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The Gathering Place
by rudenski

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  • Deep Down Laughter   by  rudenski     12 y     4,152       4 Messages Shown       Blog: The Gathering Place
    If, to enter the kingdom of God... we are to be as children
    ... perhaps we should not take ourselves, our goofy bodies and our
    work so

    In my NDE.... I was shown... in my life review... how work...without compassion...
    eating... and pooping... were just fast forwarded past...
    left in the dust bin of what is cast as far as the East is from West is far... and
    remembered no more.... where time ends...

    But the moments of joyful laughter and awe that comes from the natural beauty of
    the world... those moments when we shined... or when we delighted in one another...
    those frozen in time moments... when we comforted another... or we were comforted...
    the gentle kindnesses shared... these are the building blocks of the 5th

    Laughter is but one window into what the new earth will be built
    upon... Though we spend our whole lives helping the needy, sick, poor, and
    we forget to smile or laugh... we may fail to get those moments into our final life
    review... If we turn it all into a job... then it may only be work for this world and not the next... I am not saying that compassionate,
    meaningful work will not make it in... it will... What I am trying to say is
    that... as a opposed to cruel laughter... a peaceful smile binds our actions to our soul...joyful laughter is a thread that gives
    our hearts a reason to sing... helps us stay in this world to do the important work we
    penned before we fell into our pain bodies...

    Though we fail at our dreams given
    to us by God herself... though everything we should do to impress God crashes to
    the ground... if we laughed in the face of our own failures... if we gave a deep
    down belly laugh... when the dark clouds of the storm began to encircle us...
    and we laugh... and smiled... knowing that our laughter and smiles dispel the illusions of doom...even
    if momentarily... the gloom will dissipate... These are moments the being
    of light I met.... in the place I call heaven... admires...

    He was so happy to see me... She was so glad for my return... The love that
    embraced my tiny little life was that of a proud father... a most caring
    mother... and yes God who is love laughed...with a deep down belly laugh... and the angels
    smiled and sang... while my tangled and broken body was smashing through the
    glass... rolling in that cornfield...

    In my NDE... I met the best mother... the most wonderful father... that just loved
    me because I was his son... I was her child... and she marveled at the least
    little moment of joy that I showed her.... he delighted in my least little
    victory over fear... I have never felt so truly loved... but I came back to that
    broken body....that bloody corpse... and gave it life again...

    I know I am the fool... but I still do remarkable things some days... and I smile...
    I know I entered a body with a mind that is muddled and dull... but my spirit is a
    mountain of love...that makes its way through the dense
    gray matter that was never wired to fit into this world... Not belonging in
    this world... but having returned to it anyway... I could just sit and
    cry...waiting for my demise... but instead... from time to time... I laugh...

    have broken my neck three times... but today my neck is fine... I feel no pain... and
    though I want to go home there... I have resigned myself to being here... doing
    my best to bring as much there here as my mean body will allow... laughing when I fail...but getting up
    each morning... before the cars begin to roar... dogs begin to yelp.... sometimes
    even before the birds begin the first chirping of the day... and I start tapping
    into that quiet still voice and smile... because I know I am loved.... and so is
    the light in you... and everyone that has a soul... and even for those who have
    no souls... when they imitate the love they see in those who love...

    While we are on the journey back home... a smile and laughter is the best way I
    know how... to get on God's radar... By the end of the day... it is harder to
    smile... but it is is my journey today... to smile and laugh anyway...

    Love, Light, & Joyful Laughter

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    • Re: Deep Down Laughter   by  babagee     12 y     2,461
      As sex releases neurosis laughter releases life energy up the spine, just like intense sex

      All things fun and pleasurable are on the way to enlightenment

      Sex does not apply to children but many times little girls are put in a position, as well as grown women, that they become compromised by someone else's agenda- not normally for pleasure with these types but power- the power to manipulate and gain
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      • Re: Deep Down Laughter   by  rudenski     12 y     2,667
        not just girls but I do appreciate your candor...I have met many a man who said they loved me... but when I told them I was only attracted to women... they would tell me of their sexua| abuse as a child... I think because I am nice to everyone, they see me as someone who they can take a chance with... without suffering humiliation...and they would be correct...even though I would not be interested in a physical relationship... This has occurred to me at least 10 times in my life... I don't believe gender is the issue but rather... we do what we do... I am mostly celibate, against my will... but I can always hope...

        Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.
        -- Author Unknown
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