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How to make CDS (anyone can do it)
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    CDS stands for "Chlorine Dioxide Solution" which is a derivative of  MMS in the sense that a) CDS is typically made with MMS, and b) they both work from the same basic component; "Chlorine Dioxide". The main difference being, that activated MMS is a reaction solution which either creates of gives off Chlorine Dioxide, whereas CDS(the Chlorine Dioxide Solution) is made-up of water injected with Chlorine Dioxide.

    WHY CDS:
    Though CDS differs from MMS in many ways, it is most notably the taste that stands out first and foremost. To which I'd add, many people have come to recognize that MMS has earned a reputation for having a rather bad taste. ie. many users who have taken MMS long term have develop sensitivities to the point where the smell of MMS alone is enough to induce nausua. In fact... just thinking about it makes me feel naucious(yuk). Suffice to say... it should come as no surprise that an MMS alternative such as CDS without the taste would come as a welcomed change for many people. 

    The other known advantages of CDS over MMS take place in the side effect end of things. And though I realize that many people tend to shun any/and all admissions of side-effects with MMS, I want to put out there that I'm not one of those people, and that as a long term user, I can say without a doubt that MMS(like most any other treatment) has its share of side effects as well. However, since this would spread into a topic in itself, I'm simply going to focus on the inherent differences in terms of common side-effects between CDS and MMS respectively. Which is summarized as follows:

    • No tiredness or lethargy upon initial use or introductory stages. This is something that most everyone taking MMS will encounter. And though the exact reasons are not yet known, the effect can be debilitating for anyone facing day to day responsibilities.  
    • No nausea and vomiting. If there's one thing we've learned with MMS. It's that to much to quickly can and will cause vomiting.  Though it isn't unheard of that many people can't tolerate even a small amount of MMS. And so CDS brings new light to people with such intolerances. 
    • No diarrhea and electrolyte imbalance. Over the years, I learned that many people(including myself) have experienced heart palpitations and signs of electrolytic imbalance while taking MMS. And though there are no definite explanations for this to date, these particular symptoms are common enough for consideration.   
    • No pH imbalance. This is yet another factor associated with the longer MMS terms. And I think the going notion is that the acidic nature of the MMS mixture itself impacts the bodies pH levels over time.  

    With these benefits in mind, it should come as no surprise that CDS has gained considerable ground as an alternative to MMS. HOWEVER... there are significant "OTHER" differences separating MMS and CDS aside from the chemical composition that should be acknowledge as well. For example... an MMS mixture could be called a "persistent" source of Chlorine Dioxide within the body. Whereas, CDS is not. Which means that MMS can potentially deliver a much stronger and longer lasting effect on pathogens than CDS. Which then raises the question as to whether or not CDS is sufficient to treat certain conditions. And though I'm not going to pretend to have the answer to such questions, I can say(based on experience) that CDS can and does get into the bloodstream, which worked out to be about equal to MMS in performance in my particular case. - bone infection. 



    CDS has come a long way since its introduction nearly a year ago, and one of the biggest issue surrounding CDS has been with production and storage. To which I'd add, wasn't very helpful given that making good quality CDS required a fair amount of knowledge and preparation. Not to mention that CDS is at its finest(potentially) fresh from the brew. - so to speak. And so it became obvious that things had to change in order to make CDS redealy available to everyone. And this is when some very clever people have came-up with a  very simple method of making high quality CDS. So easy in fact... that even a child could do it(more on that later). And here's how its done: 


    • 1 x MMS kit: MMS mixture and 1:1 activator.
    • 1 x large Pickle Jar with a lid.
    • 1 x 1oz shot glass - made of clear glass(no writing or logo's on it).
    • Distilled or filtered water. - Distilled prefered. 

    First place 500ml(1/2 Liter) of distilled water into the clean, empty Pickle Jar. Then place 24 drops of MMS and 24 drops of 1:1 Activator into your shot glass and swish it around(to mix it up). Then carefully place the shot glass inside the jug filled with 1/2L of water so that it sits off the bottom(if the jar isn't large enough, you may need to reduce the amount of water as some shot glasses won't float). My hand is to large to fit into the Pickle Jar, and so I get my daughter to place it in there(:p). Next, place the lid firmly onto the Jar and carefully store the entire assembly into a dark cupboard overnight. 

    By the end of 12 hours(or morning), you will notice the water in the Jar has turned yellow and the solution in the shot glass is now clear. You can now place the entire thing into the fridge to help settle the solution or to store or.... use it immediately(your choice). However, based on this protocol, my target was to end-up with 24 drops of MMS in 1L's of water. That being said, I've found that I could drink CDS made with 24 drops with as little as 600ml without issues(may vary depending on the person). 

    PS. this method was first published by a member from the Genesis Forums by the name of sungazer under the MMS research section. I take no credit for this information whatsoever. 

    Hope this helps.


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