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Date:   3/2/2010 12:55:29 AM ( 7y ago)
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I've been battling HPV and the warts they cause for about 7 months now. Although who knows how long I've had to virus which I think for reasons was over a year now.

I've been "killing" the warts with hydrogen peroxide and they fall off..but then like a week later they come back. I've had many dozens of tiny ones over a year course.

I've done:
Parasite cleanse
3 colon cleanses
10 liverflushes
herbal concotion online that battles hpv
eat extremely well (weston a price/body ecology diets)
I use the zapper every other day
take 10g vitamin C

Am I missing something? The only down fall I can think is I'm in college and I do drink some beers with my friends on the weekends but my diet is superb. I mean no processed foods, sugar, dairy, wheat. I must confess I'm addicted to homemade popcorn though but I dont think thats a problem?

PLEASE HELP! I'm losing faith this will be gone.


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