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Date:   4/13/2003 8:17:53 AM ( 14y ago)
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Hey, I was just wondering. Does the Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil have to be cold pressed?

Ever since getting the go ahead from my chiropractor, and reading Andreas Moritz ' book The Amazing Liver Cleanse, all my fear about doing this has vanished and I am just feeling EXCITED to start my new Liver Flushing lifestyle next weekend!

Right now I am just gearing up for the process, making sure everything is in line.

I just went out and bought some organic extra virgin (Whole Foods brand) olive oil and realized now that it doesn't actually say cold pressed anywhere on the bottle.

Damn, I was meaning to get that kind but got too caught up in making sure it was ORGANIC.

Also, I bought a supplement of Malic Acid and am curious if anyone know how much of it to take. I talked to Julie (is that her name?) from Prime Health, and she said to take 1500 mg. a day , and then I heard her say something about 7 x a day, but wasn't sure if she meant to split up the 1500 dosage into 7 or to actually take 1500 7 x a day.

Julie's a sweetheart, but sometimes it's a little tricky to understand her thick accent over the phone!!! :)

Thanks guys!

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