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PLEASE Curezone people I NEED YOUR HELP!!
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     Date: 1/15/2007 5:09:27 PM   ( 9y ago )   Hits:   8560
    The medical community can not help at the curezone are my only hope! I am coming to you with one of the hardest things to cure....VIRUS and not only that but with a RIDDLE to solve as well. But I know if anyone on earth can do is the people I have seen on this website.

    For years I have been penpals with an extraordinary girl who lives in Asia. She has been through many hardships over the years, including the death of ALL her family members, making her into an orphan. Most of these deaths were the result of medical mistakes because of the poor medical care in her country. She has just entered medical school at 20 years old after beating so many odds it would take pages and pages to tell you. I mean this girl could be our next Marie Curie, Hulda Clark , you name it...and this world needs her! She is simply brilliant and a fighter. The girl is only 20 and she can speak english like an American and let me tell you...I also am learning her language and have been to her country and I have never seen anyone (not even those learning english for 20 years) speak as well as she does...she is seriously a genius. As she has gotten into the medical program she finds that she stays up all night to study 500 page medical texts but for the first time in her life does NOT get the highest grade in the class or school. Then she finds out why: The other students BUY the test results in advance so that they will get 100% on the test. She feels very angry and discouraged because the only reason she went into the medical field was to be a better doctor than the ones who killed her family with VERY EXPENSIVE treatments and medications they did not need all for the money. Now she gets here and sees that the people who will get the degrees know NOTHING because they cheat on the tests. Sorry for all the background...but I want you to understand the whole situation. I love this girl like a sister and we need someone like her who is hellbent on changing the medical industry away from just wanting our money to actually wanting to help us! I have a male friend who is going to marry her so she can come to America. She is going to live with me and I am going to teach her as much natural medicine as I can (I have almost finished a book about it which she wants to translate into her language for her country). However, a new issue has popped up and it is one thing I just never researched in all my health curezone....what you can you for this sweet brilliant young girl?

    She told me that she wanted to be honest with me 100% and that at 15 years old, she went in to the doctor for a simple blood test through her school (she felt fine) and they told her she had HEPATITIS B. They also found that her mother had it. Her other family had died already but from seemingly unrelated problems...she had never heard anything about HEPATITIS up until that point. Her dad had Parkinson's, her grandpa had pneumonia, grama kidney failure...and so on. (and her grandparents were both 80 when they died so their longevity was normal for where they live) And remember, these are very poor people that live in conditions most of us cannot imagine. Well, I know that Hepatitis B can be passed from mother to child and that is what my guess is. She is a virgin and of course has never done drugs. She said she never had any symptoms of hepatitis like jaundice, vomiting, fever, stomach pain etc. She has always felt perfectly fine. Now I know that you can have one of 3 things happen with hepatitis B -
    1) you fight it off and are cured with immunity for life
    2) you do not have symptoms but become a carrier of the disease
    3) you have chronic hepatitis that recurs until you die from liver failure.

    I think we can rule out #3 --plus from what I have read 90% of kids who get it from their mother at birth are #2's....carriers. In some ways, this is the worst option because not only can she transmit the disease forever but she can STILL get liver cancer and cirrhosis! I would like to hope she was #1 but could we be that lucky? Usually #1's do have symptoms THEN are cured but who knows? She could've gotten it as a young child and not remember.... but it is my assumption that she is a carrier because why at 15 years old is she still testing positive for it if she cured it? however she cannot get any further tests while in her country and this is all the information I can get to you. She also took 3 months of daily pills at 15 years old (even though she had no symptoms - doctors are SO STUPID!) they forced her until she refused to continue after 3 months... 8 pills a day she said and she did not know why. She knows nothing more about her illness except that doctors told her it would progress into liver cancer and she would die soon. (However, they never did any tests on her liver, just stated this after a positive hepatitis result on a blood test). They also made her think the disease is not only terminal but rare and in ASIA many many people have hepatitis B!

    So where do I go from here? If I bring her to live with me and she is a carrier, from what I have read - anyone living in close contact even without sex or blood contact is at risk. Saliva, germs, sneezing...etc can all pass this. She already wants to stay a virgin for life and not have children because of this disease. :-P I do NOT want to sound selfish like I only worry about myself because this girl is honestly like my sister and I know she could have opportunity in america that she just can't have in her country. Someone so brilliant must be given opportunity...who knows what she can do? But I live with other people also and I must be realistic about the risk of someone with hepatitis b living with us. I have discussed natural medicine with her: Parasites, Liver Cleanse, Fasting...and while she has NEVER heard of these things and they go against everything her medical establishment teaches she is NOT scared and she believes in it and says she will do whatever I say to both learn and heal herself. This is a tough little angel. So I come to you good people wondering this: Once my friend marries her, it takes 6 months -1 year for the paperwork for her to come out here.
    1) How can I find out if she is a carrier of this disease? And if she is, should I just take my chances with her living with me? I know too much about natural medicine to EVER get injected with a vaccine.

    2) What can she do for the next 6 months -1 year to prep herself for america? I can send her pills and suppliments but her foods she has are limited and I do not know if the people she lives with now will allow anything too obvious (like fasting).

    3) is there a way to just flat out RID HER BODY of hepatitis B whether she is a carrier, chronic or not? Can liver damage, cirrohis be cured?

    4) In your opinion, personally, what do you think I should do about this? Would you not be afraid of having her come live in close quarters with yourself and your family? It is ridiculous to say we would not exchange fluids, drink off each others drink, touch each others germs etc when living and eating together daily!

    I honestly believe she has been brought to me as a test from God. Because I have helped people cure the most advanced stages of cancer, diabetes, obesity, acne, hairloss, name it, but VIRUS is one I just have not studied as I should.... if we can cure VIRUS we can cure ANYTHING! So please if you know anything about Hepatitis B or even just natural cures for things like this...please email me or post her. PLEASE SPEAK UP! This world needs a fighter like her and if this is the hurdle we must get her past so she can bring more learning to our suffering sick world: SO BE IT.

    Thank you so much everyone and God bless you...I know we can do it!
    Christine D.
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