Blog: Has it Really Been That Long... Since my Last Blog :)
by exposure

35 Days well evening now..

evening of the 35th day

Date:   12/16/2022 12:05:19 PM   ( 6 mon ) ... viewed 37 times

Close to the end of day 35 - today was pretty good, got a bit slammed in the morning with some trying shit but before and after that was all good - seems like every day certainly most days are like that, I take it all in stride more and more 

The Heating repair guys were here again at 7am and nice enough not to knock till 7:30 - I managed to sleep in for awhile anyway since most of their work was in the basement and my flatmate beat me to the door, they have done a real bodgy looking job and now the basement I've been waiting so long to turn into my office is pretty much a write off because the heater they installed in it is so loud and also a huge eyesore - the noise tho, its gonna blow out me being able to use one massive studio size room in the property which cuts 600$ a month out of my income so I got a bit upset - they could have and should have installed it at the side of the house - it is asinine whoever made that call and just wrote off a massive room as useless which would obviously be a useful space and they knew I was planning to turn it into an office I needed and never were straight with me about the noise (I asked and they said oh maybe maybe not sort of no real answer and its a joke its super loud and blowy as well no way you could work or sit in there with that going so ??? why do people do such stupid things with no consideration?)  Anyway.... I will see what next I guess - maybe it can be shifted outside, maybe a sound proof box can be built around it and I can rent out the space and use the other space instead at the back of the garage as the office/studio tho that will be difficult to get the wifi to - maybe I shift storaged there but god that is really stupid its not a very good storage space would be a fantastic studio and office or even dwelling if those guys had just been straight with me and installed the unit outside.  Other thing that is so strange is why it is so loud as in so many houses the central heat unit doesn't make that kind of noise.  So that was just not expected.  More issues here - god.  

Anyway, after that went and did band work all afternoon and we had a breakthrough with one song and the new sampler/sequencer and made some real progress using our first robot in place of our drummer :)  He couldn't make it today - family stuff pretty heavy but we had some nice banter and comraderie and all good, was a really great session, went for a long walk in the park after that and continued my fast - I'm feeling a little frustrated by feeling like my fast isn't going as fast as I'd like it to in terms of me slimming down, I have though heaps just taking longer and the cold I had, the slight interruption and the cold weather we're having have slowed it down, I've been having a cup a day of campbells soup of some kind - not really any difference to having a cup of milk in terms of calories, I think I'm just frustrated by a lot of bullshit going on in the houses and my work and the weather and all - not getting the time and sanctuary or income I should be a lot of people doing the wrong thing and making money loss and heaps of extra work for me and that and the weather its been too cold for yoga... all this stuff  - I'm fine, just yeah, acknowledging that is all chewing at me a bit, lots of let downs and different issues I have to work through - tenants ripping me off and living off me, people flaking, abusive mental friends, incompetent tradies and a**hole landlords, you name it - rubbish the lot of it but whatever I just get on with stuff and deal with it all, would be so nice if people all were just decent did the right thing were reliable and didn't all talk and do rubbish then I would have so much more time and energy to sharpen my sword but I guess I sharpen it on this stuff also.  

Such is life these days.  

Got some sun and the walk was good, foraged some pine and I can bath in that and drink tea with it - been eating a few squares of chocolate every night after fasting all day and maybe a couple more than I should - I don't think that would slow down my progress much if I exercised more, well now the weather is warming and our central heat should work even if the basement is a handicap that came with that - maybe I'll jury rig some way around that and keep my income up somehow I have a few ideas - tomorrow's saturday and I'll be starting to prep more for the coming shakedown house inspection - God I am sick to effing death of those... 30 years of being in sharehouses having to deal with spikey rude pricks of agents coming through your home and now they want to bring 2 of the dodgy as chinese owners as well - it is just overkill - isn't one person and their camera enough??  Privacy is a thing only the rich can have I guess.  It's so invasive.  

anyway... grumble grumble... I am pretty relaxed though - sorry for all my grumbling and growling... I am an old tiger haha.... it is a lot of bullshit - I don't really care that much its just not nice though - anyway, what is nice was the beautiful sky and park and the great views what a beautiful park it was I hadn't walked around those parts of it until today and seen all thse stunning views it has - that was great, nice to get to see more of my local walking place - wd be good to find parts of it with less people where I can do some tai chi and maybe yoga as well, its nice practising those things outdoors in nature settings, much better really when possible

the music stuff was also great, had fun with it and the fast is going well - my room and place are looking much better and I'm getting a lot of guys contacting me all of a sudden, cute ones, old flames in town I'd love to see while they're here - so thats quite pleasant, great people here in the house and a much nicer energy after I kicked out the one on hard drugs and the alcoholic one falling thru the cracks with no money or rent... the energy now is nice and flowing and soooo peaceful - I feel really good here and its getting better every week - this place really is a great house and space and despite the battles and bullshit to secure and sort it, its a sanctuary coming into being and has a lot to love about it.  

The warmer weather and the heat should I need to switch it on should mean I can get back to yoga and more exercise, my feet are still not great, I've been taking this anti-inflammatory for a week now as my gp said it would calm it down to take it for a couple weeks, it does seem better but slightly - still easily aggravated and making exercise and work difficult - slowly slowly - still have the injured elbow as well also better than it was but any lifting stuff sends me backwards easily so its careful careful and can't do all the sort of heavier physical work I normally do right now - its late, I think I'll go to sleep a little early tonight 

the fasting makes my mind and energy calmer and it is progressing, wearing these tighter clothes and jeans now and they're loose - still have a bit of stubborn belly and chub on my legs to go all over but I'm looking good just not there yet all the way - nice size 12 I want to get down to size 10 and happy with that - I like the fast but its been hard in such cold weather, the cup of soup makes it all good - when its hotter I'll swap that out for some fresh juice instead - been drinking more watery drinks herbal teas and kombucha etc and that feels good 

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