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    Journal of my thirty day juice fast continued

Journal of my thirty day juice fast continued
by ausjulie2

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  • Back in the saddle!   by  ausjulie2     10 y     1,487       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Journal of my thirty day juice fast continued
    Well juicing saddle that is – time to give it another go, aiming for 30 but will go one day at a time. I have tried twice this year to juice, the first time got to four days and then yes Friday nite hit and it all went out the window. Next attempt didn’t even make it thru one day which in all of my 5 ½ years of juicing is the worst attempt I have ever made! So basically I feel like this has to work or I have to accept the fact that I am no longer able to do it. I will be disappointed with myself if I don’t make it, the hardest thing will be admitting that I no longer have the strength and will power to make this happen. But anyway as I said one day at a time work thru the issues and just make it happen.
    So to begin with heres a bit about me. I turned 40 this year (which I will comment on in future posts), mother of three, married and very unhealthy, unfit and overweight. I drink too much I eat too much and I don’t exercise enough. I have been doing this for the last 16 months and the result is at least a 30 pound increase. Back a step or two. Five and half years ago I began a journey of bettering myself, I started my first 30 day juice fast in January of 2006 and made it thru with many ups and downs. I weighed 200 pounds at the start and lost around 25 in my fast and then continued to lose weight at a rate of about two pounds a week to get to my goal weight of 140/145 pounds. I did this by exercise and diet (mostly raw and very low carb low fat). I was execising a lot and felt the fittest I have ever in my life. I continued to slowly lose more weight and until I got down to the low 130’s which is where my healthiest weight is but hard to maintiain. Then in Jan of 2007 I had a skiing accident which resulted in knee surgery and for the next few years, I maintained a pretty good diet but my exercise routine went from good to bad to good to ok to really get the picture. But I did maintain my body weight give or take 10-15 pounds. Anyway long story short this past 12 months has been horrific in regards to how I have managed my lifestyle. I have exercised sporadically at times not at all, I have been over eating – lucky for me I don’t like to eat unhealthy food but I have just been eating too much. I have also been drinking way too much alcohol and generally not caring enough about what I have been doing to my body. Soooo time to take control again and start looking after me.
    I have previously completed three 30 days fast, a 17 day fast and numerous 3-5 day ones. I am not a newbee to this anymore but I still will never under estimate how hard this is to do. I always like to set out with some goals and some milestones. I find it easier to set little milestones so I feel a sense of acheivenment for making them and inspired to reach the next. So as I begin this fast my first milestone (and always my first milestone) is to make it thru my first Friday nite! I love weekends with a passion…and Friday is my favourite day of the week. It is filled with so much possibility, the start of something…I just love it! Our usual Friday nite consists of cold beer, home made pizza, red wine and movie. Probably some music, occasionally a visitor…sometimes it’s the start of a weekend away..maybe a nite out…but whatever it is I love it!!! So this is my hardest nite to get thru. After that I find things a little easier, definatley not easy but easier. My next milestone is 10 days, usually this is when I start to feel good and it’s a third of the way thru. After that its half way point day 15 – always a good thing to know that the each day after this is a count down to the finish. After that its day 21 where for some reason previously I have some success in real cleansing/detox. Particularly with colon cleansing. After this is 30 days. So that is five milestones to reach in 30 days.
    The main reasons I am fasting are;
    1. Weight loss ( I would be lying if I didn’t say this is absolutely my main reason for fasting)
    2. Exerting will power and being totally in control
    3. Detox, not putting anything bad into my body for 30 days
    4. Learning to live with less
    5. Peace, love and positivity ( it comes …how can it not when your remove all the rubbish from your body and feed it with only good things)
    6. Accomplishment – it really is a buzz to do!
    My goals for this fast are;
    • I want to lose at least 20 pound, I don’t know my start weight I am guessing around 165-170, I am going to try not to use scales (don’t own any so that is a good thing), I want to fit into my jeans comfortably – I know the ones I mean
    • Get back to exercising 5 times a week, being able to run 4 miles easily, incorporate some weight training, step aerobics and hopefully a gym class twice a week, be able to feel some muscle tone
    • Skin – clear, clean and feeling fabulous
    • Have some activities in my life with the family that are healthy for all of us
    • Get a better idea of what it is I want to do with my life and be making steps toward this
    • Establish a budget and stick to it, save some money!!!
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