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Surrogacy: pros and cons
( Surrogacy. Peculiarities)

Surrogacy: pros and cons by ExpertOK .....

Why surahat motherhood is now very popular?

Date:   9/29/2022 10:31:49 AM ( 6 mon ago)

Nowadays approximately 20% of married couples suffer from infertility in the world. How many of these couples decide to use the services of surrogate motherhood is hard to assess properly. However the estimated percentage is not less than 2% and is inclined to grow continuously. Given the delicate area involved the attitude towards this method of conception and birth of a child in society is ambiguous.



There is an erroneous opinion that surrogacy is the fertilization of the egg of another woman by the sperm of the genetic father, followed by the bearing of a child by this woman for a childless family.

However, from the point of view of biology, this statement is incorrect. In fact, the process goes like this: the egg of the genetic mother is fertilized by the sperm of the genetic father, and then introduced into the body of a surrogate mother - a woman who will bear a child.

Origins and emergence of the method

The idea of ​​surrogate motherhood - the bearing of a child by another woman - originated in ancient times. Even in ancient Rome, a barren married couple hired a woman who gave birth to a child for them, who was then considered the legitimate child of the married couple.

In the modern world, the search for alternative ways to treat infertility has led to the idea of ​​surrogate motherhood. And the emergence of modern technologies such as in vitro fertilization and  artificial insemination  have made it feasible and realistic for many couples.

In 1989, the first baby appeared on Earth, which was carried by a surrogate mother. British doctors removed and fertilized the egg of a barren woman, and the grown embryo was transplanted into the uterus of a healthy woman.

After 9 months, a woman who had no chance of giving birth on her own became the mother of a healthy child who was genetically hers. In Russia the surrogate motherhood program has been actively used since 1995.

The essence of the method

The essence of the surrogate motherhood program is to obtain the genetic material of future parents and transplant it into a "natural incubator" - the body of another woman suitable for bearing a child.

Three stakeholders are involved in the process:

  • genetically the father who provides the genetic material (sperm) for fertilization;

  • the genetic mother providing the egg;

  • surrogate mother - a woman not older than 35 y.o. who has her own child. The surrogate mother provides her agreement on a voluntary basis to endure and give birth to a baby for genetic parents.

According to the law, a child born by a surrogate mother is officially considered the child of genetic parents.

Our transparent legal contract is a guarantee that the surrogate mother irrevocably loses her right to the child, and the genetic parents will compensate for the agreed amount of remuneration.

In what cases do they use the services of surrogate mothers?

It is recommended to use the services of a surrogate mother for infertile couples who cannot conceive, carry and give birth to a child on their own:

  • in the absence of a uterus in women as a result of congenital pathologies or surgical interventions;

  • with a deformed cavity or cervix, as a result of congenital malformations or previous diseases;

  • with intrauterine adhesions that cannot be eliminated;

  • in the presence of serious diseases of internal organs that do not allow to bear or give birth to a child (chronic kidney disease, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and others)

  • recurrent implantation failure

Pros and Cons of Surrogacy

Of course, each family must decide on its own whether to resort to the surrogate motherhood program or not. But in order to determine the feasibility of such a procedure, one must know the positive and negative sides of the issue.

Advantages of surrogacy

  • Undoubtedly, in many cases, surrogacy is the only chance to have a baby. Thousands of families around the world are raising their children born by surrogate mothers.

  • A child born from a surrogate mother carries the genes of his parents.

  • The fetus is carried by a healthy woman, which greatly reduces the likelihood of various pathologies - miscarriages, difficulties during childbirth, abnormalities during pregnancy.

  • The surrogate mother voluntarily provides her services.

  • Nothing threatens the health of the genetic mother.

Cons of surrogacy

  • One of the most significant disadvantages is the very high cost of the procedure, which is not affordable for every family. The funds are used not only to pay for the services of a surrogate mother, but also to provide for her during pregnancy, for specialist services, healthy food and comfortable living conditions, for clothes and medical examinations.

  • When direct interaction between intended parents and surrogate mother is held there are risks mostly financial and tricky for both parties. In order to avoid such situations, there is a need of third party agencies which guarantee the safety and comfort for all participants and take into account all possible nuances.

How to choose a clinic for the surrogacy program?

When choosing a clinic for the surrogacy program, please  pay attention to:

  • list of services offered by the clinic. If the center does not have a specific list, avoid such medical facilities.

  • Opportunity to provide a surrogate mother now. If this is not possible, there are no surrogate mothers in the center, and when you make an advance payment, the workers will urgently start looking for any woman who is ready for this so that the deal does not fall through;

  • distribution of costs into possible and mandatory ones, specifying which procedures are included in the cost and which ones will have to be paid extra;

  • for the availability of all necessary documents - licenses, certificates, and preferably real examples of successful visits to this clinic.

Yes, you can talk a lot and for a long time, and argue about whether surrogate motherhood is good or bad. But, look at those happy couples who, after several years of trying to conceive, many hours of painful appointments with doctors, treatment in clinics and centers, heaps of tests, sleepless nights, lost nerves, finally take their own baby from the hospital, so long-awaited and so beloved, let and born, and born not by a mother, but by another woman, and all doubts will immediately disappear. 

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