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      Seborrheic dermatitis is a type of eczema where the oil glands of the skin are affected. In skin, there are two types of glands: sweat glands and oil glands. The sweat glands release sweat as a temperature regulator for the body, and also releases toxic waste. The oil glands, which open up into the hair follicles, produces an oily substance for moisturization of the skin and to keep the hair smooth and silky. The oil glands are also called sebaceous glands. Another derivative of that word is Seborrhea, which means "flow of oil". Thus, when you hear the term Seborrheic dermatitis, you know that the oil glands; as opposed to the sweat glands, are directly involved.

      The sub-classifications of these different types of eczema are for the purpose of identifying the eczema more specifically. Seborrheic dermatitis is still eczema. It still represents a toxic release. It still signals an overwhelmed immune system due to the toxic activity. The flareup is still being caused or promoted by the toxins overwhelming the system; and therefore, identification of the toxins promoting the flareup is necessary.

      The sub-classifications of the different types of eczema help in the identification process (identification of the allergen/irritant). For example; in contact allergic eczema, you know that an external substance making contact with the skin promoted the flareup. Poison ivy contact is an example of an external substance that would promote this type of dermatitis or eczema. With seborrheic dermatitis, you can begin to pinpoint the culprit of the irritation to that of an internal source, usually brought about by diet. With seborrheic dermatitis sufferers, a diet that favors saturated fats, processed sugars, and junk food is a major contributor to the imbalance. That diet promotes candida growth, which increases histamine activity and causes an eczema flareup. Candida yeast will travel to the most vulnerable areas of a persons body and promote the irritation. The weak points in an individual varies from individual to individual. With sebhorrheic dermatitis, the sebaceous glands or oil glands seem to be the most vulnerable points of attack. The most abundant areas of the oil glands in a human body are the scalp, sides of the nose, behind the ears, and the center of the chest. This is why your flareups are in the areas you've mentioned.

      When diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis, your physician should definitely address the need to consume a diet rich in fiber. Fiber helps to eliminate candida overgrowth. In addition, the physician should also mention the need to replenish your essential fatty acids and vitamin E levels through diet; due to the fact that these essential nutrients help the skin/skin cells to retain moisture. In addition, that physician should definitely address the overabundance of saturated fats and processed sugars in the diet of seborrheic dermatitis sufferers; especially since they have established that this is a common denominator amongst sufferers of seborrheic dermatitis. I have also found good results using gluten free grains in my diet.

      With seborrheic dermatitis, the oily substance that is normally released for moisture replenishment is consequently being released as a yellowish/pusslike substance. This type of release indicates the overactive immune activity, (as a result of battling germs or toxins), that's taking place. When toxins or germs enter the body, the white blood cells go to battle against them. The pusslike substance is the consequence of such a battle. The fact that the oil glands of seborrheic dermatitis sufferers releases a yellowish or pusslike substance gives the indication that a battle, in that area, has taken place. It can also reveal candida overgrowth. In addition, the seborrheic dermatitis reaction also indicates the deficiencies that are evident; and therefore, are in need of replenishing.
      Stress also plays a role in eczema and further weakens the body. It releases cortisol which increases histamine release and aggravates the eczema.

      For you, a focus on a diet rich in fiber and in the other essential nutrients, of which you are deficient, is essential. By implementing a diet rich the whole foods needed to replenish your deficient nutrients, you can restore balance to your system and promote the healing you desire. To help you in understanding what those deficiencies are, you can take a look at the following website: and go to the eczema section. Green vegetables (like brocolli, spinach, collard, & kale) which are rich sources of both the fiber and the beta carotene needed to boost your immune health, will be essential to restoring the balance and improving the health of your skin. These are the following deficiencies that are represented with an eczema flareup: beta carotene, zinc, selenium, essential fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, GLA), quercetin, vitamin C, D, & E. Fiber and magnesium deficiencies are usually represented as well. The best way to address these deficiencies is through whole food consumption. I suggest that you take a trip to your local Whole Foods Market or local health food store. Should you decide to supplement these deficiencies by other means then my suggestion is that you limit it to a good whole food multivitamin (organic source), daily fiber (from green vegetables), and omega-3 cod liver oil or flaxseed oil.

