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    ABALONE Confidence Spirituality Heart, Muscles, Digestion

    ACTINOLITE Responsibility Industry Inflammations, Liver

    ADVENTURINE- (light to dark shades of green) Comforter and supporter- balancer. Works on heart chakra for emotional, balance, and love energy. Pure green is a healing energy.

    AGATE - (brown, red, earth tones) Blending and Binding of energies for strength and protection. Organizational qualities, very simplistic causing a stabilizing effect. Balancing, emotions, stability, childbirth, menstrual cramps and teething. Darker shades are used for grounding to the earth plane and balancing root chakra. Health aids are binding energies for physical endurance.

    AGATE SLICE Agate is composed primarily of microscopically crystallized silica (SiO2) and often occurs as a cavity filling in lava’s. Agate is formed in layers and usually follows the shape of the cavity. These specimens are sawed and polished slices of agate that filled cavities in basaltic rock or lava. Some agate slices are treated with compounds and heated to give them brilliant blue, green, and red colors Origin: Brazil

    ALBITE see Moonstone

    ALEXANDRITE-Alexandrite, which alternates with pearl as the birthstone for June is particularly interesting because of its color change (green, blue, and violet). The more poetic writers have referred to it as “an emerald by day and a ruby by night”. Alexandrie received its name because it was supposedly discovered on the birthday of Alexander II Czar of Russia in 1830.

    Because of its rarity, the value of this gemstone is incredibly high. Most of the larger gems are held in safekeeping in the Smithsonian Institute. The rarity and costliness of alexandrite have led to the production of lab created alexandrite which posses virtually the same physical and optical properties as its natural counterpart, including a hardness of 8.5 on the Moh’s scale, making it an extremely durable stone.

    The lab created alexandrite should be cleaned professionally by a jeweler. If home cleaning is necessary, use jewelry cleaner or lukewarm water with a mild soapy solution. To maintain you gem’s brilliance, clean with a small soft bristled brush, especially on the back where dirt collects.

    Stimulates happiness and pleasant surprises, good fortune and success in speculative matters. It is good for emotional balance.

    ALLOPHANE- Balance Sociability Glands, Eyes

    ALMANDINE- Affection Inspiration Heart, Eyes

    AMAZONITE- (blue-green, translucent white, pink, and blue) Relating to the skeletal part of the body, spasms, soothing to the nervous system, strengthens physical stamina. Helps perfect personal expression and verbalizing. Skeletal and calcium metabolism.

    ANDRADITE- Silicate of calcium and iron, belonging to the garnet group. It is named after a Portuguese mineralogist, J.B. D’Andrada.

    Appearance of Andradite occurs in crystals in the form of a rhombic dodecahedron, like all garnets, or in convex aggregates of crystals, whose color varies with slight variations in the stone’s composition, and which therefore have different names. The black variety is called melanite; the honey yellow variety topazolite; the green one, demantoid. It can also be blackish brown or blackish red. The crystals may be transparent, semi-opaque, opaque, and often have good luster.

    It is found in metamorphosed limestone and, rarely, in certain intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks. The topazolite and demantoid varieties are found in serpentines, often together with asbestos.

    Occurrence of the Andradite is mainly found in alluvium in the Soviet Union and the United States, but also in Norway and Germany.

    ANDRADITE- Silicate of calcium and iron, belonging to the garnet group. It is named after a Portuguese mineralogist, J.B. D’Andrada.

    Appearance of Andradite occurs in crystals in the form of a rhombic dodecahedron, like all garnets, or in convex aggregates of crystals, whose color varies with slight variations in the stone’s composition, and which therefore have different names. The black variety is called melanite; the honey yellow variety topazolite; the green one, demantoid. It can also be blackish brown or blackish red. The crystals may be transparent, semi-opaque, opaque, and often have good luster.

    It is found in metamorphosed limestone and, rarely, in certain intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks. The topazolite and demantoid varieties are found in serpentines, often together with asbestos.

    Occurrence of the Andradite is mainly found in alluvium in the Soviet Union and the United States, but also in Norway and Germany.

    AMAZONITE - Opens creativity, helps one to speak truth and communicate clearly.

    AMBER -Starting from 3000 BC, amber is the most beautiful ancient stone.

    Amber is wood tar or tree sap which over millions of years has become solid, same as oil which turns to diamond after millions of years of being under pressure. Tar sap from the certain kinds of trees becomes amber after millions years of being in water.

    Today scientists name the approximate age of the tar which turned to amber - 50-60 millions years. For them amber is most important for plants and insects which got captured by tar and have been preserved for the incredibly long time. Today pieces of amber with insects are called "inclusions" and are worth lots of money.

    Its chemical composition varies because it is a mixture of organic compounds, including succinic acid and succinic resins, originating from the polymerization of terpenes and resinous acids. Amber is a noncrystalline. The name amber has come down through French from the Arabic amber. The Romans called it succinum, as it was rightly believed to be from tree sap. Its use as an ornamental material dates from Neolithic times. It was brought to the foothills of the Alps from the Baltic coast. The distances that had to be covered to obtain it, enormous for those days, give an idea of its importance.

    Items made from amber have a great value in every part of the world. From ancient times the stone has been bringing joy and health to its owner. Clear pieces of amber sometimes have preserved plants and insects, which are millions years old.

    Color palette of amber includes almost all colors of the rainbow. Sometimes it is clear and goldish as honey, sometimes white as elephant bone, sometimes red as cherry. It also can be blue, green, black, butter, and other.

    As far back as 3000 BC rulers of Egypt used this wonderful stone in their jewelry. The history of amber is remarkable. Sometimes its value was the same as gold, sometimes as of silver, though there are known cases when amber was used for fuel.

    Amber is not only valued for its beauty and rarity, but also for its medical properties. A long time ago people noticed that carrying amber helps to cure certain diseases. Today scientists have proved the medical abilities of amber. As a consequence of staying in seawater for millions years, amber has a lot of iodium. In other words, carrying amber is similar to being at seaside.

    Amber is also a connector. It Polarizes and harmonizes past, present, and future, yin-yang, etc. It clears emotions, and is a blood purifier and works with the warm solar energies. Absorbs negative energy, helps to ground you to the earth plane, protection for the sensitive person. Health aids are purification, releasing fluids for the body; digestive track.

    There are just a few countries in the world where amber can be found. It is mainly found along the Baltic coasts of the Soviet Union and Poland, and in the Dominican Republic in the Antilles. Other European sources include Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Sicily. It is also found in the United States, Canada, and Chile; and in Burma. The most quality amber comes from the Baltic Sea. Some scientists call Baltic amber "real" because of the amount of amber acid. Baltic amber is the most precious in the world. Throughout the history amber in Lithuania is a synonym to health, wealth, sun and happiness.

