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                • Video Embedded Dr Pete Peterson PART 2 & 3   Will_I_Ever_Learn   4y  6,067
                  • i dont understand how rh negative is alien. negative is the absence of the rhes...   trapper/kcmo   4y  5,905
                    • Dr Pete Peterson does not associate Rn negative with alien DNA. He just does not...   Will_I_Ever_Learn   4y  9,762  
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                      Date: 6/27/2012 1:01:28 AM   ( 4y ago )   Hits:   9762

                      Dr Pete Peterson does not associate Rn negative with alien DNA. He just does not mention about Rh.

                      Here's what can be found on the web. But it all could be conjecture or C*R*A*P.

                          Type O Negative Blood Hints at Prince Charles as Descendant of Reptilians
                      Persistent stories have emerged for years about the evil that lurks behind the smiling facade of the royal family of England and the United Kingdom . While the theories and evidence runs the gamut, one story that remains persistent is the rumor that Queen Elizabeth II is a shape shifting superhuman creature best known as a reptilian. Her son is Prince Charles as you know.

                      Parallel to this story is the belief in some quarters that Type O Negative blood is indicative of reptilian, annunaki or so-called ancient astronaut ancestry on the part of those that have this rare blood type. The Universal donor - the person having this blood can donate blood to all but only receive back Type O him or herself.

                      Also, there is the background of the term 'blue blood' denoting royal ancestry being linked to the reptilian / dragon / annunaki / ancient astronaut bloodline due to the bluish hue of this blood due to a high copper concentration causing this coloring phenomenon.

                      While all of the above topics have been previously expounded by other writers, the three in combination have never been placed together to form a pattern of proof...until now.

                      Background of Queen of England and other Royals as blood drinking reptilians:

                      1. Numerous stories appear with this theme from various quarters - more
                      ALLEGED first hand accounts: more .
                      Leaders of western countries are selected by BLOOD not election by the MASSES: more .

                      Uniqueness of TYPE O NEGATIVE BLOOD due to presence of REPTILIAN DNA:

                      2. The Rh negative factor in blood is based allegedly on a "mutation of unknown origin" that began somewhere in Europe thousands of years ago and spread mainly to Spain, England and Ireland. more .

                      3. Being Rh negative means that one does not share DNA background with the Rhesus monkey or Rh and thus one is lacking that DNA or better said testing for the Rh factor leads to Negative results in the given person being examined.

                      A mother with Rh negative blood type will fight her Rh positive fetus' as a disease with her
                      immune system if not treated with certain medications. An Rh positive mother will accept either type child in her womb. more .

                      4. To put it bluntly - the lack of Rh in the DNA or blood means that one having this trait does
                      NOT SHARE DNA OR EVOLUTIONARY BACKGROUND WITH THE APES and therefore the commonly held theory of evolution is totally lacking in an explanation for this phenomenon.

                      The only explanation is a separate evolutionary ancestry not diluted by subhuman primates, the mutation theory is just that... a theory. No evidence for it is provided other than something was desperately needed to shore up the secular theoretical basis of existence and a critical underpinning of atheistic philosophy in particularly Marxism. See: Evolution cannot explain

                      Rh negative factor's existence: scroll down 60% - "Are you an Rh negative blood type? If so, you could be a descendant of the ancient astronauts themselves!" more .
                      "all other earthly primates also have this Rh factor. Where did the Rh negatives come from" see previous link at 65%.

                      Further : Most abductees are Rh negative. People lacking Rh appear to have hyper vision and other senses, higher mental analytical abilities, higher sensitivity toe EM and ELF fields and other seemingly 'superior' traits in a manner of speaking than those with Rh positive factor. more .

                      BLUE BLOODS term stemming from higher copper content of Reptilian blood:

                      5. High copper concentration in reptilian blood caused it to give a bluish hue upon oxidation. more  Top leaders and Blue Blood: more Further info from David Icke: more . Copper is associated in magical ritual with the planet Venus: more Venus as the morning star is associated with Lucifer the fallen angel: more .


                      Queen Elizabeth II along with Al Capone and Ronald Reagan were Type O - more . It is odd that the Queen's type is public knowledge but the Rh factor is not...IF the Rh factor could be discovered and found to be negative...that would go a long way to proving the reptilian nonhuman ancestry theory of the royals. Research into this topic is encouraged.

