vast desertification of foods, the substance of which offers a hollow appearance of what once were "real food" substance! Over the last several decades most traditional foods (with truly nourishing contents) have been disappearing from the miles of grocery shelves cross the nation. They have been replaced with countless fake foods including (but not limited to) dis-placements of: butter, milk, cream, cheese, eggs, bacon, ice cream, mayonnaise[6]

    Many traditional foods that have been the most satisfying and nourishing of foods have been displaced with inferior products made with cheap non-food ingredients.

    Just this other night I attended a birthday party with a buffet of food (all of which I took small samples of) however absolutely none of which satisfied me. I am talking about the experience of satiety. Later the desert was brought out. A store-bought pie (that I left for the birthday boy as it was his favorite pie) plus a half gallon of so called "ice cream" that the label showed was not even pretending to be ice cream (as so many commercial "ice cream" products pretend) but instead was a frozen rice "cream" product! What a disappointment! (I don't think I'll attend any more of those birthday parties.)

    The "cook/s" in this party appear to follow the politically-correct dietary path and avoid most animal products. I do not know whether that works for them but it is not my wish! (Has all of my goat-milk drinking gone to my head? ; ~ )

    The support for this line of thinking on this home front may appear to be limited to just this household however it is not an isolated condition. Fortunately there are no children in this particular household who are being brain-washed along with parental reinforcements as to what they can and cannot eat! But there are too many households with children where the non-foods of commerce are established as the everyday standard. Consequently I am genuinely concerned about the future of our children.

    This site makes a tremendous contribution in sharing my concern.[7]

    June 22, 2015 -

    You may have heard that it takes a community to raise a child. When parents realize the great extent that they are building a life-long foundation for their children and when they also wish that this living foundation be the best that it can be then their awareness of the relationship between "community" and their children may be of greater importance to them; especially when parents realize that the community needs to be devoted to supporting the "foundation".

    A cornerstone of this life-long foundation can be found in and through the whole process of nourishing children. There are a number of new "communities" have developed over the recent decades that have this kind of devotion. Some of these include "Community Supported Agriculture" (CSA). The CSA concept has also inspired "Community Supported Kitchens" (CSK).

    Now imagine a CSK that is devoted to nourishing children and their families![2]

    More "Satisfying Food"[8]

    July 6th, 2016 -

    Dr. Tom Cowan, co-founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation, author of "The Fourfold Path to Healing" in an interbview with Dr. Joseph Mercola:

    "I believe anyone fully committed to health will inevitably and invariably come to the conclusion that they have to grow their own food, and pay attention to the soil quality."[3]

    Also: "...zucchini should be eaten within a couple of hours after picking it, because the sugars degrade and the nutrients degrade, whereas lettuce actually likes it to be injured a little bit and then sit around for about 12 hours, so it actually makes more reactive chemicals to essentially heal itself. It's better eaten after about 12 hours."

    October 7, 2019 -

    "Spiritual exercises like prayer and meditation are a form of communion. But not everyone necessarily has the time, the conditions, or even the inclination and gifts for spiritual practice. However, each of us is obliged to eat every day. It is therefore possible to start by learning to commune during meals, by showing more consideration for our food. What is communing? To make a trade – you receive one thing and you give another. If you do not give anything, it is not true communion. True communion is a divine exchange. If in exchange for what the food gives you, you give it your attention and love, it will transform itself not only into physical energy within you, but also into psychic and spiritual energy, because you enter into relation with nature itself – the body of God. ..."[5]


    If one "commune(s)" during meals by directing their "attention and love" to the food they are eating then it is natural to eat in silence and generally refrain from conversations. Not everyone is able to commune with their food in this way unless they eat by themselves. (And if those who are able to refrain from conversations while they are communing with their food then they could eat by themselves as well.) However, according to Jovian Human Design there are people who are designed to eat in a lively social atmosphere because that works best for their digestion. In imagining all the different types of digestive orientation on a multi-spectrum ranging from a virtual corner of quiet solitude to expansive rambunctious gaiety it seems a community that is as mindful as can be would have multi-spectrum environments to accommodate all the digestive types. The Cheeta vision has this mindfulness!


    [1] Mentioned here:

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