    The above information was copied from Learn even more about amber at "Amber Network" Internet site.

    AMETHYST - The violet, purple to almost pink variety of quartz is called amethyst, and ancient name is derived from the Greek amethystos, meaning not drunken, as it was believed to protect those who wore it from drunkenness. It is the most highly prized variety of quartz.

    It is composed primarily of silica (SiO2)On the Moh’s scale Amethyst are a 7.0. The violet color is caused by trace amounts of ferric iron. Amethyst crystals are found in vertical, hollow gas tubes that formed in molten basalt. The gas tubes than become filled with silica-bearing solutions. This cased the amethyst to grow very slowly and line the inside walls of the gas tubes. Amethyst is a very popular semi-precious stone and is used for faceting and jewelry making. The typical color is a rich, violet-purple, often distributed in patches or bands. It can also be quiet pale, but is generally the same basic color, without any overtones. It is given both oval and drop mixed cuts, step cuts, and other types of cuts used for colored stones. Specimens of good color but with too many inclusions are cut en cabochon. Stones of 10 or so carats in weight are often found and even larger ones are not rare. Amethyst normally has good luster and transparency. Well-formed, characteristically colored groups of crystals are even used in their natural state as ornaments.

    The Greeks named the stone amethyst meaning "without drunkenness" also known as the ‘sobriety stone”, it helps break bad habits. The Greeks used it constantly to protect themselves from overindulgence with food and drink, as well as helps with spiritual awareness, dreaming, dispels nightmares, and protection.

    Occurrence the finest amethysts come (in great quantities) from Brazil and neighboring Uruguay, from the United States, Madagascar, and the Soviet Union, India, Australia, South Africa, and many other countries.

    The distribution of the color, in striking patches and bands, is characteristic. When the stones contain inclusions, a series of discontinuous, wavy parallel lines, visible with a lens, indicates that they are certainly amethyst. As with nearly all quartzes, the interference figure has a distinctive profile, which usually makes identification immediate. Amethyst can also look vaguely similar to violet cordierite, which also has a strong, distinctive pleochroism. The much rarer violet scapolite may look quiet similar, and its physical characteristics are almost the same as those of quartz. Therefore an expert can only distinguish them.

    Simulates and synthetics of the amethyst was much imitated by colored glass in the past, when it was more costly. Nowadays, despite the limited value of the natural stone, fair quantities of synthetic amethyst are produced, using the knowledge acquired in the production of synthetic quartz for technological purposes. The cost of the synthetic product is not much less than that of the natural gemstone.

    Amethyst is a spiritual stone and a transmitter of all energies. It helps repel negativity and provides some protection. It also breaks up old emotional thought processes and assists psychic opening in a grounding manner. Works on head chakras for intuitive and spiritual insight. Amethyst is the stone of peace and alliviates mental stress.

    AMETRINE- (blending of purple and yellow) Combination of amethyst and citrine. This is an exceptionally spiritual stone. Higher mental opening for meditation and inspiration which can be utilized here on the earth plane to bring more stability and order into your life. Works well with the crown chakra and solar plexus chakra. It is good to relieve headaches and depression.

    AMMONITE- There are several types of Ammonites, the largest grow past four feet across in size. These are distant relatives of the Chambered Nautilus. It looked something like an Octopus as it reached with tentacles for food traveling the ocean floor. This fossil is found embedded in stone and must be chipped, ground, and polished to revel the fossil inside.

    ANHYDRITE - Pure joy-reaching angelic kingdom

    APACHE TEARS- (translucent black) Volcanic glass. A stone of protection that prevents emotional draining from others, works as a shield against unwanted vibrations, sharpens vision, and helps with transitions. Health aids are emotional security and peace.

    AQUAMARINE - The name refers to the palish blue, light blue-green or even light green variety of beryl. The green of aquamarine is a watery green without any trace of yellow and is due to iron, not chromium, as can be seen from examination with a gemological spectroscope.

    The most valuable color is a rich, sky blue; but because the stone is pleochroic, even the blue stones have a green or greenish blue tinge in one direction. Quite large stones, ranging from several carats to more than ten or a few tens of carats, are relatively common. Many are virtually free of inclusions. The luster is vitreous and not exceptional. The most common cut is the emerald type, although mixed oval or pear-shaped cuts are not infrequent. On the Moh's scale Aquamarine is a 8.0.

    The color of this stone, combined with its particular type of pleochroism and vitreous luster, distinguishes it fairly easily from blue color, the second having a gray or violet tinge, much stronger luster and no pleochroism. As part of the normal finishing process, most of the aquamarines are heated to remove races of yellow and permanently intensifying the blue color.

    Aquamarine is imitated by blue glass, which faithfully reproduces the color, if not the pleochroism, but it is most often imitated by blue synthetic spinel, of a slightly different color, with superior luster and no pleochroism. Because of the general similarity, this is sometimes called synthetic aquamarine, although the latter, as such, is not produced. Light green or yellow-green beryl can be turned blue by heating it to a certain temperature for a certain length of time. This practice has been in use for several decades and is considered acceptable, as with zircon and sapphire.

    In ancient times, the stone was said to aid seafarers; thus it is an excellent gift suggestion for sailors or one who takes frequent cruises. To dream of aquamarine signifies the making of new friends, to wear aquamarine earrings brings love and affection. It is a universal symbol of youth, hope, and health.

    Most aquamarine comes from the pegmatites of Brazil, where crystals weighing several kilos have been found. Other deposits are in the Soviet Union, Madagascar, the United States, and recently, Afghanistan.

    Aquamarine is a calming and soothing stone. It helps clarify emotions. Excellent meditation stone. The cooling blue helps you “go with the flow”.

    AVENTURINE - The name aventurine is applied to an ornamental material consisting mainly of quartz. It is therefore described here under this heading; although it is actually a metamorphic rock, a quartzite, containing plate-like crystals of other minerals, usually green mica. It is also, improperly, called Indian jade. It should not be confused with aventurine feldspar, a red variety of albite.

    It is not normally transparent, but somewhat turbid. Sometimes the green mica plates are obvious and greatly influence color, which may be an attractive, bright green. More often, it is merely greenish off-white or grayish white. The overall appearance can be quiet similar to that of some jadeite. It is generally cut into curved pieces for necklaces or other jewels, or for use as pendants, but it is also much used for carving and figurines. Because of its heterogeneous structure, it does not easily acquire a good polish. On the Moh's scale it is a 7.0.

