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Why do U want to follow fools? by kerminator   12 h
Live to Learn - not to follow defeats by kerminator   13 h
UNCENSORED: A Review of the First 8 Months of the COVID-19 I by kerminator   20 h
Silicon Valley/Facebook by kerminator   24 h
Find your true priorities by kerminator   36 h
Seven ways to maintain good mental health by kerminator   36 h
When You’re a Hot Sleeper by kerminator   36 h
A Repost: Mental Health:Apple Cider Vinegar by kerminator   60 h
Do U really want the truth? Read and see! by kerminator   60 h
Who is going where when and why? by kerminator   69 h
The 5 W's to manage any project! by kerminator   70 h
"What got us here in the first place?" by kerminator   85 h
First comes Faith then comes Grace: by kerminator   85 h
3 Basic Compass Skills by kerminator   4 d
What can we do now? by kerminator   4 d
Seeking a paler shade of Hell? by kerminator   4 d
It is not going to work the way it is now! by kerminator   4 d
A reply to a posted statement by kerminator   5 d
Remembering the right stuff by kerminator   5 d
Why "Popular" is not the best game in town! by kerminator   5 d
New Divination Method by lfire   5 d
A Curiosity Exercise by kerminator   6 d
A piece on how real politics works! by kerminator   6 d
Always do your best! by kerminator   6 d
People avoid the real problems in their life! by kerminator   7 d
Most people avoid or skip the real problems in their life! by kerminator   7 d
Believe the Truth or live a lie! by kerminator   9 d
The Hit-Or-Miss Methodology Does Not Work! by kerminator   10 d
Love never fails - we do! by kerminator   10 d
Who are or were Apostles, or Disciples? by kerminator   10 d
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