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                Date: 4/18/2012 6:59:11 AM   ( 3y ago )   Hits:   9308
                Yes, I am presently spending some time to research for a law case connected with Teri Lynn Hinkle (also her username on that forum is 'gemqueen').
                I did find one Georgia case where she was the plantiff, but it was dismissed for not showing cause.

                Now, getting to the Nevada & RuSA thing.

                I do believe Tim Turner made the biggest mistake ever when he announced, more less, that he was on a mission of God, or said that he was following God's instructions. This, to me, opened up the whole can of worms for RAP/RuSA and him.

                Knowing what I know about people's egos, and the kind of thinking that that statement would stir within people in general, it was the worst thing that anybody could do, especially being involved with the public. Even if he does receive instructions from God, you have got to not tell people about it. Something like that would not be entirely accepted, it would hurt too many other egos out there. And these people would end up being your enemies. They would try to take you down and/or kill you because of it. Its happened to all those that have made such claims in the past.

                Like I said before, the religion thing had totally caused me to back out of the State assembly meetings that I started to attend. As I had told it to Chaz, after signing the documents w/thumbprint, the very first thing that was said to open the meeting was: "This is a Christian organization!" Immediately I said to myself, "Say what!??!" because I don't consider myself belonging to any of the so-called "established religions", because in my book, ALL established religions are bogus, to one degree or another. Anyways, from there things went down hill for me pretty quickly.

                On attending the second meeting, I remember seeing another newbee there saying, "What are we going to do with these atheist Muslims? We should send them back where they came from!"

                Now, I came to the second meeting with having a little more wherewithal than previously. Seeing the absurdity of this statement being made, I immediately made my stand by saying, "Now wait a minute. You cannot be excluding people like that. From what I understand, Thomas Jefferson did not at any time say he was a Christian, he believed that there was a higher authority, but he never said he was a Christian. This organization has to be inclusive, it cannot be exclusive."

                I only heard one man behind me say 'yeah'.

                I felt that I had just sent a shock wave through the entire 120 member assembly that sat there. After that, the meeting coordinator stopped looking my way to recognize my hand when it was raised for a question. And on my way out, the man at the door asked me if I was going to come back - And, no, I never went back.

                This I saw was going to be the biggest problem to set this thing in motion. To me, the time is not yet right for this Republic to be recreated. People are too focused on the past, too much divided & fragmented, and man has changed, this world has changed.

                It was about that time, about a couple years ago, that I began looking at Frank O'Collins' stuff. And Frank seemed to know more what is needed.

                Frank's uncle was a Jesuit priest who had high level connections with that organization, and in some way was good friend with the pope at that time. From that connection, Frank was in a position to find out alot of information about the Catholic Church and its relevancy to the order of Jesuits. Frank himself started to be educated for that kind of life, but then did an abrupt u-turn upon having a certain kind of awakening happen for himself.

                He spent that last 25 years researching history. His research has taken him into the past history of Jesuit/Christianity, Ecclesiastical & Roman Canon Law, and has come to find that all the court systems of the World are based on Roman Canon Law.

                This is where all the trouble originates from. The Church's claim that it owns all property (all human beings are also considered property), because of its claim to be the direct representative of God - this has to be rebutted, rebutted by evidence showing dishonor of the church, rebutted by an entity that claims to have greater authority than the Christian/Jesuit order (as they are connected at the hip). The Jesuits/Catholic church has to be given notice by a greater authority that is immensely inclusive with all life on this planet, all religions, all races, all there is.

                Hence, Frank's research eventually led him to create UCADIA, which is based on Conscious Awareness. He has already filed the necessary Notices, to all the major players that are involved I think there are 7 groups he sent notices to.

                If you remember, the original guardian elders of the Republic that formed RAP, there was Sam Kennedy, Tim Turner, Tom Shultz and a guy by the name of Regan Reedy.

                Well, I remember after RAP fell apart, and Tim Turner created RuSA, it was soon after that I had access to a private conference call recording between Frank O'Collins and 3 other people. One of the other people was Regan Reedy. They were talking about the sending of the Notices to the Order of Jesuits & the Catholic Church and the other five groups. The Order of Jesuits was the only group that responded back. This, Frank said, showed that the Jesuits knew that they had to respond in order to 'stay in honor'. And all the other groups fell into dishonor by not responding to the Notice that was sent to them. This showed that the Jesuits are clearly sitting at the top of the pyramid (yeah, I know this can be disputed)

                But, I think Regan Reedy may still be involved with Frank & UCADIA.

                Frank (Australian) is in the process of finishing of the laying down the groundwork for UCADIA to be launched worldwide. From a monetary system, to setting up smaller communities. There is alot of material to read to get a better handle on what all is involved with this massive work (something I have been holding back on).

                But I really think that this is where our journey will take us to eventually. Its not too well known but it gathers momentum as the months & years go by.

                Anyways that is my take on this Republic stuff at the moment.

                Thanks for the reply.
                Cheers, turiya

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