                      HOWEVER: That may not be necessary since it is public knowledge that her son - PRINCE CHARLES IS TYPE O NEGATIVE

                      Welcome,  this is to explore   our Blomvyle/Blomfield etc., families trend in rh negative blood lines, this may effect some and then again it may not....

                      it is a very important factor if you are a rh negative woman and your husband/partner is rh positive, this could and will effect your children if any are born  rh positive...put very simply your blood will form anti bodies and try to destroy your unborn rh positive baby if you are rh negative blood group......the  negative and positive blood groups are simply not is NOT a disease as some medical sites state, it is merely INCOMPATABILITY of blood groups....your blood composition is/was designed primaly to keep the rh neg blood line PURE....don't ask me why the experts are still out on that one.

                      Many still born  babies that died very shortly after birth, severely jaundiced in the old days, were most possibly  the end result of the mixing of incompatible bloodlines........... re Anne Bolyne ...Katherine of Arragon......more on this here .....

                      YOUR rh negative blood is RARE.......if you have rh negative blood type you are SPECIAL..

                      medical science cannot clone your blood.....

                      you can only receive blood from your own blood group,

                      or 0 rh negative blood, which is the Universal donor..

                      Most rh negatives suffer from anemia at some point in their lives and have a excess of copper above normal..

                      Most rh negatives have an extended awareness and extra sensory abilities above the normal

                      Most rh negatives have extra ordinary powers of healing themselves ie: wounds/surgery eyc.,  .and extra sensitive sight/ hearing abilities...

                      rh negatives are in the Arts, authors/ poetry/ music/ research,/ film industry/ space research/ quantum physics/ anything that goes beyond the norm ......

                      .Worldwide blood type breakdown..2011...I cannot vouch that these figures are accurate.
                      O+36.44%,   A+28.27%,   B+20.59%,   AB+-5.06%,   O- 4.33%,    A- 3.52%,   B-  1.39%,    AB- 0.45%

                      I would be interested to know the concentration of rh negative blood in our  our collective families.
                      l only found out what my blood group was when I became a blood donor many years ago,... my blood group was typed... rh negative B, 1.39% .....which at the time meant absolutely nothing to me......

                      I had  a family of 4 boys, the first two children  were born 0- rh negative and quite well, next birth was twin boys who were  born premature 7mths  and badly jaundiced, at a later date when I became interested in this blood group thing, I found my first two births were O rh neg, and later my twins boys were O+ rh positive, carrying the rh negative gene...( badly jaundiceD and premature) so if they had gone full term they would not have survived, not much was known in those early days, the Dr just told me not to have any more children?  BUT.. nothing about incompatable blood!  aha....
                      .re medical research data, my husband was  rh positive  carrying the recessive rh negative gene, ( his ancestors are from SPAIN) an area of high concentration of rh negative blood types .
                      One of  my sons who is an 0 positive blood type but carying the rh negative recessive gene, he married a B rh negative blood lady......he has some O rh negative blood children and some of the children are rh positve , but..... carrying the recessive rh negative gene......its an interesing study in genetics and family history -genealogy

                      Now with my PATERNAL  lineage , BLOMVYLE/BLOMEFYLDE etc.,  through my Grandfathers side we have gone back to... yes you guessed it BRITIAN- NORMANDY- FRANCE 1020,EUROPE ,  here the plot thickens....rumour says we appear to have had a connection with William the Conquorer on the wrong side of the blanket? the BLOMVYLES etc.,.,  owned land and manors in TUDOR/ELIZABETHAN Sir Reginal Blomfield " we owned more land the the Ruling Families of the day".....and no doubt  more than a bit of hanky panky went on in that lusty Tudor/Elizabethan era....or even back further in France.......many a bastard was sired by so called Lords/Elite/ Nobles/Dukes /Royalty/etc., mistresses/concubines/and/or  a bit on the side... ....

                      My Paternal  Grandmother Grace lawrence from who knows how/ why/ where/ this rare rh negative  blood group came into the BLOMVYLE /BLOMEFIELD/BLOMFLYDE/BLONDEVILLE/ETC.,lineage ?.......this rare blood group has come down through the Blomvyle/Blomfield Pedigree ...23 generations through my branch to date .... .interesting isn't it?


                      .The World rh negative blood line can be traced to its 2nd highest concentration, the Basques, on the border of SPAIN/FRANCE..(this could explain the area where our   RARE BLOOD LINE  originates....then to the Middle East..MORROCO -IRAQ the highest concentration of rh negative blood in the world........
                      interestingly enough that brings the Ancient city of SUMER into the equation...therein is another story......

