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Re: Does ozonated oil kill adult worms as well as the eggs everywhere in the body? Please anyone who can off advice.
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          Hi realeyez and group
          Sounds like your protocol is right on the mark! Keep up the good work.

          I would like to share a great story with everyone from a former severe parasite sufferer. She posted on the parasite support forum and others as bunnyfawn but since the Curezone crash several months ago she has been unable to get into Curezone. She is now almost totally free of worms-her allergies, pain, digestive problems, skin problems and heartburn are gone. Her hair and skin shines. She is a real inspiration to me and others at Curezone. Upon speaking with her recently, she stressed the importance of colon cleansing with Hydrogen-Peroxid enemas and oral intake of H2O2. Secondly, she said that diatomaceuos earth helped her immensely. She also said that during the process that ozonted olive oil applied topically was extremely helpful in getting her worms back into the colon where they belonged so they could be killed with herbs and other treatments. However, the treatment that surprised me even though I have known of these devices for 20 years, was the use of an orgone pyramid over the affected/infested organs. She said this was singularly the best method she has used to kill worms and the one that finally helped her to rid herself of the invaders.
          I am posting her early story below. It also contains some of the protocols she used in the early stages to eliminate her worm problem. I'm afraid I did not save her later protocols and then Curezone crashed and all was lost. It's a good read anyway.

          First of all, please, excuse my writing and I will do my best so that all you can understand what, I'm trying to say.
          I will try to put all the informations together what I've done to help with scattering problems and how I got to the point why I feel that, I needed to do Liver Flush and Parasites Cleansing. Few people asked me to put everything together regarding why, I was having success with parasites cleansing and, I promissed them, I would.

          My first digester with health problem started when I was 18 months old. My mother brought me and my brother (4 months old) into orphanage (Korean Orphanage) and first thing there, we both came down with German measle. My brother did not make it through with high fever and he died. Shortly after ward, I came down with TB. Mean while, I was in process of being adopted through family in Oregon and they knew, I had TB. USA government allowed me to be adopted ONLY under condition, I needed to be hospitalized soon arrived to USA. At 2 1/2, I came over and went straight to Sanitarium in California and I was there for 8 months. While there, I was given all kinds of medications... who knows what!!! Antibiotic was one of them.
          Once, I was release, I went to my new family, well, it didn't work out so well there. My X-adopted family was very disappointed in me due to many health problems I had. She had bagged Orphanage to take me back few times and they tried to talked to her about giving some times, but, she wanted no part of it. One summer afternoon, when I was 4/12 years old, she tried to drowning me in the tub filled with water in the bathroom. Her sister happened to come by, she came in the house and didn't see her sister (witch she was outside in the back yard) and she heard water nose in the bathroom and she found me in the tub face down not breathing. She wrapped me up and rush me to hospital which was 1 1/2 block away. I was in the coma for 4 months from lack of oxygen and they did not know how badly my brain was damaged. Dr's contacted orphanage people and told them, they needed to make another arrangement for me before I was released from hospital. Arrangement was... I was sent back to Korea and back into orphanage. I spent next 9 years there until, I got 2nd chance!
          At 14, I was adopted again, they also adopted 18 other children's and had two of their own natural children. At 19, I came down with lung infection and was put on Antibiotic and every since, my health started to go down hill from there. I had sinus problems, bronchoties, bladder infections, allergies... each passing year, it gets worst and worst... antibiotic one after another!!! By the time, I hit 30, I was having major bowl problems... constipations!!! I went to dr's after dr's trying to figure out what was wrong with me... Next thing I know, one by one, they were removing body parts... first, it was gallbladder then, total hystrorectomy and tonsoles, I had 3 (both eyes) surgeries, 3 sinus surgeries and 8 back surgeries!!! All those ANTIBIOTICS and lots and lots of toxic medications!
          At 36, my body was shutting down from over loaded TOXIC... major auto immuno deases set in. I went from 132lbs (maybe 128lbs) to 97lbs!!! I woke up on March 22, 19991, at 3:30am with major cramps and when I went to bathroom, I was going nothing BLOOD!!! I was very, very sick!!! Embelance rushed me to hospital and I was there for 4 days having every test known to man and they couldn't find anything WRONG with me!!! But, I was dying!!! After 4 days, I checked myself out of the hospital under dr's protest and they were very angry with me and told me I would DIE if I left!
          When I got home, I searched through yellow pages and found a Natural Dr. who was willing to take me in ASAP! I saw him that same afternoon and talked with him for 4 hours... Amazing, he knew exactly what was wrong with me! Can you believe this? He toled me, I had sever case of Auto Immuno due to toxic overload! I was still bleeding from rectum and he told me, that needed to stop ASAP. He gave me HUGE bottles of COLOSTRUM power and capsules. He toled me, I needed to take 1 tablespoon full of power and 6 capsules of capsules 3x's per day and also, cabbage juice 3x's per day. He gave me liquid vitamins, trace minerals and whole leaf Aloe Vera concentrate.
          He also toled me... throw out everything that is NONE organic and I MUST eat every organic this day forward until my body is healed enough. Slowly, I started to get well enough to do 6 colonic... colonic was my life saver! It took 18 months gain all the weights I lost and really start to feel well. After almost 16 years later, I feel like I was stuck at 70% and I didn't know why, I still had allergies, ashma and getting lot of joint pains, candida and upper digestion problems.

