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    Fasting to lose 60 lbs

Fasting to lose 60 lbs
by lalachka

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  • Day 5   by  lalachka     15 y     2,525       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Fasting to lose 60 lbs

    I had some miso soup yesterday

    i read some blogs here and someone had miso soup, just the liquid, so i thought i'd do that

    and then the next day that girl gained a pound, and she said she thought it was because of all the salt in the soup

    well, same picture here, i'm assuming, it was all the salt in the soup too

    otherwise i don't know how to explain gaining weight while not eating

    i used to eat 5 bags of candy a day and gain nothing, and now i'm gaining while not eating??

    Anyway, no more soup for me

    i get by on coffee with lots of sugar and cream, orange juice and snapple

    can't make myself drink water

    also, i smoke cigarettes

    anyone knows about that?

    i can't imagine that being too healthy

    anyway, so 'm taking in about a 1000 calories a day in sugar

    if a pound of fat is 3500 calories, and i'm losing about 1000 calories a day, and i want to lose 60 pounds, then i have to fast for

    60*3500=210000 and then


    210 days???????????

    7 months of not eating????

    i don't know

    on the other hand, if i only drink water, then 3,5 months of fasting?

    no can do

    anyone knows the exact number of calories a person burns a day without excersizing at all? i thought it was around 2000, but hopefully i'm wrong

    because then it means that i really have to fast for 7 months

    i mostly sit all day long, so i can't be burning much

    realistically i can fast for about a month, i'd rather not go longer

    so to lose 60 pounds in a month i have to lose 2 pounds a day

    and to do that i have to find a way to burn extra 6000 calories a day

    well, i'm waiting for your suggestions on burning the 6000 calories lol

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    • Re: Day 5   by  BeTheChange     15 y     2,100
      I am concerned about your way of losing weight. Please consider talking to a holistic practitioner or going to the health section at the bookstore and doing lots of research, or even online! The cream and sugar in your coffee will only block you up, the lack of water will only confirm this, your system will be trying to move because of the caffeine, but because of the lack of nutrients, will not be able to move anything OUT and therefore unable to burn anything OFF, which is what you want, right? Have you considered simply taking a short daily walk? Nothing will happen if you jsut sit there, you know that! What about taking on a house project, such as rearranging the living room or finally painting the garage, etc? Also, maybe you can sign up for a fitness class of some sort--if you payed for it, then you are much more likely to force yourself into going (from past experience!). If this is outside of your social realm or whatever, what about DVDs? Wii? My friend in high school years back lost 40 pounds from Dance Dance Revolution, you know! I know you want to fast, but if you want to fast more efficiently and literally FASTer, you will have to follow some type of regimen or cleanse so that your insides can actually funtion. Capiche? Not trying to be all-knowing or anytihng, there are just many other things you should consider to reach your goal--think of what it will feel like to accomplish that goal!
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      • Re: Day 5   by  lalachka     15 y     2,077

        thank you for your concern, really

        maybe you misunderstood me when i say i just sit there

        i have a job, it's a computer job, but still (meaning, i'm not too active)

        i also clean the house, do the laundry and stuff like that

        and i have a 13 year old, so that keeps me busy

        but i am very lazy and when i can i will just sit there and watch tv, after work that is

        but a few things you said were very interesting

        you're saying, i shouldn't be drinking coffee?

        ok, what about tea? and i'm addicted to sugar, you're saying that i can't have any at all?

        what about juice? juices have sugar in them

        let me know

        and again, thank you for your concern

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