    The granular appearance, the possible presence of distinct green fibers, and its particular translucence are the most distinctive characteristics. Their density immediately distinguishes specimens similar to jadeite jade. It is also much more brittle than jade.

    Aventurine comes mainly from India, the Soviet Union, Brazil and Australia, but also from Germany. It is fashioned in all these countries.

    Aventurine feldspar is imitated by glass, usually in the form of a brown paste containing golden metallic fibers, hence somewhat dissimilar. Some people claim that the name aventurine was originally given to a type of Murano glass containing metallic fibers and only subsequently applied to the ornamental mineral, which looks like it. It is not manufactured synthetically. Because of its granular structure, minute discontinuities and porosity, aventurine absorbs artificial colorants quiet easily, and consequently it is sometimes given a bright green color, with a view to greatly increasing its value.

    Some of its healing qualities are Good luck, abundance, adventures in travel, healing heart & emotions, love loss, self-love.

    AZEZULITE- Elevation into the light.

    AZURITE - (blue) Aids in communication, clearing thoughts, a quality of penetration, cleanses negative mental states, insight, vision and hypnosis. Third eye, stimulates and develops intuitive abilities, actualization of psychic self eliminates worries, enhances creativity. Azurite is also said to amplify healing and meditation experiences. Reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It has soft soothing energies. On the Moh's scale Azurite is between a 3.5 and 4.0.

    AZURITE/MALACHITE - (blue and green) This azurite is a bright blue, more electric than lapis lazuli, swirled through rich green malachite. Azurite-malachite has been used to promote flexibility in thought and action.Helps to go deep within, flexibility, dispels conceit and arrogance, calms anxiety, assists with skin, bone, teeth and circulation.

    BANDED AGATE- variety of colors and patterns- The bands and stripes around agates are fro the sensitive person, like loving arms surrounding you. It instills courage and extra strength to face life’s challenges. It relives spastic discomfort.

    BERYL- on the Mohs scale Beryl is between a 7.5 and 8.0

    BISMUTH - Assists with astral and inter-dimensional travel, allows connectedness with the “all that is”, transformation, wisdom.

    BLACK OBSIDIAN- translucent black- volcanic glass. A stone of protection that prevent emotional draining from others. Works as a shield against unwanted vibrations, sharpens vision, and helps with transition. It also helps with emotional security and peace.

    BLACK TOURMALINE - translucent spike like black- this stone works as protective shield deflecting all negativity even yours. It also is known to calms, grounds, reduces anger, protection shield, draws out disease, and eases obsessions. Tourmaline does not hold any energy. It is used as a channeling device for the magnetic energy to flow through as well as a protective shield.

    BLOODSTONE or Heliotrope -(green and red) With its blood-red spots of Iron Oxide, bloodstone is considered one of the most attractive of the green jaspers. On the Moh's scale bloodstone is a 7.0.

    According to one legend about the crucifixion of Christ, blood flowing from one of his wounds splashed on to dark green jasper lying on the foot of the cross- and from this sprang bloodstone jasper. The legend lasted through the Middle Ages and beyond and various sculptors have skillfully carved the head of Christ on bloodstone so that the red flecks represent the flow of blood dripping from the wounds inflicted by his crown of thorns.

    The healing properties of bloodstone known by physicians as Lapis Sanguinarius, were employed for centuries by the native people in South America in the 1600's. "The virtue of this stone is much above that of any other gem, for it stops the flux of blood in any part. We have seen some that were troubled with the flux of Hemorrhoids who found remedy wearing rings made from bloodstone." The stone has also been known to help with Childbirth, stops bleeding, inflammations, balances emotions, grounding, neutralizes and eliminates toxins. Some of this information was taken out of the book The Healing Power of Gemstones, by Raymond J.L. Walters pages 38-39.

    Bloodstone helps stimulates flow of physical cleaning energy, purifies blood, detoxifies organs, and adds to self-confidence, and harmony. It also helps with headaches, hemorrhage, bloodshot eyes, kidneys, heart attacks and high blood pressure. It works with the root chakra for grounding.

    BLUE LACE AGATE- (light blue with bands and stripes) It gets the energy to flow in order to soften and calm the mind. Higher states of consciousness, balances psychic centers. It also soothes emotions and pain. Works well with the throat chakra. Sensitive will attune senses. It has a tranquil and relaxing energy. It can be use for depression, despair, stubbornness, and emotions.

    BLUE TOPAZ- transparent blue- Adds spiritual strength. A stone, which calms, soothes, and sedates. Brings a peaceful and natural healing state of consciousness. It is used for mental clarity and emotional healing.

    BLUE TOURMALINE (transparent spike like blue) Adds spiritual strength and knowledge to the wearer. Intensifies creativity and inspiration to the artistic or innovative person. A peaceful and natural healing stone. It helps with throat, thyroid, and speech.

    BOJI STONES - (can be dull to quite shiny) General healing and balancing to male/female yin/yang energies. Strengthens and heals holes in aura. Increases physical energy as it brings in more life forces.

    BOTSWANA AGATE - (pink and gray with bands and stripes) Agates chief component is silica (SiO2) and is from the quartz family. Agate and chalcedony are names given to microscopically crystallized variety of quartz. Chalcedony is uniformly colored but agate has curved bands or zones of different color. This agate has been tumbled and polished to show off its beautiful gray and pink colors. Origin Botswana , Africa.
    Protection, increases physical strength, enhances sexual energy, protect sensitivity at times when you are most vulnerable. It Enhances creativity and abstract thinking, stimulates and energizes crown chakra and auric body.

    CALCITE - (green and gold) Green is a mental healer, softens rigid boundaries of intellect so intuitive knowledge can come forth. Good stone to wear or carry when mental changes are occurring. It is a healing stone. Calcite in gold has he ability to stimulate highest mental faculties from crown chakra to project into creative endeavors. It also said to helps with memory, clears old patterns allowing for the new, assimilation of calcium.Blue Calcite is used in mental calming. Cobaltoan calcite is a major heart opener.Green Calcite is the workhorse healer. Orange Calcite is an energizer.

    CARNELIAN -(translucent red-orange to rust) Carnelian is a motivate, it helps you get up and go. It also stabilizes inner state, concentration and mental ability. Motivates for success. Can bring up past life information. Helpful for gall bladder and pancreas. Works on spleen chakra and female discomforts. Reproduction, sexuality, menstrual cramps, lungs, asthma, arthritis, creative visualization, stimulates emotions. Stimulates (increases) energy and appetite, physical power and courage, helps to ground you to the physical plane, practical application of ideas. On the Moh's scale carnelian is a 7.0.

