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How I cured myself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Chronic Epstein Barr Virus in 60 days - here's what i did...
  • How I cured myself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Chronic Epstein Barr Virus in 60 ...   BSA SUCCESS yerr_sister   11y  125,289  
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    Date: 8/8/2005 12:17:20 AM   ( 11y ago )   Hits:   125291
    Hello fellow Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferer (also most of this will apply to Fibromyalgia and many other conditions our doctors just can't seem to "diagnose" too). I suffered with CFS/CEBV for 11 years and pretty much bed ridden. For example my sister paid for a Mexican Cruise and I went and stayed in bed the entire time, stuff like that. But I am well now. They say there is no cure, but they do not know, there IS a cure and it's pretty cheap and easy to do and you will be out of bed within 45-60 days for GOOD. But you've got to remember to do the last step too, that step will KEEP you out of bed. (see below):

    I'm going to try to keep this as brief as possible, as I tend to get too wordy, so if you have questions as to why or how or what, just email me and I will answer. There are many things to do to get well, however, the steps below #1-#12 are manditory and the most basic of requirements. They work in 45-60 days and I am living proof. Item#1 and #2 are the most important. NOTE: You will experience "die-off" the 1st 2-3 weeks, don't be alarmed, you're killing pathogens and that's why the colon, lungs, skin, kidneys, and liver -- all your eliminating organs must be kept flushed out the 1st 60 days:

    BASIC BOTTOM-LINE REQUIREMENTS: I did steps 1-12 and got 80% cured within 60 days--then I did step #13 and got the remaining 20% cured = 100%.

    These 12 things got me 80% well:

    1. Zapper $145 (kills most candida, bacteria, virus, parasites--kills EBV) this was invented by Dr. Hulda Clark , a scientist 10 yrs ago and there are many different versions that were made after her but all from the same basic design, I have listed a few of the ones I think are the best below: (do 1x or 2x per day for 30 days, then once a week, then once per month for maintenance). Any of these zappers will work for you, I've narrowed the many available down to these below, buy the one that best suits your needs:

    DR. CLARKS ZAPPER DELUXE (this is the zapper created by the doctor who invented it, it's the one I used to get well, but it is not the strongest one available because it uses wrist straps, however, it is the most convient one to use, has a timer, and you can move around while zapping--if you get this one, use the handhelds instead of the wrist straps, wrist straps are convenient but are not as strong).

    THE ULTIMATE ZAPPER (by Ken) : this is the current one I use and is very strong and can penetrate 7 times deeper than the other 2, it was designed by a patient of dr clark above, and improved, made stronger, however, it doesn't have a timer or the bells and whistles.

    OPTIMAL ZAPPER BY DR KALLIE MILLER (this one is strong, never used it but it seems like a good one because the doctor that sells it also helps with advice)

    PARASITE ZAPPER II - DESIGNED BY KWICKSILVER ELECTRONICS I like the way the handhelds are designed on this one and it is designed by electronical engineers.

    2. Antiparasite cleanse $30 - Old Amish Dewormer: call Berry's Country Basket to order: (937) 666-6107 kills parasites deep inside organs the zapper cannot reach (1 tablespoon morning and evening for 30 days, then once per week for maintenence) many on the market, but this one is just a tblspn 2x per day so it is convenient and the most strong one on the market.
    info about it here, many places sell it, but buy at Berry's Country Basket because they make it and therefore sell it cheaper) INFO:

    3. Colon cleanser: $10 each
    (do until you are regular, going minimum of 1x healthy stool per day)
    HEALTHNET PLUS Colon Cleanse (one with the diagram of the colon on the outside of the container--get both at Mother's Market) you're going to mix one table spoon of each with water or tumbler and shake up or stir and drink down as fast as you can, on empty stomach 1x per day until you are regular, going every day.

    4. Fennel Tea & Sage Tea (jaundice) (can get the capsules or can boil your own fresh herbs and strain) can buy at Mother's Market $5 each.
    (drink copiously, or at least 4-8 cups per day) - or -take 2 capsules with cup of water 6x a day until jaundice disappears. if stools look darker or heavier, this is a good sign that your liver is excreting bile.

    5. Eat 2 sticks of Celery per day, & 2 cloves of garlic too everyday. (grocery store)

    6. Cantrol ($30 buy at Mother's Market) a anti-candida program, very basic and cheap, but much better than doing nothing at all and ACIDOPHILIS

    7. Eat as healthy as possible, stay away from beer or alcoholic beverages and ANYTHING with Sugar in it, especially canned coke and soda. (sugar feeds candida). Good idea to stay away from red meat definately. Although it is optimal to eat plenty of greens and fruits, the steps 1-12 will still work regardless, but you will have even better results if you eat right and cut out the bad stuff.

