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          Alcohol is a poison to our bodies, pure and simple. The symptoms of drunkeness are caused by the toxins that your liver cannot eliminate fast enough to keep you "symptom free" (very much comparable to the "rush" you'd feel, the fogginess, the lack of control, and nausea you would have, if you intentionally consumed a "skull and crossbones" poison...and our culture thinks that's "cool" somehow; some cultures are even more obsessed with alcohol than ours; other cultures would no more drink alcohol than they would drink formaldehyde. Speaking of which, in order to break down the alcohol so that EVERY organ in your body isn't permanently damaged, the toxicity has to pass through your body's "chemist" (your liver) FOUR complete times. The first time, your liver has to convert the alcohol into a substance it CAN detoxify...and guess what that is? Formaldehyde. Then the next time through, your liver get a full hit of formaldehyde (and you DO know what formaldehyde does to flesh, right?), and converts it to a blend of formaldehyde and other chemicals...and so forth, until your blood is clean again. So of course, each and every time you drink, your liver is basically saturated in formaldehyde. And because your circle of friends and the "whole world" (NOT!) is hooked on it, you've decided your liver should have some, too? And you're worried about "toxic preservatives "? smirk...what a hoot.

          Please let me add here, I'm not speaking judgementally in any way, shape or form. I'm a child of the 70's, and my past includes marijuana, cocaine, opium, methamphetamines, LSD, 'shrooms, pharmaceuticals, and all variety of recreational drugs. But I never did them "blindly"...I knew their effects on my body were incredibly toxic, and I took responsibility for my actions. I did NOT attempt to convince myself or justify that they were "good" or harmless. The fact of the matter was plain & simple. I didn't give a damn about my body (as much as I gave a damn about the "fun") AND I was too weak to withstand the peer/social pressure. But I got over it, got a backbone and some cajones.

          Was it fun? Immensely. Is it fun now to watch an anti-drug commercial, see someone cutting a line, and have my palms break into a clammy sweat just thinking about the "rush" of the first blast? Is it fun to be stressed out and know, that if I only went 'out on the edge' just a little ways, I could eliminate my stress chemically for a day or two? Hmmm, I wonder where my partyin' buds are now? Actually I know. Three of them are dead: #1 drunk driving accident: only 4 beers, simply hit the edge of curb (we've all done it), ran into a pole...dead forever --and he killed the mother of a baby that was on a bike waiting for the light to change...4 beers. #2 Cocaine/alcohol overdose...dead forever. #3 Star quarterback, honors student; life of the party; decided to huff some nitrous while drunker than a skunk...oops, bad reaction/choice, in and out of institutions, a zombie, washes dishes in a truck stop, still uses...for all practical purposes, dead. And he was invincible. And he could easily be you.

          You seem to be reading only the posts that make you comfortable. There are hundreds of posts all over Curezone by people who fear or will not use herbal tinctures by the dropperful...simply because they are in an alcohol base.

          If you really are concerned about your body and your life, then you will educate yourself and learn what really happens to your body every time to drink alcohol. The list is endless. Brain cells that cannot regnerate are poisoned and killed by the thousands every time you drink. The Sugar content alone does horrendous things to your blood Sugar and pancreas; in fact, many young adults develop diabetes while in college. Ask yourself...after those young adults graduated and became part of the 9-5 work-a-day world, do you think their drinkin' buds were around when they had to start shooting up insulin like a junkie?

          Remember all the times in your life when you've criticized and dissed "grown-ups" and adults (maybe even your parents) because their actions were SO stupid? 'Remember learning stuff in school that you KNEW that other adults must know, yet how much you rebelled against them because they didn't practice what they preached? Oh yeah, now it's YOUR turn to be the adult. Which kind are you going to become? One that others respect? or dis?

          Oh yes, and it IS an addictive drug...and no one knows until they are addicted, that they've "been got". Can you imagine what it would be like to WANT to stop drinking, but not be able to? Do you think there was ever, even ONE person that said, "I'm going to become addicted" when they started using addictive substances? Even ONE person who believed it could happen to THEM? They choose to "play the game" and "spin the wheel of fortune" because it was so much fun to play the game with everbody else. But they didn't realize how devasting it would be to land on 'bankrupt'...and when they did, the game was over and their friends went off to play somewhere else. And all they were left in life was drugs, disease, weakness, shame, regrets,...and the inability to ever be healthy again. Go ahead, spin the wheel, maybe the fun is worth the risk to you.

          Here ya it all, make an intelligent choice (if you've got the balls). Just please remember...Life is NOT a dress rehearsal.


          Ooh, and one more thing...after reading all this, ask yourself: If you'd never even heard of alcohol, and you read this information, and then someone offered you a million dollars to drink every weekend for four years...would you even CONSIDER it?

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