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COQ10 with Oil Pulling - report
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    Ok I cross-posted a bit on this one, but the results I had after my first use were so powerful I thought this is something people with gum disease/rescission, heart/cardio issues, etc. should be aware of.

    In the Oil Pulling forum we discussed how putting COQ10 topically on the gums AFTER oil pulling could help speed up the regrowth of gums. Then we speculated how getting some liquid form of COQ10 and adding it to the oil pull would expose the gums topically to COQ10 for the entire 20 minutes of the oil pull AND have better absorption in the body. Nearly 100% directly through the mouth and mucous membranes instead of being broken down in the stomach.

    The Stuff
    I went ahead and ordered some liquid COQ10 from Amazon. The brand was Vitol 200 mg liquid COQ10. Reasons were:

    1) It was made to be sublingal therefore meant to be mouth absorb-able and probably decent tasting;

    2) 200 mgs in 16 drops was MUCH more concentrated than other brands;

    3) Didn't have a lot of filler like other liquid COQ10;

    4) Not very expensive and free shipping ;)

    A bit more research
    While waiting for it to get here over the weekend I did a bit more research on Q10 to see if it really did anything special when put directly on gums, and how it would react mixed with oil.

    On question 1, I found study after study showing amazingly solid results when applying Q10 directly to gum diseased areas of pockets, gingivitis, etc. How the ADA kept that bit of ground breaking news out of the media is pretty darned impressive. There would be more than a few periodontists giving up vacation homes if the public knew about this.

    On the question of mixing oil and liquid Q10, most of the liquid Q10 makers actually recommended it mixed in with oil while taking it such as flax seed oil and others. Turns out the oil has a synergistic effect, and actually makes it more absorbable, stable, and thus potent.

    Everywhere I looked the idea seemed more and more promising.

    First Try
    Took the Vitol liquid Q10 out of the Amazon box this morning and gave it a try. Instructions said use a whole dropper (about 16 drops) for 200 mgs and leave on the tongue for 10 seconds before swallowing.

    Since it was going to be in my mouth alot longer than 10 seconds and I wasn't sure how it would taste I decided to use less - so I put 10 drops in my normal spoonful of flaxseed oil.

    As for the taste, it was sweet and pleasant. Weird at first to have my flaxseed oil taste like Cherry flavored Ricola - but a nice taste overall once I got over the shock.

    The Results
    I've been taking Q10 off and on for years. Recently I've been using very expensive Yarrow brand of 200 mg Ubiquinol since I can feel a bit of a difference after using. Less expensive stuff doesn't register at all and I wonder if it's even working.

    So I was skeptical if I'd even feel anything using about 100 mgs of this brand I never heard of, swishing it in my mouth with oil for 20 minutes and spitting it out.

    Actually the opposite happened. After pulling for around 15 minutes I noticed my extremities (hands/fingers, feet/toes, etc) had a strong pins and needles tingle to them. The best Q10 I've had will give a slight tingle - this was that times about 30 so I actually started to panic a bit.

    But knowing the Q10 effect from before, I knew this was just a much stronger version so I wasn't as worried as I might have been if I new to Q10. And again, it was only crazy expensive versions taken orally that had 1/30 the effect I experienced today. The rest had no immediate effect.

    I also noticed my gums were tingling all over. This was very good since apparently there was more than enough Q10 to topically go around on all the areas of my gums - and my gums seemed to be thanking me.

    Now it's about 5 hours later, and I still feel a surge of energy and some tingling. All day I've had amazing amounts of energy, been unusually gregarious and it's even had an effect on my libido. Actually had several enjoyable encounters with attractive younger women during the day. OK it's not gum regrowth in 6 hours, but I'll take it.

    Bottom Line
    On my first day, I don't have much to judge other than how well the Q10 seemed to absorb and what pulling with it was like.

    To pull with it was pretty much no different than a normal oil pull. The only exception is that it adds a pleasant sweet cherry flavoring. Other than that no difference.

    How well it absorbed was a 30 on a scale of 1-10. Never felt remotely as strong a Q10 effect before. Plus never had any kind of noticeable feeling from my gums after using.

    And this is huge. Q10 gets very expensive for the good stuff. In this case for daily use I'd probably cut back to about 6 drops which would make the $20 Vitol probably last 6-9 months. And that's with absolutely the strongest most magnified Q10 absorption I've ever felt.

    Anyone with gum disease, cardiovascular issues, etc should definitely give this a try. I can't guarantee you'll get my results, but so far this seems like the best way to absorb COQ10 by a long shot.
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