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Psyche & Health Resources and Related Links   9 y  
Information for understanding the nature of shock conflicts and especially natural ways toward resolution.
Since June 27, 2015 - Ongoing searches inspire this location that is devoted to ”Resources and Related Links” pertinent to Psyche and Health and especially toward a better understanding of the psyche and the extent of it’s ”oneness” with the body. - *** February 16, 2020 - Know that All Healing Is Self-healing - ”We live in a global culture with such a skewed view of what healing actually is that this point needs to be highlighted. Although healing often includes alleviating or eliminating symptoms, healing (wholing) must not be confused with simple curing. Whereas curing is ...   read more

Biological Special Programs of Nature   9 y  
It is not a psychological conflict, it’s a biological conflict!
January 3, 2019 - Origin of The ”New Medicine” - Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s journey of discovery began one evening, after he received a telephone call that was to change his life forever. He was informed that his 17 year-old son, Dirk, had been accidently shot. Dr.Hamer was devastated and heartbroken. His son passed away three months later in 1978. In spite of the fact that Dr.Hamer had always been healthy, he immediately developed Testicular Cancer. Dr. Hamer was extremely puzzled by this and began his research to see if there was a connection between the unanticipated trauma that h ...   read more

Psyche & Environment   9 y  
A proposed foundation upon which we can build "psyche & health".
November 26, 2017 - ”... Machines and satellites programmed whole environments in the industrial age and then the TV age. Then with digitalization and miniaturization people began to program themselves like machines. Hence chipped drugs. People are compulsively exercising, medicating, dieting, piercing, and having surgery, to retrieve their lost chemical bodies. They are merging with the technology that caused them to ‘disappear’.”[17] According to Dr. Carolyn Dean the ”chemical body” and the ”digital chip body” are two of the four main bodies that we mostly operate with nowadays. Th ...   read more

Mission: Translate Master-Key Case Study German-to-English   9 y  
Searching for the light on "The Mystery of the Fatal Illness of Rudolf Steiner"
July 7, 2018 - Update - 3 years later! - Just posted an inquiry at the Anthropopper blog announcing my interest to have this ”case study” translated into English. The subject of Steiner’s fatal illness appeared in the thread there and I naturally had to respond with my inquiry. - *** July 11, 2018 - More Reason To Get The Translation! - ”... Steiner exhorted members to ’Please be aware that the simple measure of expelling someone will never accomplish anything. Expulsion cannot resolve any concern of the Society.’ He himself recognized that the 1915 episode was expressive of ...   read more

"The Fantastic and The Irrational"   9 y  
All part of life in a Biverse!
This blog began with an introduction to the ”new medicine” that is based on the findings of Dr. Hamer (who was somewhat compelled to name the new medicine: ”German New Medicine”). I’ve encountered others who had expressed strong resistance to this and consequently rejected the possibility of considering the validity of German New Medicine, based on their misinformation that they had found circulating online. My experience in this regards inspired me to do some independent thinking. Subsequently and in dialogues with Dr. Chris Lowthert (DC) we ”coined” the phrase ”Psyche & Health”, a phrase ...   read more

Psyche & Cosmos   9 y  
Bridging the "impossible" gap between the individual's psyche and the Cosmos.
December 21, 2023 - ”Modern Science & Psychology Today” - Hans Stossel (1959) expresses man’s modern need in this way: It is essential today to come to a deeper, spiritual, cosmic understanding, and that this alone is the necessity of our age and the need of this century should be revelation. This should be a time when man stands with a greater knowledge (not only a belief) of how to be at one with the universe. Einstein (1954) talked about the ”mystical” experience of ”feeling of true understanding: insight and the ”religious” feeling of true understanding: The most beautiful and ...   read more

The Healing Phase   9 y  
The use of therapeutic dyads in support of the resolution process.
January 18, 2018 - Evidence of Resolution of Conflict - Colds And Flus - by Carolyn Dean MD ND - The Doctor of the Future® ”... In natural medicine we think of colds and flu as the body’s way of eliminating mucus. In Total Biology, colds and flu are evidence of resolution of conflict. ...”[2] - *** May 15, 2015 - My attraction to the ”New Medicine” is a natural extension of my healer function. The ”healing phase” referred to in German New Medicine begins with the resolution of the shock-conflict that originally launched the individual’s particular biological program. There ...   read more

Contemplations for Your Psyche & Health   9 y  
Psyche and the superconscious plus teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.
September 25, 2018 - Building Your Resilience to Withstand ”Great Shocks” and Quickly Regain Your Balance! - Psychic endurance is a very precious quality you must try to acquire by learning to work on the cells of your body. Start with the food you eat. Choose the simplest and healthiest food, and as you eat, train yourself to draw from it, through thought, the purest and most vital elements that will give your cells suppleness and strength. You will have noticed that some people who have received a great shock rapidly regain their balance, whereas others find it more difficult to recov ...   read more

Liquid Mirror   9 y  
"... an illustrated, experiential journey into the labyrinth of your soul all the way to your center – the stream of pure consciousness."
Take pro-active responsibility for your psyche and thereby for the very foundations of your health as well. ”Embark upon the path of proactive self-healing – before life reflects your wounds as dysfunctional relationships, disease, addiction and depression.”[1] - *** February 27, 2018 - The Personal Journey of Auroa Juliana Ariel, PhD. - “...The brilliance of having gone through a series of devastations was that I discovered a way not only to bring myself from upset to peace very quickly, but to also take the next step in actually reprogramming the subconscious patterns that w ...   read more