    CATS EYE- (yellowish brown) Insight and perception the “all seeing third eye,” divine vision, good judgment, seeing things clearly, clarity of ideas and grounding. It helps relieve tension and spasms in the head and neck area. The cats eye is very closely related to the Tigers eye.

    CATIRON- A mixture of hematite and tiger’s eye gives this stone its iridescent appearance. Tigereye is formed when crocidolite, a very fibrous mineral, is altered by quartz (SiO2) and colored by iron oxide. Hematite (Fe2O3) is composed of iron oxide (70% Fe, 30%O) and is the most important ore of iron. This specimen has been tumbled and polished to give it a smooth and shiny surface. Origin: Brazil.

    CELESTITE - (light blue) Creates eloquence and promotes compassion for the Earth and our fellow creatures. Can be used to relieve headaches and tension, as it removes stress form the physical form. Mental activities, balance, communication, information from the “angelic realm”, astral travel, dream recall, hope, fairy stone of good fortune. Black chalcedoney is for total protection;void stone.

    CHALCEDONY - This is the name given to the microcrystalline varieties of quartz that form concretionary deposits. They have been used since time immemorial both as gems, because of their color, hardness, and ability to take a good polish, and as precious materials for the production of ornaments or small sculptures. The different combinations of colors and patterns have given rise to a specialized nomenclature that was once of great importance. The name chalcedony probably comes from Calcedon or Calchedon, an ancient port on the Sea of Marmara, in Asia Minor. Ornamental materials were mined in that area, and it was an active trading center for precious stones of various types and origins.

    The typical color is blue whitish-gray, but for ornamental purposes, the types that have been variously colored by small quantities of other elements are usually used. These colors can cover the entire mass, as with jasper, or just a few thin, successive layers, as with agate and onyx. The most highly prized colors for the concretionary varieties, which are translucent to semi-opaque, are brownish yellow, red, black, green, black-and-white or gray-and-white and yellow, red, brownish red or black for jaspers, which are semi-opaque to opaque. All varieties are cut into cabochons, engraved, or made into seal stones or rounded, polished, and pierced for necklaces and other items of jewelry. Various forms of chalcedony were used extensively in the past for bases and handles of gold items and for stone inlay work. Agate and onyx, with their consecutive layers of different colors, make excellent materials for cameos; the contrast between the different layers is used to heighten the relief. Some variegated pieces are used for the carving of multi-colored figurines similar to those made from jadeite. The most highly prized variety nowadays is chryso-prase, which is a bright green color.

    Large amounts of chalcedony come from Uruguay and the bordering regions of Brazil, but it is found in many other countries. In Germany, Idar-Oberstein is famous for agate, although the term agate apparently comes from Akhates, the Greek name for a river in Sicily where these stones were found several centuries BC. Chryso-prase comes mainly from Germany, the Soviet Union, the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

    In the past chalcedony was imitated by glass, moulded pieces even being used to simulate carved stones. It is not produced synthetically. Because chalcedony is porous, it has long been the practice to impregnate it with artificial dyestuffs, making it look like onyx, even where the original color is almost uniform. This process is facilitated because the porosity of chalcedony often varies from one layer to another, so that one layer can absorb color well, whereas the adjoining one absorbs it little or not at all. Agate has been artificially colored for so long and the procedure is so widespread that it is regarded as normal, not fraudulent, practice. Chalcedony is also colored green to simulate chryso-prase. This practice is considered fraudulent as the value of chryso-prase depends almost exclusively on color. Equally fraudulent is intensification of the color of chryso-prase by the same means.

    CHAROITE - (purple) Charoite (pronounced shar-oh-ite) is a natural deep purple opaque stone interspersed with quartz and manganese.

    Found in Eastern Lberia, Charoite is used in modern times as a symbol of universal brotherhood. “Letting go”, transmission of negativity, synthesis of heart and crown chakras, facilitates acceptance of others.

    CHLORITE - Dissipates anger & hostility, overall “healing” stone, cleanses aura, chakras and meridians

    CHRYSOCOLLA -(light green to blue) Physical activity, stimulates the mind, brings balance to fears and guilt, especially calming and relaxing for the emotions. Eases emotional heartache, balances emotions, stimulates creativity, PMS, menstrual cramps, asthma, digestion. Stabilizes by balancing the lower and higher chakras. Works on the heart and throat chakras for emotional balance and expression. On the Moh's scale Chrysocolla ranges from a 2.0 to a 4.0.

    CHRYSOCOLLA/MALACHITE - This combination is a powerful clearing stone for the heart and throat chakras. Helps in expression of all kinds, especially feelings and emotions.

    CHRYSO-PRASE -(translucent apple-green) Attainment and compassion, tranquilizing effect, unconditional love, appreciation of little things, enhances sensitivity. Balancing of Yin-Yang energies activates and opens heart chakra, compassion, connection with the trinity, helps to heal a broken heart, fidelity in business and personal affairs. Helps with the nervous system. On the Moh's scale Chryso-prase is a 7.0.

    CITRINE - (translucent yellow-orange) Provides a sense of stability, practical application of ideas, adds energy and emotional balance rational approach towards things, grounding to the here and now. Self-esteem, joy, dear thinking, activates solar plexus, “merchant’s stone” brings more cash to cash drawer. Opens solar chakra by breaking up old patterns of thoughts and habits. Promotes intuition mental clarity. Enhances creative and abundance and helps elimination of toxins from the body.

    CLINOCHLORE (Seraphenite)- Clinochlore Crystallizes in the form of foliated and granular masses and as tubular crystals. This mineral belongs to Chlorite group mineral. It can be used to enhance cohesiveness in relationships and to heal on all levels. The chlorite faction in the emineral is one of the best healing minerals for the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

    COPPER - Arthritis, stimulates initiative and optimism, good luck.

    CORAL- Calcium carbonate in the form of calcite is the main constituent of calcareous corals; minor constituents are magnesium carbonate and proteinaceous organic substances, which act as binding agents. A horny, proteinaceous substance whose composition varies according to the species is, on the coral used since antiquity as an ornamental material comes from the calcareous skeletons of colonies of marine organisms of the phylum Cnidaria, order Corgonacea, genus Corallium. The most famous of these organisms is Corallium rubrum, which lives in the waters of the Mediterranean and, despite its name, provides not only red, but also orange, pink and white coral.

    The skeletons of corals are vary in color: from bright to dark red, slightly orange-red, pink, and white; red to orange pink with areas of white, and from medium to deep pink, sometimes with alternate, concentric layers of lighter and darker color and a whitish portion. Characteristic features are differences in translucency. Sometimes coral has a different-colored marrow or medulla, or an axial canal. Coral was believed to be a vegetable, a type of small, submarine tree.