    8. Take air baths every day (fresh air, walks--if you cannot walk, then lay in a well ventillated room with fresh air - open windows, and breathe deeply). If you smoke, it's a GOOD idea to quit smoking, however, this program will still work regardless, but results will be much better if you quit.

    9. Bathe everyday, hot stitz baths while drinking ice water will help sweat impurities, at the very least, a hot shower with loofa pad to brush dead skin off (or you can do both the bath and then shower off). The skin is one of the MAJOR eliminating organs and you've got to keep all pores open and breathing so they can release major toxins too.

    10. Keep bedding clean and wash sheets every week with bleach. Wash hands after handling your pet and WHILE YOU ARE ILL & FOR THE 1ST 60 DAYS DO NOT ALLOW YOUR PET TO SLEEP WITH YOU OR LICK YOUR FACE OR HANDS. (I know this is HARD because I have many cats and a dog and they did not like being "banned" from my bedroom :) but cats and dogs are major sources of parasites and while you are sick and your immune system is down, this is imparative.

    11. LOGULS iodine: if you have night sweats or thrush (candida--white thick gunk in your mouth) $12.
    1/2 STRENGTH:
    OR FULL STRENGTH: and no unboiled dairy products until the thrush and night sweats are GONE. if you drink milk, eat butter or cheese you must boil it first or they will not go away. Takes 3-4 days for night sweats to disappear, mouth thrush takes about 30-45 days to go away. This is NOT the kind of Iodine that you buy in the drug store, that white kind is POISON and is NOT to be ingested. Logul's is different and is not available at the regular drug store.

    12. Drink 8 glasses of water per day whether you're thirsty or not. Keep the urine flowing and flushing your system. Even if your urine looks clear to you, microscopically it is NOT--and it's flushing tons of microscopic pathogens out of your body.

    ***** Order the free Candida Wellness Book *****- click here to order free book:
    or call them at (800) 869-1613. They also have candida counseller Gary available for consultations. You must learn and understand the real cause of CFS/CEBV: and in our case how how we (EBV sufferers) killed our intestinal flora through using antibiotics which paralyzed our immune system from being able to kill the most simplest of virus called EPSTEIN BARR VIRUS which a healthy immune system can easily kill AND which causes symptoms of mononucleosis. By killing our intestinal flora we enabled EBV to run rampat in us, along with extreme Candida overgrowth that normally stays in the colon, but actually got outside our colon and into our cells and tissues. Candida sheilds and protects EBV. It IS the #1 cause of our CEBV.

    ALSO Epstein Barr Virus is a virus that attacks anyone's body who's immune system is down, that includes Aids, Cancer, and many other illnesses. EBV is not just a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome virus. There are many other viruses that wreak havoc too--fortunately the zapper can kill them.

    NOTE ABOUT ANTIBIOTICS: Antibiotics do NOT kill bacteria: how they work is they disable bacteria from reproducing, thus cutting down the numbers, but they do not kill it. Still, Antibiotics can wipe out your friendly flora very quickly. Replacing your flora is almost impossible after a long course of antibiotics. But the ZAPPER actually KILLS BACTERIA and it doesn't kill the flora, it may temporarily weaken it a bit, so you need to replace your flora 1 hour after zapping, especially after 60 days that is when you will be replacing and boosting your flora.


    STEP #13

    1. Candida Wellness Program (800) 869-1613 do this after you do all the above, later on, this will cure you the remaining 20% - is expensive, but after killing all the candida with the zapper above, you must put back the intestinal flora, but you can do a cheaper way, at the minimum you should do the last phase of this program (that's the phase where you put back immense amounts of flora).
    2. Liver cleanse - 24 hours, do 3x per year BUY AT COUNTRY BASKETS ABOVE. This is a very strong flush and will remove hundreds of gallstones.
    3. kidney cleanse - do for 6 weeks (1 teaspoon at bedtime) for 6 weeks, do 2x per year (BUY AT COUNTRY BASKETS ABOVE) this is a very strong flush and will disolve kidney stones.
    4. Lung cleanse: (BUY AT COUNTRY BASKETS ABOVE) this is VERY strong.

    And that is basically it.


    DR Hulda Clark (scientist who invented the zapper and wrote the book GET BOOK FREE ONLINE " The Cure For All Diseases ":






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