      In addition an internal cleanse is definitely in order. Based on what you've mentioned regarding the vast amount of information on cleanses and your being overwhelmed by that information, I think that the Internal Cleanse by Nature's Medicine found at or Colonix found at may be a good system for you to start with as your first attempt at cleansing. It incorporates a colon, bowel, liver, kidney,& parasite cleanse in one system. The Liver Flush is another method that will aid in the removal of toxins that many Curezone members have had great success with a variety of illnesses.

      Regarding your skin care, you want natural skin care products that will replenish the deficient nutrients to promote the healing. Those things that you will want to look for in your products are essential fatty acid sources like borage oil or safflower oil for moisture replenishment, vitamin E for moisture replenishment & regulation of the exfoliation process, vitamin C for anti-oxidant & natural anti-histamine functions, and beta carotene sources, (like carrots or apricots), for their immune boosting properties. Burt's Bees products (Herbal Ointment Cream) have a good line of natural skin care. Here are some other lines to consider: Aubrey Organics, Avalon Organics, and Weleda (Skin Food). There are a multitude of natural products available; but because each individual is different, you will need to find your right fit. I provide you with a variety of options; not so that you will go out and purchase everything I've mentioned, but so that you can examine them for yourself and make a decision according to your own peace. All of these products are available at you local health food stores or online.

      If you are using hydorcortisone(steroids), it is simply suppressing the symptoms. I cannot express to you how dangerous this is. You really need to address the cause of the irritation in order to receive true healing. Your skin is manifesting those symptoms to warn you of the dangers taking place within your body. Silencing the symptoms gives a false sense of security. It is like taking the battery out of a smoke alarm so that you no longer hear the annoying beep. The purpose of the smoke alarm's high pitch ring is to alert of impending danger and to save life. Silencing that warning signal is dangerous. This is the same thing that you are doing with the hydrocortisone; you're shutting off the body's warning signal. Your body is warning you of the high toxicity that exists within it. The inflammation, redness, etc. is evidence of the fight existing between your immune system and those toxic invaders. Hydrocortisone suppress the immune system and impedes their ability to fight and defend against those toxic invaders. Hydrocortisone is an anti-histamine. A natural anti-histamine is vitamin C; thus, you can achieve that type of relief naturally without the harmful side effects of your cortisone treatments.

      If you've read my postings, you may be familiar with the 3 word phrase I coined to help direct people in healing eczema: internal, external, and foreign. Internal refers to restoration of the immune health through healthy diet and internal cleansing. External refers to rehydration of the skin through natural skin care. And finally, foreign refers to identification and removal of the allergen irritant. In seborrheic dermatitis sufferers, 1 & 3 (internal & foreign) are addressed simultaneously when the internal is addressed. To explain, since the internal factors (unhealthy diet leaning heavily toward processed sugars and fats that promote candida overgrowth) are promoting the flareups, by addressing your dietary needs, you've also addressed the foreign cause of the discomfort.

      Another thing that you will need to address is your household water system. If chlorine or fluoride is a part of your system, you will need to filter out those chemicals; so that they don't further irritate your skin. What often happens with eczema is that a domino effect can occur. An initial cause of the effect of eczema can perpetuate an atmosphere for other causative agents, simply because the first cause has made a person vulnerable to additional flareups due to the weakened state of the immune health in certain areas. For example, and in your case, your first cause of the effect of eczema could be diet (promoting seborrheic dermatitis); which would then promote a second causative agent like chlorine or fluoride (promoting contact allergic dermatitis) to be an additional foreign instigator as a result of those toxins making contact with an already vulnerable weak point. They are both still eczema reactions: one describes more of an internal cause; whereas, the other describes a direct external cause.

      The biggest help for me in understanding how to heal the skin of eczema was to understand the skin and how it worked. I found out what was deficient and worked to replenish those deficiencies through whole food sources and plenty of water. Many times the solution has been much more simple to fix than doctors would have you believe. To use an automobile analogy; it may be that the wrong fuel in your gas tank is promoting the frequent breakdowns. Diesel fuel in an unleaded gas tank will cause the car to break down. The solution is to simply add the right fuel to the tank. In other words, replenish what is deficient and watch the car go. A lot of times with the human body, regarding disease, too much of the wrong fuel (food) is being placed in the body, promoting deficiencies in the right nutrients and promoting the body to break down. In those cases, the most important thing that is needed is not a medication to suppress the symptoms; but rather, what is needed is the right food to replenish the deficient nutrients and promote the healing.
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