    In all cases, coral consists of the branching skeletons of animals, which live in colonies planted on the seabed at depths varying from tens to hundreds of meters. They are typical of warmish to very warm seas.

    Banks of coral are found in the Mediterranean, along the coasts of China, Vietnam, and Japan; near the Philippines, along some of the many Pacific archipelagos; and along parts of the African coastline. Coral colonies occupy large areas especially in the Pacific, but also near coast of South Africa, in the Red Sea, and to the east of Australia. These latter colonies, however, consist of madrepore, which has little in common with the corals used as ornaments.

    CRAZY LACE AGATE- This agate is named because of its intricately curved pattern resembling lace. Agate's chief component is silica (SiO2) and is from the quartz family. Agate and chalcedony are names given to a microscopically crystallized variety of quartz. Chalcedony is uniformly colored but agat has curved bands or zones of differing color. This agate has been tumbled and polished to show off its beautiful lace patterns. Organ Mexico.

    DANBURITE- is powerful and durable

    DENDRITIC AGATE - Encourages connection with plant kingdom, maintains centering, earth healer, abundance in business and agriculture.

    DIAMOND - (crystal made of carbon) Diamonds are the birthstone for April, is the hardest and most brilliant of gems. It is the chief symbol of marital happiness and as such the most popular engagement and anniversary stone. Diamonds are listed as the hardest gemstone on the Mohs’s scale, at a 10.

    Ancients believed that diamonds were splinters of shattered stars.

    There are so many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a diamond, such as size, clarity, and color, most jewelry stores will be happy to explain the differences in each diamond. Some diamonds may be laser drilled to improve dark inclusions. Some diamonds may be treated with a glass like substance to mask fractures. The presence of laser drilling or fracture filling should always be disclosed to the consumer. Although it is generally considered legal and ethical to sell clarity -enhanced. Diamonds as long as the consumer is informed of the treatments.

    Diamonds are the “king” of all precious gems. It represents omnipotent power, purity, and strength. It is also the symbol of trust, commitment, innocence (our true nature) and Love. It power will absorbs and amplifies thoughts and attitudes of user, other gems, and wear’s strengths and weaknesses. Diamonds are comprised of carbon, the foundation of all life, the diamond assists the wearer in the transformational process towards perfection. Diamonds have been known to attract inspiration, genius, and abundance. Balances metabolism, de-toxifies the body, and strengthens the eyesight. Vivifies all Chakras: Prosperity, generosity vs. miserly; love vs. distrust; overview spirituality vs. lust, immediate gratification. Use with loving clear intent; clears blocks, opens crown Chakra: spiritual love, peace, clarity, trust and confidence. Cleanse thoroughly (it can hold other’s previous attitudes and emotions). Ancient also use for detoxing. The clear diamond is said to bond relationships, and encourage innocence, love, longevity, balance, clarity, profundity, abundance, courage, purity, hope and discernment. This stone helps us get to the essence of things. The black diamond grants us the courage to look within without illusion. The blue diamond inspires us to take better care of our health and strengthen will power. Pink diamonds foster creative expression and yellow diamonds make us more thoughtful and considerate.

    DICHROIC GLASS-is produced in optics laboratories. Extremely thin layers of metal oxides-such as titanium, selenium, and tin are deposited onto clear glass in a vacuum chamber. This coating reflects certain wave-lengths of light and allows other to pass through. The glass changes color when viewed from different angles due to laws of light refraction. The color is determined by the thickness of the coating as well as the material used. When seen from a different thickness of coating, thus producing a different color. Dichroic Glass has many uses in aerospace industry, photography, and optics. The technology is called "Thin Film Physics."

    DIOPTASE- deep green- An aesthetic quality for overworking overstudying, when the brain has been overly stimulated. Mental and spiritual attunement. It is also good for high blood pressure and pain.

    DOLOMITE - Relieves sorrow, “everything happens for a reason”, encourages original thinking.

    DRUSY- in a mineralogical term applied to small quartz points of even height under 2 mm. They emit in light and lively energy. The cheerful energy is attractive to children and the inner child. Placing jewelry or other stones on drusy is good for energy cleaning and balancing. Drusy is affected by the mineral it covers if not quartz.

    DUMORTERITE - Eliminates stubbornness, patience, stimulates verbalization of spiritual ideas.

    DUMORTIERITE- Dumortierite,Al7(BO3)(siO4)3O3 is basic aluminum borosilicate. It occurs in aluminum rich metamorphic rocks. It is named after a French paleontologist Dumortier. The natural bright blue color of Dumortierite often causes it to be confused with lapis lazuli, sodalite, azurite, and lazulite; however, it has also been found to be violet , pink, and transparent to translucent. In the past, Dumortierite has been mined in Nevada for use in manufacturing porcelain for spark plugs. Origin Brazil.

    EILAT - (blue-green) Combination of copper based minerals: turquoise, chrysocolla, azurite and malachite. Detoxifies system and balances the yin/yang, aids subtle body alignment.

    ELESTIALS - Gift from the angels, overcome emotional burdens, activates memory, contains wisdom and records, stabilized brain wave frequencies, expanded awareness, assists in mass cleansing.

    EMERALD - (green) The name is of ancient origin. The Latin smaragdus appears to have referred to the stone we call emerald, which is now considered as a distinct species. It is basically the green variety of beryl, although not all gem-quality green beryls are called emeralds: yellow-green stones are called heliodors; soft blue green or even pale green specimens are called aquamarines.

    The typical color is beautiful, distinctive hue known, in fact, as emerald green and in sues to traces of chromium in the crystal structure. But emeralds can be light or dark green, bright green or leaf green. The vitreous luster is not outstanding, and is strongest in medium-light stones with few inclusions. All emerald contains inclusions, although in the best quality stones, these are very faint and not visible to the naked eye. They show up under a 10x, 20x, or 40x lens. The most common shape for gems is the step or trap cut, which is also known as the emerald cut. They are occasionally given a mixed, oval cut, while antique stones are found with hexagonal, step cuts, cabochon cuts, or pear shapes with a hole in them, often used as pendants. On the Moh's scale Emeralds are between a 7.5 and 8.0.