Artistic Creation for "Psyche & Health" & More!   9 y  
Building a "platform" to authentically connect with others with my "Cheeta".
Moments ago I listened to a presentation by Suzanne Monroe - the Founder and CEO of the International Association of Wellness Professionals - See more at: While watching the video presentation I got substantially inspired about creating my own unique ”platform”! I now realize that creating and sharing my art and music can be a foundation for what Suzanne indicated as an ongoing building of one’s new platform. It is with the platform that I can share my unique message! My art and music h ...   read more

Your Physical Foundations For A Healthy Psyche   10 y  
Eight decades ago Weston Price established the essential necessity for nourishing your psyche. In this current decade Richard Rudd has extended the insights to the physical foundation.
January 24, 2020 - ”... both the body and mind are one, indivisible structure. Continuing with this line of thought, all diseases whether of the mind or of the physical body must be treated as if they have both been effected.”[4] - *** December 30, 2014 - I wish to include the findings of Dr. Weston A. Price as they regard ”psyche and health”. Weston A. Price, DDS is author of ”Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” published by Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation which is also the cornerstone for ”The Weston A. Price Foundation” (of which I’ve been a member of since its first y ...   read more

Happy Thanksgiving For Your Psyche & Gut Health!   10 y  
Food for thought - nourishing our psyche at a gut level.
The term psyche is seen “… as also including other parts of our body” in addition to what this author says is ”the totality of the human mind, conscious, subconscious and unconscious (there is memory in our limbs, organs and especially in our guts)…”.: Ritual - The Magical Perspective -Efficacy and the search for the inner fire - By Luc Sala, November 2013: The psyche includes the gut! In knowing this - I choose to only eat in peace. It’s in my Human Design. It is very rare that I go out to eat for many reasons and one of ...   read more

The Kabbalistic Act   10 y  
The Depth Of The Soul: James Hillman's Vision Of Psychology - Sanford L. Drob
”For the past quarter century James Hillman has been creating a new vision of psychology, one in which psychology becomes a ’supreme discipline’ concerned not only with the psyche of humanity but the ’soul’ which is at the heart of the world.”: I appreciate ”At times it seems that for Hillman it is the disintegration of theory and dogma which is creative and interesting and not the new theories that arise in the old theories’ place.” My affinity with this here is nourishing to my soul and validating for my own path I see depicted in the Huma ...   read more

Science and Psyche   10 y  
The five biological laws of the New Medicine, Cosmic Psyche As The Unified Source Of Creation and The Great School's Study Course of Instruction.
”Natural Science is the science of the Laws of Nature which control the origin, operation and destiny of all living things. Natural Science embraces and includes all branches of science which have to do with Nature’s laws, whether they be Physical Science, Spiritual Science or Psychical (of the soul) science.”[1] In ”The Human Design System” my Defined Head Centers require the kind of lucid rational thinking that science is based on and as such the thought of a science that ”embraces ... all branches of science ...” including that of the psyche deeply appeals to my sensibilities! I h ...   read more

Psyche & Health For Everyone Who Has Breath!   10 y  
Connections between the breath, the psyche and the spirit. Something that "Jesus" must have been fully aware of.
Posted at ”Son of Truth of Self” as: From Depression to Bliss in Seven Steps! The power of the breath is by and large mostly untapped by people. Breath has so much to offer us, starting with tranquilizing the mind. In light of the previous post: One thing I am deeply convinced of is the need to care for our psyche. That is why I have also recently created this Blog: Psyche & Health. I don’t think we have to become ”psychologists” in order to care for our psyches. I do think we have to be radically honest with ourselves, tell oursel ...   read more

Be Free From the Fear of Disease   10 y  
The great freedom that can be realized with the right attitude.
April 5, 2017 - ”The very word cancer evokes such fear, that people are willing to accept the antiquated, limited options of mutilating surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation without question.”[6] - *** January 3, 2020 - ”... With a liberation from fear and panic that can only come from an understanding of the biological purpose of disease, are we able to arrive at new conclusions. This new thought model will critically challenge some very contemporary beliefs. The New Medicine reveals that disease is not caused by malfunctions but rather is initiated by a Biological Conflict and ...   read more

Welcome to "Psyche & Health"!   10 y  
An introduction to the new medicine paradigm.
July 11, 2018 - Inspired to search: ”Psyche and Health Digest” and somewhat surprised to get no results. (I wonder whether there is a need for a ”Digest” devoted to Psyche and Health.) I’m also intrigued with the dual meaning of ”digest” and especially given that a great extent of ”disease” comes by way of indigestible shock-conflict experiences. Some of these manifest in diseases of the digestive system but not all. - *** July 27, 2014 - I am all-grateful to have Dr. Christopher Lowthert (D.C. and new medicine practitioner in Virginia) as my dear friend and ”chief correspondent ...   read more

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According to ”Steps Toward Inner Peace” By: Peace Pilgrim - ”Most illness is psychologically induced.” Health in light of the all-inclusive unitary wholeness of the individual and by whatever terms one my choose to identify parts of that wholeness.… more...

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