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Date:   4/14/2008 2:45:55 AM ( 9y ago)
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I have read a good bit about EMF's and their effect on our body. Never had much experience personally but had an eye-opening experience recently. I was in a large Sears store decided to check out the electronics while the wife shopped. There was a long aisle with HDTV's on both sides, maybe 6 feet apart, facing each other. I was walking slowly and not stopping to check out any particular tv. Before I was in between all those sets for a full 2  minutes, I got a headache, insides trembling and a slight case of nausea. I got out of there promptly. And I was slightly dizzy for hours afterward.

I looked back and the area was enclosed in glass and there were no customers. The clerk and salesman both were at the entrance.

For the first time I am truly considering getting a device to reduce EMF's here.


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