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    Buy Lauricidin:  LAURICIDIN®

    (These testimonials are unsolicited and uncompensated)

    Larry King CNN Transcript Interview with Dr. Andrew Weil M.D.

    CALLER: What do you do for genital herpes?

    WEIL: For genital herpes, there are pharmaceutical drugs that suppress it, that are effective, they have to be taken all the time and they are
    expensive. There is a natural product that I'd recommend experimenting with, it's called Lauricidin®. I looked this up on the Internet. It's a
    fatty acid which is non-toxic. There are some very good clinical reports that significantly shortens attacks and lowers the frequency of attacks.

    Over the past few years we have often recommended the oral administration of Lauricidin® for those patients/clients as a complement to our
    one-on-one, hands-on treatment. It is our opinion that Lauricidin® has been an effective complement to our work. We have seen these
    positive effects in patients ranging in diagnosis from viral encephalitis, to reflexive sympathetic dystrophy, to learning disabled and autistic
    children. We have not conducted a controlled study, but we have seen a large number of anecdotal case wherein Lauricidin® seemed to be
    quite helpful. In so far as Lauricidin® has not shown us any adverse clinical reactions, and it is a very low cost nutritional supplement, we
    shall continue to use it at The Upledger Institute HealthPlex.
    John E Upledger D.O. O.M. M

    I am not in allopathic medicine so I don't conduct studies but as a holistic health professional I can absolutely say that my success rate in
    greatly reducing the severity, duration and frequency of outbreaks has vastly improved since adding Lauricidin® to my protocol.
    I am writing a book on the holistic treatment of herpes, HPV and shingles and Lauricidin® will be included as a recommended part of the
    protocol. I will also include your web site address and advise people as I always do that you are the only legitimate source of
    Christopher Scipio N.D.

    I have practically every child I’ve ever treated on Lauricidin® from and have recommended it to hundreds of other
    families over the years. Any substance that can actually affect the body can cause someone somewhere to have a negative reaction. I have
    rarely seen a negative reaction once I learned to s tart with smaller amounts and build up, and this would be in the form of extra
    “stimminess” which usually subsided with lowering of dose.
    Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless M.D.

    The Hep C patients that I see remain symptom free and refuse to be tested, herpes suffers have either completely stopped having outbreaks
    or have almost completely stopped. Last but not least the people that use Lauricidin® regularly haven’t been sick in years.
    Dr. Kenneth R. Koles Phd

    I'm a nutritionally oriented chiropractor in Bend, Oregon. Just wanted to put in a good word for how clinicians like myself are using
    monolaurin-Lauricidin®. I am finding it useful for colds, flues, and yeast overgrowth. I have a couple of people using it for herpes outbreaks.
    In the natural health field we are always looking for better approaches to these problems. Lauricidin® appears to be a new weapon for these
    problems & an alternative to herbals such as oregano oil & grapefruit seed extract. Lauricidin® is also an alternative to other fatty acid
    products such as caprylic acid from CNO & undecenoic acid from castor bean.
    Jim Neilson D.C.


    Testimonials from Lauricidin® Consumers

    (Individual results may vary)


    I’ve been using Lauricidin for about 2 years now and I’m extremely happy with the results. I’ve had no side effects at all, and have not had
    one outbreak since taking it. Every once in a while when I feel I may be close to an outbreak, I increase my dosage for a couple of days and it
    goes away.
    Chatsworth, CA

    I am a 54-year-old woman and have had major outbreaks of genital herpes since I was 20. I’ve gone through all the drugs trying to keep it
    under control but was not too successful. I started Lauricidin® about 1½ year ago. The only outbreak I’ve had was when I was feeling so
    good I forgot to take it, In fact I’ve told everyone that I can think of that might benefit. Thank you for this wonderful supplement that has
    changed my life!
    Grand Ronde, OR

    I was one of those cases who had constant breakouts with miserable pain. I think I now have the best formula for me I take 2 scoops of
    Lauricidin® 3 times a day and now have no outbreaks (I mean none). I’m extremely grateful for this natural alternative to antivirals
    The Villages, FL

    Chronic Fatigue

    I am so grateful there is a product out there like Lauricidin® that could help me get healthy in a safe way. Within a month of using
    Lauricidin® my energy level tripled, and as a result I’m a much happier person.
    Jamaica Plain MA

    I have been using Lauricidin® since 10/2001. My experience has been very positive with my fatigue issues. I’ve tried to stop using
    Lauricidin® several times and my fatigue comes right back. I now continue to use Lauricidin® on a daily bases and it has allowed me to get
    back to a fairly normal life.
    Nottingham PA

    The first 3 days of one scoop twice a day produced immediate increase in energy lasting all day, along with clearer thinking and deeper,
    longer sleep. I listened to my body in how much and how often I ingest Lauricidin®. The results have been excellent and I am very grateful
    for this wonderful product.
    San Anselmo CA

