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Small Family Farms - The True Sanctuaries Of Life

A YouTube video of Sally Fallon Morell at the 2009 Farm Food Voices, the WAPF book review: "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" plus Sally's farm!

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November 10, 2010 -

Return to your natural senses by recovering real-food culture for that is the foundation for nourishing real cultural wisdom. That is the future of humanity. Without a real-food culture there is no future.

Support small family farms as much as you possibly can now as they are the true sanctuaries of life. It simply is not possible for corporate owned factory farms to serve humanity the fruits of cultural wisdom as they do not grow those kind of "trees" nor do they sow those kind of seeds. Their only sense is in cents!

Small family farms embody our nourishing traditions. They preserve the awareness that real culture requires wise cultivation![1]

June 16, 2019 -

"...most real farmers are small farmers. Admittedly, some of those census entities counted as farms are hobby farmers and rural residences. But, many are not. The census asks farmers to provide their primary occupation the occupation at which they spend more than half of their working hours. Recent USDA surveys also distinguish between active farmers and retired farmers. Small farmers are more likely than large farmers to have some occupation other than farming and are more likely to be retired. But even when considering only those whose primary occupation is farming and who are not retired, more than half of all farmers would easily be classified as small farmers. Well over half of these primary occupation farmers have less than $100,000 in annual gross sales. Nearly half have gross sales of less than $50,000 per year classified by USDA as non-commercial farms. One's primary occupation should not be called non-commercial. Most real farmers are small farmers. ...[5]


Re: "One's primary occupation should not be called non-commercial."

The small farmer deserves to be fully-informed regarding the true interests of the USDA and its corporate associates. American farmers have a sacred relationship as stewards of the soil and land that is not well represented by calling it an "occupation." "Occupation" is a term best restricted for the military during war times. Farmers as stewards serve a non-commercial interest. Their exchanges with their community and beyond are rightfully called trade not commerce. Farmers have a natural Right to trade their goods and not be subject to the commercial realm that is the domain of corporations.

"... many small farmers live simply. ... To them, the primary product of their farm is a desirable quality of life. The farm provides them with a home, much of their food, a place for raising a family, an aesthetically pleasing place for recreation and relaxation, and a place for learning and teaching, as well as a place to work. Many of these smaller farms are not obligated to report a net income from farming because many of the costs of living on a small farm qualify as farm costs. Many of these farms, particularly if they are part-time farms, need not earn an income from farming."[5]

Comment: Re: "Many of these smaller farms are not obligated to report a net income from farming" -

Unless the American farmer is farming government-owned land or doing business for the government then they will not have federal income (or that tax liability) for farming in which case all of "these smaller farms" have no reporting obligation!

August 29, 2020 - The Census -

"Public International Notice Concerning the US 2020 Census" - By Anna Von Reitz -

In addition to their usual snooping, the US Census is trying to claim that everyone who "responds" to this pile of inappropriate interrogation is "domestic" and "within" their jurisdiction. This is not true.

The Federal Constitutions grant the Federal Subcontractors the right and responsibility to take a head count of people living in this country, but the only information that people are required to give is the number and the name of those living in any given place.

There is no selection of boxes allowing anyone to tick off what kind of "United States" they live in, no explanations about political status, no disclosure that the rats would be making any presumptions or assumptions about your political status based on whether you responded to the survey or not.

As a result, their undisclosed claims are just as fraudulent as ever and the "Census 2020 Results" cannot be taken to be any measure of how many "citizens of the United States" might live in this country.

To find that out with any reasonable certainty, we'd have to count the actual Federal Civil Service Employees and the Federal Agency Personnel and their family members who are direct dependents of these Federal Employees. We'd also have to count the population of the Insular States --- the US Territories and Possessions offshore, like Guam and Puerto Rico, plus the non-military population of Washington, DC and the District of Columbia. Oh, and all those actually getting an unearned welfare check from the Federales.

Best guesstimate is that about 23% of the total population fits the bill to be counted as a "citizen of the United States" ---- and if the rest of us would get our tails in gear and take these fraudsters to task, that number would drop dramatically. Why?

Because the DC Boyz make money by keeping lots and lots of people down in the Hood, living worse than slaves, eating crap, with no jobs, no hope, no education, no way to have a decent life at all. The Dems create their "base" this way, and then, promise their victims relief. Just more lies. More fraud. And then they steal the actual value of these people's labor, tax them to death, and use their homes as chattel backing the perpetrator's debts.

If you actually told all these people what they "voluntarily" gave up, the actual cost to them of adopting "citizen of the United States" political status in exchange for a job or a stingy welfare check, they'd all poop their pants and the Municipal Government would have no workers in the morning. Even the custodians and the cooks at the White House would quit.

