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    Fasting to lose 60 lbs

Fasting to lose 60 lbs
by lalachka

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  • No More   by  lalachka     15 y     3,785       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Fasting to lose 60 lbs

    i broke my fast today

    i really didn't want to, but i got scared

    i read a few fasting books and they all say (i know it myself, but was hoping that even though it's not recommended, it's still allowed) that you cannot be taking any drugs during a fast at all. they say that people react to drugs much stronger, sometimes convultions and death.

    and i'm on methadone, a lot of it. and i also relapse occasionally, let's be honest here.

    so i got scared. i didn't want to breask the fast, i was doing so good and it wasn't that hard!!

    but i was starting to get sick (dopesick) and had to take my meth, and after reading that i was literally scared


    so i'm eating

    now i'm thinking of doing maybe a few 10-day fasts, not sure how that will help with the weight though

    but i don't know who to ask about fasting and methadone

    the books that i read are from 70-80 years ago, but i imagine that nothing changed

    still, if there was a fasting doctor - i'd love to ask

    but everyone is so opposed to fasting these days


    you know what kills me the most?

    the people opposed to it know nothing about it

    they're so scared to miss a meal, it's almost funny

    i was told that i will starve to death (hahaha, my fat will keep me going for a few years, what are they talking about?), that i will do horrible damage to my body, that i shouldn't do it, that it's unheard of to be able to live without food for so long

    and no matter how much i say that it's actually very beneficial for many health conditions, and that a person with my amount of fat can go at least 3 months before starving

    nothing matters

    they told me that my body will start eating its own meat, and blah blah


    what i don't get is, are people that ignorant? i mean, use a little logic

    first of all, what is fat? calories stored for future use, in case there's no food, like the camel's bumps or whatever you call them

    and if a person is on a diet, then he tries to eat less calories than he burns. and how is that process any different from fasting? why doesn't the body eat the muscles then? if it knows what to eat when dieting, then why would it forget and eat itself when fasting


    ignorance kills me, if you don't know something - be quiet, it's ok to not know something

    it always amused me how opposed people are to fasting. i'm very interested to understand where it's coming from. after all, i'm not making them do it, right? so what is it? jealousy that i can do it and they can't? i mean, people get almost mad at me, it's such a strong reaction

    where is it coming from?

    what do you think?

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    • Re: No More   by  forabetterlife     15 y     1,923
      I dont know a lot abt juice fasting, but I know is that juice fasting can help you to overcome addiction, and that you shoudnt take any kind of drugs during a fast. There's something else you can do if you want to lose weight and have the benefits of fasting its the warrior diet. My brother did that and he's still on this diet. Go to google and write warrior diet. You fast the day and eat at night. During the day you can only drink organic juice or if your really hungry eat fruits or vegetables. Go visit the site it will give you more information and in the same time go to google and write warrior diet and aging. I hope this helps you. I hope after the fast you wont eat like a pig, you know what I mean. I dont want you to gain back all the weight you lost, that will be sad, all that work for nothing.
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