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Date:   2/17/2005 4:08:51 PM ( 12y ago)
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hi.. i agree with the person who said it sounds like overkill...

it seems to me that the goal of improving one's health is to get to the place where you do not rely on man made substances, even ones that seem as good as Oxypowder ... instead, you get back to whole natural foods and clean water and light and air.

while the effects of Oxypowder for you sound euphoric, i would be cautious of getting 'hooked' on the effects of a pill.

of course, that's easier for me to say because Oxypowder gives me a bad constant headache and an icky feeling, so i don't really like it. i'm still going to finish the 7 day course, which i'm almost done with... hopefully this is die-off reaction and not 'overkill"

good luck

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