                      DNA studies on ancient Egyptian mummies have found  a large number to be of rh negative blood groups including RAMESES 2nd, who was a rh negative B, 1.39% world wide.....same blood type and group as me. The Pharoah Akhenaten and his family were all rh negative blood, as was..King Tut his 2nd son being the last of the last member of that AMARNA Royal Family that we know of ( murdered)?. The odd thing is that Dr Hawass, would not reveal the lastest dna finding on King Tut, but now the world knows this ruling rh negative blood group and the Caucasian link to the Armana Egpytian Royal Dynasty..
                      Prince Charles is a rh  negative  O-  as is his Mother, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd .....thus their lineage is a rh negative blood line coming through the English Royal Family...from Europe (again)........through perhaps James the 1st of Scotland/England...   as Queen Elizabeth was childless......
                      Princess Dianne would have been chosen  for her rh negative blood line...her blood line would have linked back to the main Royal blood line and okayed by? to carry the Royal rh negative blood line on,  as is/was  Kate William and Kates children will carry the ROYAL rh negative blood line on through their issue/children.....


                      I have been researching RH O neg blood (I happen to be one) which I believe is so related to the power struggles we are in today over Illuminati bloodlines.

                      This one gives a big clue. O Neg Blood CAN NOT get HIV/Aids.


                      This new information supports some issues around royal blood research in that the population control protocol is to kill 9/10 ths of the population (that adds up to all other than rh O neg) blood.
                      And, we suspected Aids was bio-engineered to get rid of blacks and gays.

                      This O Rh Negative Royal Bloodline co-insidence of population reduction by aids (or Chemtrails, Flouride, Aspertame, GMO foods, MSG, etc, may be very parallel to the many more previous mass genocides throughout history that were at some conscious or unconscious level targeted the RH positive cultures. There is also a relation between Morgellons and O neg blood.

                      Here are some Negative RH groups:
                      The Israelites 40 years in the desert, to clean up their Genepool. The reason for circumcision was to identify neg blood men.
                      The Greek Gods known as the Immortals, having RH neg blood, who could produce offspring with "other immortals/gods" or with mortals/RH Positive regular people. Many Wars. I wonder what blood-type the Trojans had?
                      David, Soloman, Caesar, and Jesus's Royal Blood Line relationship to the Templars to keep secrets of Caesar/Jesus Connection. Is this the true Holy Grail secret?
                      The murder of millions of the indigenous Indians (RH positive) in America,
                      Hitler's Aryan (blonde hair blue eyes) "master race"plan and the murder of RH+ (Kazarian/Zionist) Jews and all of the many others.
                      I wonder if Caesar had RH Neg Blood?

                      Is this the real reason for incest breeding? that has gotten out of control - eg Prince Charles, many US presidents.

                      Is the NWO are trying too get rid of "contaminated" DNA from the mixing of the sons of god/shining ones (Elohimic/Anunaki) with daughters of men - a result the genetic engineering project to create a less intelligent, obedient, slave race to do the mining.
                      If so are could they have a higher plan of peace where their ends justify the means by killing "undesireables"?

                      Esau married outside of the Israelite blood-line, which began the Edomite Canaanite culture, where he mixed his seed with the "wicked", many who became the Khazarian Jews.
                      Jacob (12 tribes of Israel) kept the Royal (rh-0 neg) bloodline in his offspring. Prince Charles and Queen Eliz are O Neg and so is William. They still use the stone pillow of Jacob in the Coronation Ceremonies.
                      Many US presidents had RH neg blood

                      O Negatives have more Reptilian (Left Brain/Series/logical/Draconian) blood than Mammalian (Right brain/Parallel processor/ Creative/ Random Access) blood, but are known to have a more active Pineal gland which lends to intuition, telepathy, and elevated intelligence.

                      It is interesting that St. Germain took his ascension from the "House of Rakoczy, Home of Master "R" (Great Divine Director). Rakoczy is also associated with Count Dracula (Draco/Dragon/ rh-) blood line). King Arthur Pendragon is also related to the Draco RH O neg blood in his royalty and in his Name, as were the celts, druids, fairies, and the entire Dragon symbology and coat of arms symbols among the royals.

                      The fact that there are no blacks, Chinese, Hispanics, Korean or Japanese ( low in O neg Blood) allowed in the "I Am" Sanctuaries of Guy Ballard I am movement, could indicate a prejudice against "non royal blood" or a cleaning up of the Genepool, that was started in the early 1930's right after the height of the Theosophy movement that was also strongly connected to Hitler's SS (secret society). Hitler's favorite book was "the Secret Doctrine" by Blavatsky. BTW Hitler did not like the Khazarian/Bolshevik/Zionist Jews.



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