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    Hi all, not sure how many of my old pals are still on the forums but a few people have PM'd me to ask for an update. So let me begin by saying that there is a pretty detailed account of everything i went thru and discovered in my early stages of healing. that said i will give a brief recap of what i used and why and how my treatment morphed as i got better and went from bed ridden to hiking for miles in 100 degree heat and loving it. In each stage i phased out certain supps and phased in others. i am NOT saying that my protocol will work for everyone, i am NOT suggesting anyone try it. i am just responding to requests for help. i hope in some small way i can give back to this site as i found so much helpful info here. OKAY! So....

    1. I used seriphos to "reset" my cycadic rythm because I was waking up at 3 am and my cortisol level were all over the place low and high

    2. i used an adrenal glandular liquid(can't remember name in old posts)

    3. pregnenalone to manufacture much needed progesterone and other hormones

    4. magnesium as CALM

    5. symplex F for female hormones (not sure this did anything)

    these things along with cutting out all chemicals and processed foods got me out of a bed ridden state of exhaustion. i had gone thru a very emotionally taxing time with work, an injury and a relationship issue and my body just fell apart.

    I got to about 70% but I knew there was something missing because i still crashed really hard occasionally . this was when thru trial and LOTS of error i discovered the high copper connection. copper accumulates in the body under stress and causes the body to produce more estrogen. and in turn estrogen makes the body store more copper. then started using high doses of zinc and several other sups that i give a detailed log of in my posts.

    So i got to about 80% but i was still crashing hard after a month or so of doing great and taking a week to get back....thru high dose folic acid and b 12 i discovered the biggest link of all...the histamine connection. when a person has estrogen dominance because of stress (body uses progesterone to make stress hormones) your mast cells become unstable. estrogen is known to cause heightened mast cell activity. mast cells release inflammatory chemicals such as histamine. histamine is involved in a host of things including hieghtened brain activity in siezures, derealization, food allergies, heart palpitations, orgasms etc. and its actually a neurotransmitter. it's a fascinating chemical really once you start realizing everything it does...when the body is high in histamine our HPA axis releases adrenaline and cortisol to reduce histamines in the blood. hence the adrenal exhaustion. in my opinion there is nothing wrong with the adrenals per se. they are just overworked.

    Anyway, so histamine was the culprit. in my old posts you can see how i came to this realization. i then started taking things for high histamines as one can never IMHO get out of adrenal fatigue without lowering histamines. i took:

    !. methionine (reduces blood histamine)

    2. tyrosine (manufactures adrenaline to lower histamine this gets me out of a crash fast)

    3. high dose vitamin C (reduces blood histamines)

    4. very important low histamine diet.

    5. i also continued zinc, mag and pregnenalone.

    6. i did lots of sweating, sauna, laying in sun, walking etc.

    so that got me to 95% for many months BUT i was still having lots of inflammation issues and reacting to high histamine i decided to add anti inflammatories to my regiment.

    1. systemic enzymes

    2. dandelion root tea

    3. msm & chondroitin

    Now at this stage i am at 99% and holding strong. i can out hike most of my friends, i can sit in the sun for hours, i can sauna everyday for 30 minutes etc etc. this coming from someone who would almost faint in anything above 85 degrees for many years and needed to sleep 12 hours a day....i was sick, i was toxic and my lymphatic system was stuck. i needed all of these things i believe in this order to jump start my system. the initial leap with the first set of supps was the most dramatic.

    i'm proof that we can all heal as long as we pay attention to our bodies and take care of it. and one thing i didn't my opinion there is a HUGE mental component to this. i have always been the epitome of a type A and lived a high stress life. this is a stress illness...the stress causes biochemical changes and once they start its like a domino effect. only thru a mind body connection can one truly heal. i have had to learn to reel myself in a tad....i probably should do less than i do but i'm an overachiever:) that said i remove toxic people and circumstances from my life swiftly and respect my body and try not to abuse it.

    i hope this helps someone:) my disclaimer is that as many of you may remember i left the forum and stopped answering direct PMs some time ago due to aggressive people making demands of me and being hostile...please know that i wish for everyone to heal but i can't take it upon myself to help each person. we are all different and i'm not qualified to guide anyone thru this. so i hope this helps someone put the pieces of thier puzzle together.

    All the best, Laredo
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