          Early part of Dec, 2006... I was was on internet looking for products for joints when, I came across "Curezone" I couldn't believe what I was reading... lots of wonderful health informations! From there on, I spent, hours and hours of reading. I knew after few weeks of reading, my problems were related to PARASITES and I also needed to do liver flush!!! So, I made New Years resolution I was going to do Liver Flush and parasites cleansing! ;-) I went out and bought all the stuff that I needed for parasites cleansing and liver flushing. First two weeks, I started with parasites cleansing and went very well. Removed lots and lots lavas, eggs, liver flukes and some worms... I was like, WOW, this is great and so easy! So, on the 3rd week, I did the Liver flush and that also went extremtly well too... I got around 2000 (mostly small ones) stones out! Mean while, I am still taking parasites cleansing products and continue doing liver flush. #2 liver flush went even better then the first... OMG, all the stones (some were very large) and junks came out the liver, it was gross!
          So far so good... I now added CO purged for the upper digestion problems and Candida. CO purge really worked well, it got rid of Candida and upper and lower digestion problems it took 3 purge to noticed the huge changes and I can hostly say...problem has been cured in that area! So far so good... I am now into 10th weeks of parasites and ready for mop ups. I did two rounds of CQ10 3000mg. I did first round and did the 2nd rounds 5 days later, in between, I took 400mg each day before next round.
          I ordered 2 large bottles of OOO from Ozoneman bought L-Csyteine.

          I am now doing #3 liver flush... I have stuck stone, I am now in pains!!! I needed to do another one right away, I waited 5 days before doing #4 liver flush, HUGE STONE came out!!! Shocker... this one was 3/4" round and 2 1/2 long!

          Week 11, I am doing 000/L-cystenine mop up... Taking 3 table spoon OOO/ 2 - 3x's per day L-Cysteine with peppermint tea.

          I noticed few days after the #4 liver flush, my liver started hurting badly and worms were bitting hard and the liver bile stop flowing. BLOCKED liver and worms made them self a home by scattering there!!! Worms also was in my spleen and pancreat. OUCH! This went on for almost weeks, mean while, I was getting sicker and sicker each passing days. Saturday March 3rd, I started to run slight fever, chill and getting sicker. March 6, my liver was in extreme pains and it felt very warm there. That evening, I did the 1/2 teaspoon Iodine enema with 1 tablespoon ES before going to bed. It did get somethings out of the liver, however, it wasn't usual liver purge I would normally get from doing Iodine enema. I drank peppermint tea and took 10 drops of Oraganol oil before going to bed. Next morning, I was still very sick and now, getting weaker. I went to bathroom 1/2 hour, there it comes 1"x1" triangle piece LIVER!!!! OMG... worm took a chunk out of my liver! I was shocked, first I thought, it was a huge stone... I took it out of the toilet to inspect and long and behold, it was a piece of liver... yellow biles were still oozing. For the next 45 minutes, my liver was bubbling and making lot of noses and then suddenly, I had to hit the bathroom... LIVER DUMP!!! What a relief this was, after an hour, I felt so much better.
          I needed to do something about scatter worms... I got on the Curezone and start going over the old post wanting to find something that might help with scatter problems. Whala... I came across many discussion pineapple/pumpkin seeds and bromelain, how people were talking about it help destroy the worms. I also came across herb India herb with link. This link is where I learned about taking something very sweet 1/2 - 1 hour then take parasites cleansing.
          My thought was, what if, take something very sweet first and wait 45 minutes later, take "fennel (put worms to sleep)" and then drink pineapple juice with parasites cleans and bamelain! Behold... it worked!!! This was best protocols I'd ever tried that worked and especially for scatter worms... it helps bring them back into digestion area! To force the scatter worms, rubbing OOO oils in the organs they had scattered to and this worked really well... they were getting the hell out there!
          I did 3 days of eating nothing but pumpkin seeds and pineapple. This was huge success getting the worms out! Less and less worms movement with each passing days!

          Here is my protocols now... This had been the most successful protocols after the mop ups and scatter problems for me.

          1)Iodoral 1 - 2x's per day for two weeks. I am now using Lugol Iodine (8 drops 2x's per day) which seems to work better for me at this present time. I am extremely deficit of Iodine after doing the paint test. My heart was racing fast before I started on Iodine and it's getting much better now since, I switched to Lugol.

          2) One big spoon full of Jelly, 40 minutes later... I take, 4 Fennel (put the worms to sleep) and wait 5 to 10 minutes later...

          3)Para Cleanse from India. I take it with Pineapple juice (I put 1/2 pineapple in the blander) and 4 bromelaine.

          5) Handful of pumpkin seeds with each meal.

          6) I rub OOO oils... liver, spleen, pancreat and face.

          7) I use 1/2 teaspoon Iodine and ES salt (1 tablesoon) in the enema when I need it to flush worms and unplug the liver. I also do coffee enema with ES salt twice a week in the morning.

          8) Anti Vibac-XS... I just added this to my protocols. My immuno is shot from all the cleansing, purges, parasites blockage of liver and flushing, I'm taking this to help boost my immuno.

          9) Colon cleanse... I use, 1 - CleanseMore by Renew life and 1 - Cascasra Sagrada with 12 oz water with apple vinegar cider.

          I going to win this battle with worms... it's a war between me and worms!!! I feel that, I have already success with parasites cleansing by eliminating so many of them and I feel less and less movement going on in the colon, they are no longer in the liver, pancreat, spleen and I don't no longer have GAS problems!!! ;-)

          Liver Flush and CO purge is on hold at the moment as, I want to focus on parasites cleansing.

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