    The typical emerald color is virtually unmistakable. Some very rare specimens of jadeite jade, which are less transparent and have different physical properties, only equal it. To the initiated, the inclusions in emerald can be highly distinctive: a bubble of gas in a liquid, within spindle-shaped or, more rarely, truncated prismatic cavities; birefringence, circular plates of mica; multifaceted pyrite crystals or calcite rhombohedra. However, a microscope is almost always needed to recognize them. Although not the typical emerald color, some green tourmalines may look similar, but they can be distinguished either by their marked pleochroism, or by the fact that tourmalines which are given an emerald cut display alternating, longitudinal lines of lighter or darker color, when viewed through the table faucet. Olivine may also be a verdant green color vaguely similar to that of some atypical emerald; but the powerful birefringence of olivine is detectable with a simple lens, a double image of the opposite faucet ages being clearly visible in certain directions through the table facet. In any case, the density of either tourmaline or olivine immediately distinguishes the stone from emerald.

    The biggest and the most beautiful emerald come from the famous Chivor and Muzo mines of Columbia. Much smaller quantities of emeralds, mostly of medium-light color, come from Brazil, and small, very intensely color stones, characterized by the numerous minute inclusions of molybdenite with a metallic appearance, are found in Transvaal. In the last few decades, increasing quantities of emeralds have been found in a series of small deposits in East Africa-principally in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania. These are quiet strong color sometimes with a bluish-green tinge; and they often contain mica plates and, sometimes, thin crystal needles. The most famous of this emerald are the ones from Sandawana in Zimbabwe, which are value for their color. Emeralds with similar characteristics also come from the mountains of India and Pakistan, as well as the Soviet Union, and formally Austria.

    The Romans are known to have imitated emerald with skillfully worked green glass. Glass were also use in later centuries, extraneous particles sometimes being incorporated to simulated inclusions. Doublets have also been used as imitations, with a lower portion of green glass and a top portion of garnet, or triplets, with a layer of colored cement sandwiched between two layers of colorless beryl, synthetic spinel, or quartz, Synthetic emeralds have likewise been widely produced over the last few decades. Generally a good color, these are mainly distinguished from the natural variety by their inclusions and other features. There are a lot of synthetic stones about, but their cost is quiet high, so that the market from them is saturated.

    Strengthens memory, increases intelligence foresight and prophecy, clear seeing, wisdom, enhances speech and creativity. “Stone of successful love”, domestic bliss, stimulates heart chakra, harmony, fidelity, joy, all healing.

    FLOURITE - (Violet, blue, black, yellow to brown, green, pink, often zoned colors, seldom colorless. Luster: vitreous; transparent to translucent) Focusing and centering, assists in balance while working on computers, “genius stone: ability to concentrate, bones.
    Streak: White

    Cleavage: complete. Fracture: conchoidal, splintery, brittle. Flame test: dull red. Often violet, blue, or green fluorescence under ultraviolet light.

    Aggregates: rough, sparlike, macrocrystalline to dense, rarely dendritic or crumbly; present in veins, pegmatites, and alpine crevices, as by-product of many rocks.

    Found in: Harz mountains, eastern Bavaria, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Spain, USSR, USA, and Namibia.

    Similar to: apatite, barite, chalcedony, calcite, halite and apophyllite.

    Properties of stone: Understanding objectivity, advancement of the mind, concentration, raises the I.Q. to the highest mental capacity. Cleanser. Grounds excess energies and helps to work with large amounts or energy. Helps to focus and with mental imbalance and universal knowledge. Can be healing for strokes, arthritis mental disorders, and nervous systems.

    FUCHSITE- Fuchsite, K9AlCr)2(AlSi3)O10(OH)2 is hydrous potassium aluminum silicate. Fuchsite is a variety of muscovite, a type of mica, with up to 4.8% chromium oxide. Chromium is what gives fuchsite its bright green color. The presence of Fuchsite in the earth usually indicates that there are peridot or seperntine rocks nearby. Fuchsite’s primary use is its interest to scientists and collectors. It originates in Brazil.

    GARNET - (deep rosy-red, pink or purple) Garnet is the name of a group of different colored minerals with similar compositions, silicate of magnesium, iron, and aluminum, belonging to the garnet family. It is more correctly a group of minerals consisting of mixtures in variable proportions of the two end-members. Mixtures in which magnesium clearly predominates over iron are called pyrope; those in which iron predominates are called almandine. The name garnet, which is derived form the Latin word “granatum” meaning pomegranate, because of the crystal’s red color and seed-like shape. Now applied to the entire family, was originally given to the garnets of the pyrope-almandine series, due to their resemblance to red pomegranate seeds (Latin name, malum granatum).

    Usually in isolated, granular crystals, often in the form of a perfect rhombic dodecahedron. The color often reddish-brown, but can be a definite red, light red, violet red, or deep blackish red. The crystals, which are often semi-opaque, can be transparent and limpid, with highly lustrous faces. They have no cleavage.

    Pyrope is normally found in peridotitic and eclogitic rocks and also in diamond-bearing kimberlite. Almandine is a characteristic mineral of metamorphic rocks. Due to their resistance to weathering, pyrope and almandine are often found in alluvial, secondary deposits or are nacreous rocks.

    During the Middle Ages garnet was regarded as the gem of faith, truth, and constancy. Findings of garnet beads and inlaid work indicate widespread use of this gem in Egypt as far back as 3100 B.C. Today the chief use of garnet is still gemstones and jewelry making. On the Moh's scale garnets are between 7.0 and 7.5.

    This mineral is very wide spread. Countries famous for garnets usable as gems include Czechoslovakia (Bohemia), South Africa, Madagascar, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Burma, Sri Lanka, and India.

    Garnets are said to help with sexuality, assists in taking action, “stone of commitment”, stimulates kundalini, and provides energy. Garnets are very grounding, evokes stirs up from depths than soothes and integrates. Keeps energies flowing and will increase creative energies. Brings circulation to normal, clotting of the blood, purifies. Balance awareness and well being, pevents fears and insecurity, draws or negativity. Balances thyroid disorders, increases sex drive. Good for use at second chakra.

    GASPEITE- Gaspeite crystallizes in the rhombohedra system and primarily in massive formation. The color is a rich limey green. The mineral was first described by D.W. Kohls and J.L. Rodda in 1966 and was named for the Gasp’e Peninsula where it was first discovered. In Australia, the mineral is also known as “Allura”.

    This mineral is said to bring spirituality in every day living, bringing the enchantment and attraction of sanctity to the user. It assists one in removing the curtain between the distress and ignorance and a very clear view of assurance.

    It was used by the Aboriginal Tribes to gain visions and to provide success to endeavors. It has been used by this culture in diagnostic healing, in raising the consciousness towards the enlightened state and in communicating with the spirits and with those from other worlds. It is thought to bring healing powers to the user and to provide protection from all dangers occurring on the physical plane. The energy has brought about the awakening from the “dream of illusion” and to promote the experience of the self as a part of the universal spirit.

