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  • Day 1 the Master Cleanse   by  dbinsider     14 y     4,588       3 Messages Shown       Blog: DB Master Cleanse Blog
    I wasn't going to journal this but after reading everybody else’s experience I figured it was best that I did as well.

    The majority of journals that I have read have been pretty positive in saying that "this is easy" kind of mentality.

    I am only 12 hours into this fast and it's much more difficult than I expected. I'm not a big eater either, I don't crave many items, etc...

    My girlfriend and I decided to do this Master Cleanse together, so we decided to kick off the lunch the day before with Pizza Hut. We figured, let’s get that craving out of the way, most people seemed to have this craving. Followed up with a SWF (salt water flush).

    The biggest mistake almost 24 hours later is that we weren't able to eat all of the pizza, we didn't want to waste it by throwing it away, therefore, it's sitting in our fridge tempting me every second of Day 1 since I work out of home. (Yes, the pizza will be thrown away shortly)

    The SWF the day before didn't do anything for either of us except scare my girlfriend from drinking that ever again because the taste was so bad. I didn't think it was great but it wasn't that bad.

    We got up this morning and I drank the SWF - it wasn't nearly as bad tasting as the evening before for some reason. My girlfriend passed on the SWF, as yesterdays along with our pizza all came out in her morning BM. She was stunned by the power of the SWF from the day before that she decided not to do another until she knew how her body would react.

    The SWF barely did anything for me this morning, which is part of the reason why I am doing this due to the clogged up colon and intestines I have had my entire life. In addition to the SWF I took 1 Turkey Rhubarb capsule (In replace of Senna Leaf Tea). Turkey Rhubarb is a natural colon cleanser that I normally take so I replaced the Senna Leaf Tea with this.

    Shortly afterwards I made both our daily "lemonade" drinks(60 ounces)and we each drank 10 ounces for breakfast. She thought the drink was good at room temperature as she loves lemon juice and spicy items.

    I on the other hand can barely drink it. I'm not a fan of lemons or limes and I only eat bland food, so the added pepper is not only difficult to drink but hard to keep down. I have major acid reflux so the pepper is hurting. I did take my Prilosec or I wouldn't be able to drink the pepper or the acid from the lemons. I also had to put mine on ice, chill it in order for me to drink it.

    The first few hours were fine, I finally had a little BM, nothing to write home about so I was a little discouraged there but figured it will kick in this evening or tomorrow.

    About 6 hours into the cleanse (just after lunch time) I started feeling cold, colder than normal and a little light headed - more like foggy and of course hungry. I almost at a piece of pizza and said forget it but I didn't.

    I'm confident at this point it's all in my mind, so if that's the case then I should be able to conquer, although most things are mind over matter, so time will tell.

    It's almost dinner time, I have drank about 3/4 of my daily lemonade of which I can't even stand to look at much less taste.

    My girlfriend has been fine all day up until now, she says that she's hungry. Oh uh, 2 hungry people may be a problem. Can a person eat celery? I would think if one is going to cave, celery is the one thing that would be okay to eat since it's all water. We do have celery in our house but when she gets home we will take the dogs for a walk instead.

    Tonight will be difficult as I will miss my nightly beer and she will miss her nightly Merlot but I think the hunger pains will take away that guilty pleasure that we won't be indulging in.

    Tonight when she walks in the door she will be taking a Turkey Rhubarb instead of the daily SWF, I at least got her to agree to that.

    I will journal again tomorrow and let you know how we are doing but I wanted to at least say that this is not easy, we feel hungry and I don't like the taste of the drink one bit and this is only day 1.

    Wish us luck......

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    • Re: Day 1 the Master Cleanse   by  B2reflect     14 y     2,594
      Hi DB,

      some thoughts for you that MAY help.

      First of all, the SWF truly cleans the whole of the digestive system. It does not taste great, at all. I had to chug it, when I drank it but it works very effectively. Convince your g/f it will help her even though it is not the best tasting thing there is. OH and I am not sure how but it does help with cravings!

      As for taking the Prilosec, it will only hinder your progress. The cayenne clears inflammation in your body, as well as mucus. So, take a little less initially on the cayenne and work yourself up. It will *ultimately* help with the acid reflux. There is a story in the "Master Cleanse" book by Stanley Burroughs about a guy who had an ulcer. He was told by his doctor not to eat spicy or citrus. When he saw Stanley B. and the MC was suggested to him, he said he couldn't due to the combo. After a few (? do not remember exact amount of days) days, his ulcer started healing.

      If you must eat, celery is not bad. Yet, as you mention, it is mind over matter. We are programmed to eat, at certain times and certain occasions during the day. It helps if you find something else to do.

      Also, I am going to tell you, when I did the MC, it was back in 2006 for 9 days. It was not easy for me, yet I succeeded. On the 10th day, I was around food I Loved. I allowed my mind to control me :D.

      I also have done a juice fast for 12 days, some days it was like a low calorie diet LOL so I know what I speak. Had I utilized these and other suggestions, it MAY have been easier, YET I believe I was not ready due to 'stuff'.

      OH and as for the cold, when you go into a cleanse mode, your body is healing itself and your body temperature goes down (for many) dramatically.

      Be easy on yourselves. Good luck with your MC!


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      • Re: Day 1 the Master Cleanse   by  dbinsider     14 y     2,480

        Thank you very much for your advice.

        After writing the blog I immediately threw out the left over pizza as to not have the temptation in front of me. That seemed to work perfectly because the rest of the evening was fine.

        We got up this morning (Day 2) and my girlfriend did do the SWF and it cleaned out her system great. I on the other hand have hardly had any BM's. Very frustrating but I will stick with it. I too did the SWF and I did ease off the cayenne pepper today and the drink tastes a million times better. That and I think I'm getting used to it :)

        I'll think about easing off the Prilosec. Over the years I've gotten off all of my stomach medication and the only thing I take is that. So, I'm hoping the MC will still do it's magic even if I take 1 Priolosec a day. But I may take your suggestion and stop taking it tomorrow and see what happens.

        I love the juice idea and we were thinking about the liver flush. Have you done that before?

        Congrats on doing your MC and juice fasts - they are not as easy as people think!

        I'll keep you posted on our progress.

        Thank you,

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