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Day 38

Contemplating my Navel...

Date:   8/26/2016 5:46:09 AM   ( 7 y ) ... viewed 580 times

Just past 8PM, 38 days into this winter journey and feeling pretty damn good I have to report. I've been back to my yoga this week, the time in solitude and getting through that low energy time and very late period saw me naturally more energized again, & I did a good session last night before bed, then awoke and did a good morning session this morning.

I've had a morning tea, a soda water with a shot of aloe vera juice and some cardomon syrup, had a morning bath before the yoga - then did morning dharma practice after that, around 3pm, I started studying a dharma text and had a 15 min cat nap - had a second cardomon soda with aloe afterwards and a big glass of avocado smoothie with I'm still drinking, had a few choc dipped pretzels & 2 rice/corn thins with a little butter, peanut butter and honey. My works have not been feeling so great, have the squirts the last few days pretty badly, just going often little drops of poo or liquid stuff, its not so good so I was drinking the aloe, tonight I looked up a little advice on curezone and came across a thread suggesting adding slippery elm powder to apple sauce and making a bit of a gruel with that - so I thought yes, that sounds good... I've been taking a quality probiotic everyday for awhile now, and added a multivitamin a couple days ago daily when I had the bad gum problem - My gum is much better now, that's a nice thing to be past it was a bit of a bugger...
So I blended up a pear and the three green apples I had in the fruit bowl and crushed 6 slippery elm tablets I had in the medicine box up with my mortar and pestle, added a little fresh ginger and tumeric and lots of cinnamon into the blender with the fruit - good blender so I blended the whole fruits, stems, seed and all & also threw in 3 apricot kernals - it made a big saucepan full of fruit sauce, which I warmed up on the stove and added in the slippery elm powder - I just ate about a cup full of it with a dollop of vanilla yogurt, and added into it a big heaping teaspoon of psyllium powder - I'll drink another big glass of water or two & think I'm just going to try and eat that twice daily until its gone and keep up iwht the aloe sodas and daily probiotic.
The psyllium should help fix me up in the lack of fibre dept and the slippery elm is meant to be very soothing - ah... I feel good about this :)

I want to keep slowly transiting now into having a little solid or more solid food, Blending up the fruit made me realize that hmmmm I do have a great blender and my system is probably going to appreciate pre-digested foods much more right now i.e. blended things are a good way to slowly start - I have been having some smoothies, like the avocado ones - but I suppose the rice crackers while a very small amount of food to take in are not the best thing to start on... I also had another little bit of steamed brocc with gado sauce - yesterday and today I had that for my 'lunch' - just a small amount of steamed brocc, it was very nice - squeezed a bit of lemon juice on it - I think its all been ok, very light things and small amounts of food but probably can improve by meditating a bit on what my system is going to like transiting on - the apple sauce mix seems an ideal thing, yogurt and maybe get some fresh kefir going as well... I've got a big bag of oranges to juice next, and they are usually a fast breaking juice to help stimulate digestive juices - keep having some nice broths and eventually transit into some lighter soups, I don't think I could handle a heavy thick soup, more brothy soup seems a lot better to me right now. Not too heavy on the veg either. Bananas, a bit of yogurt or kefir or cottage cheese, a light chicken soup or something... It's getting close to 40 days now and I want to start to segueway... I still think I'll be light on the food for quite some time, maybe slowly transiting over the next 20-25 days... I'm not in a hurry but I do want my insides to feel good while I'm doing it and not to have this situation go on - this is still a learning curve for me, even after all my fasting in the past - I seem more prone to digestive issues this last year or two and its time I really try to address this. I got a great couple of books on Aruveda last year on retreat with one of my teachers, we were studying at a center run by a lovely Yogini who wrote all these books, I got to meet her and learn a little about combining aruvedic spices to increase the digestive fire and how without having that in place, one's system was not really healthy or functioning very well at all. So I'm going to get that out and also go with that as well as the probiotic, aloe, slippery elm and psyllium plus a more attentive approach to slowly integrating more slushy and solid things into my diet.
Iron is a big thing, I know I get really low on that - so I should just make a soupy ground beef thing or a light sauce etc... When I get up to that... maybe next week that would also be a good thing. Minestrone type soup without the noodles etc...
Well - I'm happy with how its gone, my yang energy is coming up again a bit with the yoga and exercise. I weighed in still at 163 today, not much change on the scales tho there has been in the mirror - I fit into all my tiny shorts and tight jeans and things again - that always makes a girl happy - I'd like to keep reducing though, another 10 lbs before spring or summer - Really happy with how much I've managed to rejuvenate myself - so glad I did this winter journey and its been such a beautiful mild winter. I haven't had a fire the whole time I've been here in solitude, the last few days did get a bit cooler but I just rugged up in a long coat I brought back from Tibet years ago when i travelled there - best garment ever to save on the heating bills lol, very comfy and elegant... I feel like a wrapped up little princess in it.
Well - happy tonight because another one of my teachers is doing a retreat in Italy that starts tonight - a whole week of live teachings I get to tune into and study :) Awesome... It's late tonight with the time difference, the teaching doesn't start till midnight, so I'll stay up till 2 watching it and no doubt get a little sleepy towards the end - had my cat nap tho - after tonight they start everyday around dinnertime - the dharma is a vast subject and there is so much to learn but slowly slowly I start to know more and more and grasp more of the understanding of such profound matter...
All for now, I'm still a bit squirty :0! Well, fasting is always going to bring up some little issues here and there which is why I like to keep a blog!! It's good to be able to look back later on and see where you've been before, and to share info - Good luck to all you readers!

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