    Toe Nail Fungus

    I have used Lauricidin® as a preventative, and have gotten the nice side effect of no longer having toenail fungus. I feel better and have
    more energy. I think it’s an amazing product, and I am grateful to Dr. Kabara for having discovered it, found a way to make easy to take, and
    especially for making available at such a low price to the public.
    Reno NV

    I have had a history of toe-nail fungus. I have taken Lamisil in the past but I am a heart patient so, I decided to take Lauricidin® orally
    instead. I have had more results in three months, taking Lauricidin®, than I had in a year taking Lamisil. I am very pleased with my results
    with Lauricidin® and I intend to continue using these products.
    Springfield, MO

    Hep C

    I saw my doctor when I was taking ½ scoop of Lauricidin® BID. He tested me and upped my dosage to 3 full scoops a TID. I immediately
    broke out with a rash which went away in a few days. I seem to be tolerating about 2/12 scoops a day. Bottom line, my Hep PCR qaunt is
    down and is in large part responsible for the ever-increasing drop in my viral load. It’s by far the most amazing supplement I’ve ever been on.
    I believe I have even dissolved nuisance fibroid recently, and I attribute it to the Lauricidin®, without a doubt.
    Somersworth NH

    When he first started taking monolaurin 8 years ago, his ALT went from 562 to 120 in about 2 years. This last test was the biggest jump
    we’ve seen from 238 to 469 in 6 months. These past 6 months were the only time he WASN’T using monolaurin. We were trying a different
    approach with alpha-lipoic acid and selenium. Obviously, this didn’t work. Michael has no symptoms at all. He used to deal with fatigue and
    depression before we stated monolaurin therapy, but that is long gone.
    North Aurora IL


    My son, who is now 12, has really benefited from Lauricidin®. He began taking it just over a year ago and continues to take a scoop twice a
    day. After an initial three-week die-off period, he stabilized at a much healthier level than before. It has not cured him but does seem to be
    an important part of his overall ongoing treatment for a dysregulated immune system, including a viral overload, by keeping him on more of
    an even health level as opposed to previous wild swings in health. If he skips a dose, we do notice that he shows more signs of
    allergy/immune weakness for a few days.
    Piano, TX

    Hi. I just wanted to thank you for your prompt shipment to us this past week. I have a 23-month-old PDD/NOS son who is close to losing his
    diagnosis due to diet/supplement /enzyme intervention. And the wonderful grace of a loving God. One of the most heart breaking parts of this
    disease is when the child cannot reciprocate with affection. I miss my child putting his head on my shoulder for comfort but there has been a
    "wall" there now for months. To me it is the most difficult part of this. Tonight he sat in my lap and allowed me to cuddle him without being
    "stiff for the first time in months. What a gift and way to start the New Year. I truly believe your product Lauricidin® was a big part of this
    latest improvement.
    Auburn, AL

    I want to share with you some of the changes we have already seen in our son (dx'd with autism, aged 8), which I had at first not attributed
    to the Lauricidin®, As I expected changes to come in the area of speech, but now have no reason to believe it was as I have added no new
    supplements: He has increased focus and showing new interest in books and interactive computer games (sometimes he had only two a very
    limited degree he also has been much happier and vocalizing more (he is nonverbal).
    Buena Park, CA

    Flu & Sinus

    My daughter and I start taking Lauricidin® when we feel like we are getting a cold or sinus infection. I am proud to say that I suffered with
    the sinus problem quiet frequently until I started the Lauricidin®. I did not have one the entire year of 2002 and 2003. We were out of
    Lauricidin® just recently and my daughter got a full-blown sinus infection. It really works for us.
    Beavercreek, OH

    My wife and I take Lauricidin® when we feel a cold on sickness coming on. About 5-6 times we both felt a sickness coming on and we took it
    (one scoop) at 6:00 PM and one at 10:00 PM, before bed. Every time we wake up with no symptoms, my wife calls them the magic pebbles.
    Woodside, CA

    I have ordered and am currently using Lauricidin®, as is my wife and 4-year-old child. We have been enjoying a flu and cold free winter so
    far for the most part. My four-year-old was starting to take Lauricidin® 8 to 10 tablets once or twice a day for only 2 or 3 days. When he got
    a slight cold that lasted for only 2 days instead of the normal 2 to 3 weeks. He is extremely asthmatic when he gets colds and usually ends up
    on inhaled steroids and inhaled albuterol for almost a month when he gets any respiratory condition. This time the sick plan was ended after
    2 days of preventative treatments.
    Weatogue, CT


    I originally started using Lauricidin® for my cat’s herpes to the eye, but I ended up using it more for myself and my family then the cat. It
    has helped my father with is prostate cancer, my mother with her intestinal problems, and myself with a server sinus problem I’ve had for
    years. What a difference Lauricidin® has made in my life!
    Alpharetta, GA

     Buy Lauricidin:  LAURICIDIN®

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