That's why they can never, ever, provide full disclosure and have to be downright secretive about what they are doing and all the false claims they are making--- because if people knew the truth, there would be as Henry Ford said, "revolution by morning".

And this lack of full disclosure will forever invalidate everything these con artists say and do and all the purported contracts they claim to make.

So when they come back and tell another Whopper to the world, and claim some absurd number like "93% of Americans have adopted Municipal citizenship" ---- don't believe it. Not for a nanosecond.

Nothing regarding our political status is proven or even indicated by the 2020 Census.[6]


Furthermore - The announcement mailed to where I live was addressed to "Resident". This Blog-writer is not a resident and therefore did not respond to the "US 2020 Census". (He also did not respond to the 2000 US Census.) However a PhD housemate questioned his initial disregard for the US 2020 Census which only inspired him to research the law which he was truly grateful for because the results revealed that the law places the obligation upon the Secretary of State and not upon any American individual!

July 22, 2015 -

I became inspired to look into "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver" upon hearing that mentioned to me in a most recent conversation. My inspiration was to see whether the Weston A. Price Foundation(WAPF) had a book review on that. I'm delighted to have found that they do!

I just read in the review: "... family farms have been depopulated by bankruptcy and the inequities of a 'free market' economy every bit as efficiently as totalitarian countries forced the removal of village populations at gunpoint."

I wonder whether the American people (other than the families with former "family farms") can fully grok this statement.

The review continues: "These are compelling and involving topics, yet Kingsolver pushes deeper into our agricultural crisis to examine the broader cultural crisis looming large over our country."

This is the very first time I am reading anything about this book and at this point in the review I realize that I have total and complete affinity with the subject matter!

Continuing: "As a nation, we have walked away from the farm, she writes, and in so doing we have dangerously alienated ourselves from the normal processes of nature."

From this point on in the review it really starts "pushing deeper": "This means that we have just about an entire population utterly complacent—and by default passively complicit—in the face of the fact that just six companies—Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont, Mitsui, Aventis and Dow—control 98 percent of the world’s seed sales."

I'm impressed to read that as: "... Former vegetarians, they are not squeamish about butchering roosters and turkeys when the time comes, but capably and humanely dispatch the animals they have carefully raised from poults."

I find this noteworthy and especially the reviewers commentary: "... the soft cheeses Barbara makes are all made from pasteurized, store-bought milk, and in fact, the 30-minute mozzarella recipe Camille provides at the end of the relevant chapter uses a microwave in the process. This development is rather startling to the reader who has grown to expect Kingsolver to always seek out the raw, unprocessed, genuine resources in her sustenance endeavors. Instead, Kingsolver devolves into a partly tongue-in-cheek discussion of the perversity of human beings who want to consume the milk of other species."

The reviewer gave this book a "Thumbs Up". The other option is "Thumbs Down". I intend to add my own third category that might require a graphic representation of the hand in additional positions between those of "thumbs up" and "thumbs down". On this book my hand position would be at least a forty-five degree turn away from the full thumbs up position.

July 23, 2015 -

Just posted this comment (subject to moderation) at the WAPF site:

Thank You Katherine!

I'm glad that I found your book review as I first wondered whether the book was reviewed here upon hearing the book mentioned earlier today. I have blogged my comments at two blogs including:
(also at:

In thinking further on the extent of the family's transition at that time (half a decade or so ago and that you concisely stated as "So close, and yet so far!") as well as the state of awareness that appears to still predominate the American culture as a whole I do appreciate the shift that's presented here! I also have increased appreciation for the Weston A. Price Foundation and the mission here providing vital support to all people and especially the role that local chapters can fulfill in virtually every community (except when it apparently gets too rural).

December 31, 2015 -

Twenty-four hours ago I learned that Sally Fallon Morell's farm[2] is listed with the Raw Milk Institute.[3]

I asked her if she ships any of their products. and she replied: "We do ship whole wheels of cheese--you can see everything on our website."[4]
(Almost makes me wish that I lived there. ; ~ )

November 20, 2016 -

Just posted this comment at "Your Enchanted Gardener" Blog:

I like the idea to "Upgrade the Organic Garden at the White House to one with Biodynamic Soil".

Maybe Sally Fallon Morell would be willing to contribute some cow manure from her farm:

Ideally a Biodynamic apprentice could volunteer burying some cow horns (with the manure) right in the garden! This would be the perfect time to bury the horns and then dig them up in the Spring! That act alone could validate this election!

You have connections in the Biodynamic community. How about asking to be referred to BD people on the East Coast?









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