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WATER ONLY DIET- DE-TOX: Go for it, 2 pounds a day weight loss... Find out how I'm doing it...
  • WATER ONLY DIET- DE-TOX: Go for it, 2 pounds a day weight loss... Find out how I...   AngelMonkey   11y  61,767  
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    Date: 3/18/2005 10:55:14 AM   ( 11y ago )   Hits:   61767
    I'm on a WATER ONLY fast, It is to primarily loose the two stone I have gained over the past 3 years. But it also has many benefits

    I am on my 5th day and though, because of certain functions I have to attend & may have to have small mealsm, I am confident I will reach my goal in around 20 days, as I am loosing on average 0.95 KILOS A DAY!(almost 2 POUNDS).

    I DON'T FEEL TIRED as yet but have the odd BLACK OUT periods (nothing big). I know I can do this as I have done a 2 week fast before with no meals in between.

    The only DOWN FALLS I can find is that it could be that in my weight loss I am loosing only 40% BODY FAT and the rest is MUSCLE.

    But being a muscley 23 year old woman I don't mind and will look at getting my-self toned afterwards with either an atkins high protien diet (helps build muscle and still loss weight, though they say you only loose water-i'd drink heaps and it works better at building muscle than low cal) and easying onto a low cal - or just do a low cal.

    Either way I intend on sheading a further couple of kilos as well as gaining TONED MUSCLE. Then I will RELAX,(I'm probly looking at a month of Gym, walking and diet before hand) and then look at MAINTAINING but also knowing that I will be UNDER TARGET I can TREAT MYSELF every now and then. If I go OVER TARGET I will simply fast till I'm just under and maintain.

    I try to drink at least 10 CUPS of water a day and am WALKING 5 MILES. 2 miles to work and back and the obvious daily walking.

    If you don't want to loose muscle (I'm sure most of the guys) then it may not be a good Idea to do this. But if your a girl and looking for that SUPERMODEL LOOK this may be good.

    I'm only looking to loose 2 stone, but I have read that this rapid weight lose for someone very big (I was 66.9kg approx-140 pounds on my max weight) if your bigger than I was, it may be an idea to do a low cal for a while first, fast when you are 3 stone into your ideal and then low cal it for the last stone to your ideal.

    I'M NOT A DOCTOR though, so it may be best to seek MEDICAL ADVISE. Certainly if you have diabetes or some other hindering illness.

    Though if you READ THE ABOVE LINKED ARTICAL you will find that it helps asthma, high blood pressure ect.

    In the cave times as hunters we were not made to eat everyday and in the amounts we do. I was a VEGETARIAN for 4 years and still kind of believe that our teath, nails and intestines are'nt made for killing and eating meat. But we are smart so who knows.Also our bodies don't absorb from meat all the iron it contains and so it's not that we need it, when soya, eggs, mushrooms, spinich and other vegies have more asorbic IRON, folate and protien.

    Another artical said that if you are a good weight, eat what you want, just eat until your SATISFIED (full) really not need anymore.
    Sometimes that's one MOUTHFUL right! until your glutten monster takes over, EAT SLOW, enjoy it and make a little last. It's your taste buds after all that crave the taste and your tummy just needs sustanance, so KEEP IT IN YOUR MOUTH.

    But if you PUT ON WIEGHT from this then low cals the way.

    I also read another artical of a lady who has a WATER DAY once a week. Sounds good and can only be good for you to give your body a rest and DE-TOX regularily.It's also biblical, and since thats one of the oldest forms of instruction we have well, say no more.

    I have STRETCH MARKS from where I put on wieght and my way of avoiding more or worse in my loss is lots of cream, every night full body, good thick asbsorbant CREAMS. And TANNING, they say it helps FADE them.
    No sun? go to a SOLARIUM.

    Well hope I helped someone, you just have to keep telling your self that AT THE END OF IT IT WILL SEEM LIKE NOTHING (you can only make yourself PROUD)

    People who get SURGERY have phsycological TRAUMA and have to heal for a long time,as well as the ordeal and pain. Either way it takes pain,to not eat I think is the lazy way, but don't forget walking and if you want muscles, GYm.

    This will UP-LIFT you and not give you night mares. Though I did grind my teeth at night, dream and constantly talk of food on my 2 week one, but I'm much better now.

    Drink when your HUNGRY(WARM WATER can be soothing and can be an imaginary cup of tea). Take your mind off of it. Treat yourself- a massage or new cloths, gadgit or just write down on your calender the days you are fasting, put CIRCLES on each day and fill them in with a smile in the middle of the day when you feel you can make this day an eating free one.

    I do it all.
    I also work out how much I will loose on excel with a function for each day of -0.45 and circle the 5 KILO MARKS to be encouraged I'm getting there.
    I Look at my calender and see when I'm meeting people, and imagine thier responses, "you look like you've lost weight", "you look Great".

    on average a LAZY PERSON who fasts and only drinks water will LOOSE 0.45 kilos (one pound) a day.
    but with my excercise I loose more.

    Your ment to LOOSE WEIGHT FASTER if your REALLY BIG as well (when walking ect) I spose it's coz your doing HARDER WORK.
    So be encourage.

    Look at your body in the MIRROR everyday and IMAGINE how you will look. they say you shouldn't weight yourself everyday, but when you eat you put on weight, when you don't you loose it. So why not, IT'S NOT LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO GAIN. Unless your a woman on her periods or your not drinking enough water, then you will RETAIN WATER.

    Or you may have a medical problem and you should see a doctor.

    Well wish me luck. I have to TRUST my self and my own DETERMINATION.

    I want to be that SLIM girl again and I want to feel more CONFIDENT. I don't just want to like or put up with my body, I want to love it.Though I don't go around moping, I acept what I am now and am working on improving it.

    I think that's it.

    Good luck, ENCOURAGE YOURSELF, no one else will do it for you.
    And as my friend who recently died, on her death bed said, "make yourself proud coz at the end of the day you have to live with yourself..."

    Fasting to loose 21 kilos approw 42 pounds

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