    It can be used to attract people towards one for friendship or business, such that the manifested attraction is “for the good of all”. Sometimes those wearing Gaspeite grow absorbed with the enormity of successes of mundane nature such that there is little time for the sacred: hence a “break” is often necessary to assure continuation “ on the path”. Use of the “Super Seven” with gaspeite ameliorates the necessity for the “break”.

    Gaspeite also enhances impartiality, yet resolution and allows one to endure individually when conditions demand. It is also assists one in understanding that it is okay to ask for and to accept help from others: it contributes to the insight of reality that assistance from another is, in truth, help form the self.

    It has been used in the treatment of disorders of the lungs and to the ameliorate the expansion of mucous glands in the bronchial walls. It can also be used to further the application of oxygen affecting the stimulation of the senses, speech, behavior, thought patterns and memory. This information was copied out of the “Love is in the Earth Kaleidoscopic pictorial, supplement A” by Melody.

    GEM SILICA- Gem Silica is high quality chrysocoll. It expresses a clear and high blue color which impacts the fifth chakra, upgrading and enhancing communication abilities, while adding “compassion in action” to the wearer’s skills. The yin energy of this stone makes it and emotional balancer and extends its influence to the heart chakra. This mineral truly impacts the soul, and is sought after for healing layout work. For those wishing to connect with the music of the spheres and the energy of St. Germaine, this mineral is a profound ally. Gem silica is rarely found alone, usually with better grades of chrysocolla. Gem silica is located in the Spiritual Apothecary in the Etheric Opener division. Information was copied out of the “Crystalline Communion 2000”.

    GEODE- millions of years ago when the earth’s crust was being formed, gas pockets and cavities formed in relatively low temperature, volatile rich magma. Later after the magma hardened into rock, high temperature fluids filled these gas pockets, depositing minerals and causing crystals to form unobstructed during their growth. Geodes have been cut in half with diamond saws to reveal their beauties inside. They originate in Brazil.

    GOLD CALCITE- translucent gold brown- stimulates the conscious mind and enhances the capacity to channel the highest mental faculties. Wear when you need to be mentally alert and sharp. Good for mental clarity.

    GOLDSTONE- glass with copper flecks- A transmitter stone which causes light to pass through you in order to convey or receive as a medium. Openness, honesty, relaxation and sharing. Intellectually calming and refreshing. There is blue (purple) or brown Goldstone.

    GREEN AVENTURINE- green metallic iridescent- A healing stone in times of readjustment and transition. It gently and calmly stabilizes the body. Increases opportunities in speculative ventures. It is good for transformation of a physical condition

    GREEN TOURMALINE- transparent spike like green- Regeneration and rebirth of the physical body. Pushes out toxins form the body and brings in new energy. Brings in abundance and prosperity. It is good for the heart and blood pressure.

    GYPSUM DESERT ROSE - Gypsum (Hydrated calcium sulfate) is a type of sedimentary rock called an evaporite. It is formed at the bottom of shallow bodies of saltwater containing calcium and sulfur. As the saltwater evaporates, dissolved calcium and sulfur in the water become concentrated and precipitate as the mineral gypsum. Gypsum crystals occur in rose shaped aggregates often incorporating grains of sand. These gypsum “desert roses” grow by replacing carbonate sediment in soil overlying gypsum deposits. When gypsum is heated and ground to a fine powder it is known as Plaster of Paris, used in construction. Plaster of Paris was first produced in the Montmartre quarries of Parris.

    HAWK’S EYE- blue gray to blue green- Seeing things from a different perspective, with unusual delicacy and refinement. More activity and involvement on the ethereal plane of existence. It helps with the etheric body. Also see Tigers eye

    HEMATITE - (steel gray to black iron oxide) Iron based- very grounding. Decreases inflamation fraws out heat form a feverish part of the body. Dissoves negative energy and works as a shield of armor for any person or thing. Can eliminate spaciness and increases intuition. Protective yet aids in opening chakras. Transforms negative energies and calming. Good for people with high blood pressure, muscle cramping, nervous disorders, anti-inflammatory and insomnia. Use for root chakra and grounding. On the Moh's scale Hematite is a 6.5.

    HERKIMER DIAMOND - (Clear, double terminated quartz) Double-termination allows energy to be drawn from one end and released through the other. Good for extra boosts of energy healing, vision and dream crystal- stimulates visual (clairvoyance) in meditation, dreamwork, and recollection and storage of information. Clears and dissolves congested chakra areas. Releases physical stress and tension. Aids in past life memory and balances polarities both physical and astral. Use on the 6th and 7th chakras.

    INFINITE - Anything we manifest in our bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) Infinite sends its loving angelic energies to the area that needs work on. Infinite imparts strength through gentleness and tenderness, good when a strong and powerful stone will not break through an energy that needs a soft touch. Its energy protects us. Used to redirect poison, venomous creatures are kept at bay when carried or their poison extracted. Stimulates a softer pathway for the Kundalini, clearing clouded chakras, and opening of crown. Meditative state enhancer. Will order any area in body emotional or mental structure-, requires focus. Infinite evolves our sense of control. With it it release control over others. Maintain control in our life. Helps to understand the occurrences in our lives to better inaugurate the knowledge and approach the situation for its best culmination. Creates a bonding action between one and the object one desires, while allowing release at the proper time when the need has been fulfilled. Energy of resourcefulness instills sincerity. Stimulates awareness of ways we control, clears antiquates bonds, allowing recognition of true self-Telepathic receptivity and projection strengthened. Treatments of veins pores, lungs, chronic fatigue and tissue regeneration. Muscles, PMS, emotional problems,and pain removal. This stone has the Universality , which is the energy of conscious conceitedness of Brotherhood. Infinite only comes from South Africa.

    IOLITE - Gem quality cordierite has the same name as the mineral itself, but was in the past also known as water sapphire, particularly but when the color was not really intense. This is perhaps its most familiar name in the trade.

    The color may vary from quiet a deep blue to violet blue, light blue, grayish blue; but it always has very strong pleochroism, being a much lighter gray or wan yellow in one direction. For obvious, aesthetic reasons, gems are cut so that this color is visible from the side. The most common type of cut is the rectangle, step type, not always with truncated corners. One also comes across cordierites with cabochon cut or minutely engraved, particularly in the case of less transparent specimens with numerous inclusions. Most stone are a few carats in weight, not too small, therefore, but never very large.

