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Date:   3/2/2012 7:56:02 PM ( 5y ago)
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Uny, (or maybe Willowley, if you're busy?)

I printed off your response - great!

Can you tell me the what the proposed
item list would look like as it applies to the Storefront because I get confused as to what that definition is in relation to the product (do I make sense?)?

For example:

1) Dr. S. Natural Healing Crusade video (or DVD)

The whole enema think gets me wiggy. For one, in this place I live, I don't really have suitable bathtubs, so trying to figure a place where I can lay down, etc.
But yes..LONG overdue, I know..
Oh, and in regards to Liver Flushing..I'm assuming we're talking about Dr. Schulze 's versions, of course? Or is that what I'll find out more about by watching the Healing Crusade videos?
Sorry so many questions..


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