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    New Surveys: Master Cleanse and Oil Pulling

    Issue 177:
    Science Project: Dyeing to Know the Answer

    Eight months ago, I published my story, an attempt to find out what those green "stones" are. Actually, the whole story started 4 years ago when Andy suggested to dye flush ingredients in order to find out if oil, juice, water and Epsom Salt are actually producing stones inside our body. The subject of his message was: "Dyeing to Know the Answer". The idea was great, and there were several attempts. Several people tried using beetroot juice. Their results: green stones.

    I also tried dyeing my oil/juice mixture with fresh red beet juice, but I got green stones in the end.

    My attempt to make oil and juice black using charcoal, did not succeed. Green stones again. Possible reason: charcoal didn't want to dissolve in oil? Or, oil never took a part in creating stones.

    The only way to be 100% sure that oil is not one of the ingredients in those green stones would be if we could dye oil with some oil soluble dye.Click To View:  Synthetic Food Dyes, Red, Yellow and Green Unfortunately, finding oil soluble dye seems to be far more difficult then I thought at first.

    But, I did not give up my search. Eight months have passed since my last liver flush, it is time to flush again. I found food colorings in one of my local grocery stores. Ingredients? Not perfect. Synthetic azo food dyes.

    E124 (Ponceau 4R) and E102 (Tartrazine).
    Click To View:  Food Dye Ingredients: Table salt,  E124 (Ponceau 4R) and E102 (Tartrazine)
    Tartrazine appears to cause the most allergic and/or intolerance reactions of all the azo dyes, particularly amongst those with an aspirin intolerance and asthmatics. Other reactions canClick To View:  Blueberry juice without sugar include migraine, blurred vision, itching, rhinitis and purple skin patches
    Ponceau 4R too appears to cause allergic and/or intolerance reactions particularly amongst those with an aspirin intolerance or asthmatics. Also carcinogen in animals. Not recommended for consumption by children.
    Well, the word is not perfect. I can't expect to find the perfect natural dye. Science sometimes requires sacrifice. I decided to use synthetic dyes anyway, but not too much of it. Considering that these synthetic dyes could possibly cause some unpleasant symptoms if consumed in excess, I decided to also use some other natural colorings. Red pepper powdered, and dark red blueberry juice.

    Click To View:  Epsom Salt dyed with red pepper powderSo, I have 3 different dyeing agents, and all 3 of them are different shades of red.

    Will that be enough to dye my stones?

    The first dose of Epsom Salt, at 6 PM, was not dyed. Just water and Epsom salt.

    The second dose, at 8PM, was dyed with red pepper powder. It actually tasted better then pure Epsom salt. I may try the same combination next time. Nice taste, and nice smell of red pepper.

    Now, time was ripe to test if those dyes are oil soluble. I poured oil into a white plate and tried to mix it with synthetic dyes.


    Olive oil inside plate Adding dye powder into the oil mixing oil and red dye Olive oil + Red dye + Blueberry juice

    Dye was not oil soluble, but it was coloring oil, nevertheless.

    Grapefruit juice, freshly pressed Grapefruit juice, freshly pressed, mixed with oil + red dye + dark red blueberry juice Click To View:  After plate was emptied int my glass, it was still very much red.
    Now, I decided to add some grapefruit juice into the same plate to see what happens with oil and with the dye.
    It looked good. Not perfect, but good enough.

    Click To View:  Extra Vigin Olive Oil, Trasimeno, Italian Click To View:  Mixing olive oil with grapefruit juice Click To View:  mixing olive oil with grapefruit juice Click To View:  Olive oil and grapefruit juce blended together.
    This is the color of olive oil and grapefruit juice, when blended together. Not really green, but not red enough.

    Slowly, I was adding more and more dye, and also adding more blueberry juice, until the mixture became dark red. Now, I was satisfied.

    Click To View:  Oil and grapefruit juice blended with food dye Click To View:  Oil and grapefruit juice blended with food dye Click To View:  Oil and grapefruit juice blended with food dye Click To View:  Oil and grapefruit juice blended with food dye

    I must admit that the taste of this mixture was not nice. Far from being nice. This artificial dye had a lot of table salt added, which made my juice taste salty. Anyway, I was happy with the color, and did not care so much about the taste. You know about the science and sacrifice.

    I went to sleep late, around 1 AM. Have been spending a lot of time lately on another science project, The Liver Flush Survey.

    Click To View:  Epsom Salt mixed with water, dyed with blueberry juice, dark redThe next morning, it was beautiful sunny day. Around 7AM, I had my third and fourth cup with Epsom Salt. Together at the same time. The faster you drink the morning dose of Epsom salt, the faster it comes out. I was very curios about what the results were going to be, so I wanted to get results as fast as possible.

