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Date:   10/6/2022 7:01:44 AM ( 5 mon ago)

This book review was prepared by Hannah Devis, a professional academic book reviewer. 
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Who Moved My Cheese? is a motivational story written by Dr. Spencer Johnson, who has positioned his book as “An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life.” I totally agree with this statement. People should not fear changes and cling to their past as the only possible way to be happy; instead, they should embrace, enjoy, and adapt to change.

I am firmly convinced that this book can change the lives of many people due to the ideas present in it. One of the characters slowly reveals the secret of becoming satisfied with one’s life. At first, the protagonist of the book thinks about change, summing up his journey through the labyrinth, and he understands that “Change happens.” Then he realizes that he should “Adapt to change quickly.” Finally, at the end of the book, he becomes confident that he has to “Enjoy change!”

I think this parable raises topical issues of our daily life. In the pursuit of happiness and success, we often fail to notice certain obvious things and happy moments. As a result, we continue to chase wrong goals when it is time to change our direction and move on. For example, when people lose their job, they grieve, complain, and find reasons to remain depressed instead of trying to find a new job, establish a business, change their habits, meet interesting people, and set new goals.

Direct parallels with Hem and Ham illustrate that people who have achieved a certain goal often think that they have reached the finish and that they have achieved everything they had ever wanted. As a result, they may become arrogant, haughty, and lazy. Instead, people should not be afraid of engaging in new activities and changing their lifestyles. They should adapt to the changing world and try to receive satisfaction from their present instead of living in the past.


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