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Excitotoxins - MSG and Aspartame

by Julie K. Diaz

Excitotoxins - MSG and Aspartame

  • Hidden Sources of MSG by Julie K. Diaz
    This is a list of ingredients that contain MSG or other related excitotoxins. This comprehensive list was compiled from books written by Russell Blaylock M.D. and George Swartz M.D. These books can be found by clicking on Book List.
  • MSG and Aspartame, Two Known Toxins, are Found in Almost Every Type of Food and Beverage Americans Consume by Julie K. Diaz
    Why does the FDA continue to allow food industry giants to add toxic substances to our food and beverages, especially those marketed to children? Solid research studies have shown links between MSG and Aspartame, with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Brain tumors, Depression, and even rage disorder and paranoia. In light of the increasing violence in schools, including mass murders, like those at Columbine, why doesn't the FDA take immediate action and look ONLY at research that is NOT biased due to funding by the Glutamate industry?
  • Food and Beverages that contain Aspartame by Julie K. Diaz
    This article provides a list of foods and beverages that typically contain Aspartame, or Nutrasweet (Equal).
  • The Deadly Deception of Aspartame by the FDA and Searle
    "The Deadly Deception" cites chapter and verse of the coverup by Searle and the FDA. Here are some highlights from the book "The Deadly Deception":
  • FDA Ignores Complaints of Neurological Symptoms
    In 1989, the FDA received over 4,000 complaints from people who described adverse reactions. Research also indicates that aspartame, when combined with glutamine products (such as MSG, widely used in foods) increase the likelihood of brain damage occurring in children.
  • Aspartame - avoid it - Dangerous symptoms
    A double blind study of the effects of aspartame on persons with mood disorders was recently conducted by Dr Ralph G. Walton. The study showed a large increase in serious symptoms for persons taking aspartame. Since some of the symptoms were so serious, the Institutional Review Board had to stop the study.
  • METHANOL - AKA WOOD ALCOHOL or POISON - 10% Of Aspartame
    Methanol/wood alcohol is a deadly poison. Some people may remember methanol as the poison that has caused some "skid row" alcoholics to end up blind or dead. Methanol is gradually released in the small intestine when the methyl group of aspartame encounter the enzyme chymotrypsin.
  • Most Visited Health Sites on the Net
    Of all the medical journals in the world, only the British Medical Journal now has more traffic than this site. More people visit this site than the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, and the Lancet. This article shows the top Natural Health Sites and the top General Health Sites.
  • Sweet on Stevia?
    Stevia comes from a shrub native to Paraguay, Stevia rebaudiana. It also grows in Brazil and Argentina, and is now widely cultivated in China. The leaves have been used for centuries by native peoples to make sweet teas, or to sweeten other foods, with no evidence of adverse reactions.
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)Toxicity
    This link contains a short article describing the toxicity of MSG and Aspartame, and the health problems that their consumption is linked to.
  • Battling the MSG Myth
    This website is a comprehensive resource about the health problems associated with MSG and how to avoid it. The author's story is a compelling one, as she and her son experienced severe illness as a result of any foods containing MSG.
  • The Effects Of Different Storage Temperatures on the Taste and Chemical Composition of Diet Coke
    Jennifer Cohen is an eleven-year old student who conducted an experiment which proved that aspartame, the artificial sweetener in diet soda, breaks down into two deadly neurotoxins when stored at different temperatures.
  • The Bitter Truth About Artificial sweeteners
    Aspartame sugar substitutes cause worrying symptoms from memory loss to brain tumours. But despite US FDA approval as a 'safe' food additive, aspartame is one of the most dangerous substances ever to be foisted upon an unsuspecting public.
  • Culturally Conditioned Nutrition Patterns and Physiological Degeneration
    This site provides Online Research data from the Leading Edge Research group. It includes information on food additives (e.g. MSG, Aspartame), as well as the effects of meat and dairy products, sugar, excess protein, and hormones.
  • No MSG Website: The National Organization Moblized to Stop Glutamate
    The NoMSG mission is to educate consumers regarding the dangers of Monosodium Glutamate and the ways in which it is hidden; to encourage MSG-free products; to support MSG sensitive individuals; and, to promote independent MSG research.

Reprinted from:

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