    So, this glass of water dyed with blueberry juice contained 2 tbsp of Epsom salt. That is a good recipe for getting things quickly out. The higher the concentration of Epsom Salt in water, the faster it will be carried out by intestines.

    The first visit to the bathroom was at 7:44 AM.

    And then about every 10 to 15 min.

    Click on the images to see the larger image.

    Click To View:  BM collected into colander. Click To View:  BM collected into colander. Click To View:  BM collected into colander. Click To View:  The first stone collected

    As you can see from these images, there is absolutely no trace of anything RED.

    Click To View:  The first stone collected Click To View:  BM collected into colander. Click To View:  BM collected into colander. Click To View:  BM collected into colander.

    Nothing is RED. What happened with all the red dyes I swallowed? My digestion took care of it?

    Click To View:  First stones collected

    I don't know. It looks like, after all, dyes that I used have not survived my digestion. I was hoping to see something red inside colander. I was hoping to see anything red, at least some red liquid. But, everything was dark green. No sign of any red coloring.

    What if all of my red dyes changed color into dark green after the contact with digestive juices? I think this is the most logical explanation. Or, do you have some other explanation?


    Here are the individual "stones" collected.

    Click To View:  This giant stone is only about one half of an inch across. Click To View:  Cut stones, looking for any trace of red dye
    Click To View:  Several stones, all smaller then half inch Click To View:  Cut stones, looking for any trace of red dye Click To View:  Cut stones, looking for any trace of red dye

    As you can see, absolutely no trace of any dye. You can also see the larger images, if you click on each smaller image.

    At this time, it looked like all my dyes disappeared. Vanished. After all the work done, no trace of any red dye.

    I tried to squeeze some stones looking for any traces:

    Nothing. Everything was green, both inside and outside.

    Then, I left the stones outside on the sun. Stones started drying and getting darker.

    And slowly, a shade of red color started appearing.

    This was a definite proof that dye actually found it's way into my stone. If dye actually found it's way into my stone, that can mean only one thing. My stones were formed during the night. Something that I have been drinking reacted with bile and formed stones.

    Here is a definite proof:

    Traces of red dye visible inside cut stone. Proof that stone was, after all, formed overnight.

    This photo was taken on Jun 13th. It is an image of a cut stone. Stone was about 12mm across, but this image is enlarged to show the read color. Red color that I have never seen before inside my stones.

    I left the "stones" outside, in the sun, for the next 24 hours.

    Then I took a photo of whatever was left of them:

    Melted stones on the white paper. Traces of red dye visible. Melted stones on the white paper. Traces of red dye visible. Melted stones on the white paper. Traces of red dye visible. Images taken on June 14th.

    "Stones" dissolved, liquefied, and became oily liquid. On the white paper, you can see what is left of them. You can also see the larger images, if you click on.

    This is a definite proof that my "stones" were not stones, but were some mixture of oil, bile and other digestive juice.

    I was wrong, believing that they are coming from my liver. Yes, some part of them, bile, came from the liver. Another part, came from Italy, produced from olives.

    Does this means that I was fooled? Does this means that liver flush can not be used to flush out gallstones?

    No. My grandmother expelled several calcified gallstones, and never had a gallstone attack again. In her case, the flush "produced" the real stones. But in my case, flush never produced anything hard. I was never diagnosed with gallstones.

    But, I did have a lot of problems with digesting milk products, meat and eggs. I had a lot of intestinal gas. My energy level was also fairly low. My hands and my feet were often cold. Many symptoms of mild hypothyroidism.
    All of those symptoms disappeared after 7 to 9liver flushes. Nothing else changed during that time.

    What about other people? What are their stones? I don't know. They will have to dye to find the answer.

    What if my personal experience was just a coincidence. What if my problems disappeared on their own? What if I assumed that it was flush, but it was something else? No way. A the same time while I was flushing, my mother was flushing too. After about 6 flushes done every 2 weeks, she cured her frozen shoulder. She could hardly move her right hand, it was so painful. She was suffering from it for months. She also had some eczema on her right hand. She had it for more then 10 years. Skin would become dry and would start cracking. She was using different creams and oils for years. It would get worse if she would wash dishes by hand. That problem disappeared too, and never came back.

    So, do we know anything about the liver flush? We know a lot. If it was all just a coincidence, I can assure one thing: It is a hell a lot of coincidences associated with liver flush. So many that I would suggest to everybody to flush their liver, get some benefits from all those coincidences.

    Some answers can also be found inside data collected through The Liver Flush Survey

    Her are some interesting statistics:

    People suffering from gallstones attacks were told not to consume fat, if they want to avoid gallstones attacks. But, large amount of fat (olive oil) cured 50% of them! No medical doctor told them that little detail.

    I can go like this on and on. If you would like to learn how to filter survey data, click here.


    New Surveys: Master Cleanse and Oil Pulling

    several other surveys are under construction

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