    An essential characteristic of cordierite is its exceptional pleochroism, which may, however, resemble certain tanzanite. Many cordierites have a decidedly cold, grayish coloration, whereas tanzanite is a warmer color, always with a hint of violet. Testing the density, which is very different, would remove any uncertainty.

    Cordierite comes mainly from the gem gravels of Sri Lanka, but also from the United States and Namibia.

    JADE - (white, pink, black and green) “Stone of Fidelity”, allows access to Mayan “dreamtime”, harmony, wisdom, protection, good luck, abundance, heart. Brings peace, calm and stabilizing effect on the body. Courage, clarity, and tranquillity of the mind. Balancing, soothing, cleansing healing. Eases stomach and digestive disorders.

    JADEITE JADE- The variety of jadeite pyroxene used as a gem or ornamental material consists of microcrystalline aggregates which, together with similar aggregates of tremolite-actinolite amphibole, come under the general name of jade. For reasons of clarity, we shall therefore be using the term jadeite jade, rather than either jadeite or jade alone.

    Jadeite jade is a semi-opaque to highly translucent aggregate of juxtaposed, very firmly interconnected granular crystals. Only in rare instances are there visibly elongated crystals, in fibrous radiating or parallel groups. The general impression is not so much of individual crystals as of a mass with a fairly finely interwoven network of numerous, minute discontinuities. These are the boundaries between one crystal and another or the cleavage surfaces inside some of the crystals. The principle characteristic of jadeite jade is extreme tenacity and toughness. On the surfaces of antique pieces in particular, one can see a similar network of small discontinuities, which keep the pieces from having a perfect polish. On modern pieces polished with diamond powder, this network is much less visible. Many different shades of green are possible, the most valuable being emerald green. Jadeite jade of this color is quiet translucent and is called imperial jade. Other shades of light and bright green are also very lively and attractive. Dark green is less common. The most frequent color is semi-transparent to nearly opaque white, or off-white to very pale hazel; others are red, yellow, light and often grayish blue, gray, pink, and pale lilac. The brightest colors generally occur only in zones or in blurred, fringed streaks within the block. Pebbles recovered from alluvium often have an outer layer of a brown color because of oxidation that fades away on the inside. It is used as a gem, cut into cabochons or in engraved stones for settings, beads, other ornaments, especially when the background color or limited patches of color are in attractive shade. Last but not least, jadeite jade, like nephrite jade, is made into exclusive types of decorated wear or small sculptures. Because of its tenacity, which is almost equal to that of metals, generations of craftsmen in the Far East have used it to producing tours de force, such as chains with unjointed, individual links made from a single piece of stone, thin-walled vases generally with loose links on the handles and lids, cutting weapons, cups with engraved decorations, buckles, and other finely pierced objects. Its other distinctive feature, the presence of patches and streaks of bright color inside and outside the uncut stones, has been skillfully manipulated into wonderful multi-colored pieces.

    Most jadeite jade used in Chinese art since the latter half of the eighteenth century and most of that used today comes from northern Burma. It has also been found in Japan, the United States (California), and Guatemala, and only rarely in a few other places. It is, therefore, much less common and more localized than nephrite jade.

    Some whitish pale-green or green aventurine, also granular structure, is occasionally used as a substitute for jadeite jade and known as Indian jade, though it tacks the exceptional mechanical and chromatic properties of true jade. Synthetic jadeite does not exist. A problem that has arisen recently over jadeite is that of coloration. Because of the minute discontinuities present in the mass, it is easily impregnates with artificial dyes, to pleasing effect. In this way, for example, white jadeite can be made look like the much more highly prized imperial jade; and the other colors are also the often imitated in this way. Once can usually distinguish cases in which the color, rather than being contained in individual crystals, is distributed in the minute fractures and cleavages of the mass but a microscope is needed for this.

    JASPER - (opaque red, rose, brown, and yellow) Jasper belongs to the quartz family. The quartz family is very large, with an enormous variety of gemstone minerals in every color of the spectrum. Quartz is composed primarily of silica (SiO2) and is formed when silica-bearing solutions infiltrate porous rocks and sediments. The silica then becomes impregnated into the porous rock and changes the rock into what we call quartz. Jasper is an opaque quartz usually red, yellow, brown, green, or a mixture of these colors. Its origin is in Africa.
    Jasper was very useful to primitive man and to the American Indians because it could be chipped and fractured in any direction, making it the perfect material to shape tools and weapon points. When arrowheads were made, jasper was the favorite material to use in regions where deposits existed. Some of the healing qualities are…. Supreme nurturer, protection during travel and from negativity, grounding, facilitates safe astral travel. Energizes solar plexus and lower chakras. Protection against unseen lower astral entities. Enables you to work with heavy negativity. Stabilizes emotions. Slow steady healing stone. Good for clearing blocks in bile and liver ducts as well as protection, reduces fears and insecurities.

    JET- black compressed coal- Keeps other from intruding on your space. Can be worn as an amulet to ward off evil influences. Carry in situations where you need no hassle.

    KUNZITE - (lilac, striated pink, green, and blue) is a member of the spodumene family with lithium. It is trichroic-displaying different colors from different angles. Kunzite was named after George Kunz, who in the latter part of the 19th century was chief gem buyer for the Tiffany & Co. and a pioneer of the Science now known as gemology.

    Top kunzite can give enduring beauty equal to that of Ceylonese pink sapphire and Brazilian pink topaz. And larger sizes are readily available since it is quite common for this species to produce stones of over 50 carats. It is important to bear in mind, however, that kunzite requires an understanding of its unusual characteristics. As part of the normal fishing process, more than half of all kunzite has been subjected to either irradiation or heating to induce cherry blossom pink and light plum purple hues.

    Care should be exercised not to subject the gem to hot lights which can and so cause the color to pale. Perhaps the best way to avoid fading is to consider kunzite more an evening gem. To maintain the brilliance of this gemstone, it should be immersed in a jewelry cleaner or in lukewarm soapy water and cleansed with a small soft toothbrush. Do not use a home ultrasonic machine. Care should be taken to protect it from scratches , sharp blows, and direct strong light.

    The energy moves through the stone with a sward like action to remove emotional and physical pain. A good meditation stone for bringing in inspiration and giving out the message to others. Heart opener. Very high spiritual love vibration. Activates heart chakra, comforts and heals “heart-ache”. Synthesizes loving thoughts and communication, initiates self-love, unconditional love and romantic love. Great balance of compassion, peace, and freedom from fear. It is also said to help with depression, mood swings, stress and radiation. Receptivity and balance.

    KYANITE - (blue, black) Aligns all chakras automatically, stimulates communication and pyschic awareness, facilitates meditation, dream recall.It is the strongest inergrater

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