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    Date: 1/12/2012 7:55:23 PM   ( 4y ago )   Hits:   63505
    Here's my story - I have had scabies twice, both times infected by my mother who got it in her skilled nursing facility. Oh it is such a nightmare - especially with 7 children! The first time we did the permethrin treatment, but my daughter and I got reinfected from doing mountains of laundry, since it doesn't kill them to just wash in hot water and dry on high. They just jump back on you when you are folding! So then I searched the internet and decided the best thing would be natural oils and enzymes. That worked but it took 6 to 8 weeks and I felt like a leper.

    The next time she gave it to my family I didn't bother with permethrin, since by then I knew it was poisonous bug killer, though my husband would rub a little on anywhere he was itchy - but he really didn't get it until months later! Once again I ordered the expensive oils from Access Neutraceuticals. But I just couldn't keep up when it spread to all the children, and there wasn't enough money this time. I turned to the web for more research and decided to try different wacky things, none of which worked and which may have caused me to miscarry (tea tree oil baths). Oh it was a horrible time.

    Finally, I came to CureZone and wrote down all the things that sounded like they might work. I got serious because I knew if I didn't it would just go on and on, and after 6 months or more I was getting worried!
    Here's what DIDN'T WORK:

    bleach baths with or without hydrogen peroxide
    hand sanitizer on itchy spots
    Orange Oil (essential oil)
    Tea Tree Oil (essential oil)
    Peppermint, Lavender and Neem Oil (Neem works a little, but not good enough, because some scabies still survive)

    BenzaRid - this seems very unnatural, harsh, not good around children and the company doesn't take returns (!) and the rest of what they sell is basically tea tree oil mixed with whatever. You could use it on your furniture I guess, if you are into strong chemicals, but I wouldn't recommend breathing it. Also, expensive.

    Here's what KINDA WORKS:
    Diatomaceous Earth - very messy if rubbed on skin or bed, but perhaps effective if you sprinkle on the floor and vacuum, though it will really make your vacuum messy. Taken internally may or may not help, I couldn't tell.

    Apple Cider Vinegar - spray on furniture, but I don't think it works that great. Taken internally it could definitely help to make your body less desirable, as the acidity vs. alkaline state of your body must have something to do with it, as my husband didn't get it until I was almost cured, so they obviously preferred me to him as we slept in the same bed!

    Borax Bath - recipe 1 cup Borax, 1/8 cup orange dish soap, 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide. This worked somewhat, but my husband couldn't shake them with it. There is a better way! Also, they use Borax in tooth whitener toothpaste, so I figured if you can put it in your mouth, you can take a bath in it. I did NOT do this while pregnant.

    Garlic Pills - once again, change the way your body smells.

    No Sugar Diet - same as garlic and apple cider vinegar.

    Essential Oils - expensive, take a LONG time IF you are super diligent.

    Swimming in the Ocean - my husband and oldest son thought this and the sun were really good.

    Hot/Cold Shower - I definitely think alternating between as hot as you can stand it without burning yourself, to as cold as you can stand it without freezing to death helps to make an unfriendly environment. I would combine this with the bath that really works:


    Pray and ask God to heal you. Thank you Jesus for healing me. I know that will bother some of you, but keep reading, because the answer is so simple.

    Enzyme Spray on furniture and enzymes in laundry - once again, somewhat expensive but really does work, so if that's too expensive try:

    Borax in your laundry. Absolutely necessary to bag your laundry and wash it separate from uninfected folks. I spread it to my whole household through the laundry. The downside is, if you don't have a double rinse cycle it can make you very itchy from your clothing. But it is a different itchy than the scabies, not nearly as bad and worth it.

    Mineral Salt Bath!!!!!! - Yes, that is the secret. I knew it had to be something simple and natural, but I went through torture getting the answer. Somebody on here mentioned they felt better after going for a mineral bath at a hot springs, so I threw some in my cart at a health food store. I put it in the bath with the borax and hydrogen peroxide, etc. but then my husband couldn't get rid of them when the rest of the family was healed, because we had run out. I'm a little slow I guess, but finally I went and bought some more and that was it. Within a few days they were gone! So simple and yet, who knew? I recommend a hot/cold shower and then jump in the mineral salt bath, but my husband hates cold showers and I don't know if he bothered with this step as much as I did, so you decide. The kind I used was about $20 for 5 pounds, from the Dead Sea Warehouse. It's called Dead Sea Magic Mineral Bath Salts. I imagine it doesn't really matter the brand, it's the combo of minerals and salt. But who knows, maybe you could just use 1 to 2 cups of plain old Sea Salt in your bath? If that works, let everyone know!!

    I don't know a cheap alternative to enzyme spray, but I'm guessing mixing water and mineral salts in a spray bottle and spraying your furniture, floors, bedding, etc. would do the trick. Didn't actually try this one.

    One other thing I will pass on to you that was a surprise blessing from this horrendous trial was an easy cure for minor skin cancers:

    Sulfur - I read somewhere to order Nu-Stock, which is a sulfure, pine oil mixture to treat itchy bug symptoms on animals. It smells pretty bad, but it actually took away a growth on my forehead after a few weeks of treating it nightly. Also gave me a slow skin peel revealing soft beautiful skin where I used it for scabies. It works okay for scabies, but does not eradicate. Great for itchiness though, but I can't vouch for how safe it is, though I did get rid of the scabies with it and the bath on my 2 year old, and so.........

    I promised myself I would post on here to share the cure. Don't despair, THIS REALLY WORKS! Believe me I tried a bunch of stupid gimmicks, went through horrors and spent way too much money.

    Also, if you are pregnant, ask your doctor if it is okay to do a mineral salt bath, and skip the really hot shower and use a thermometer to make sure the bath is really not too hot - it will feel kinda tepid. This seems to be the safest way of any cures offered, because even the essential oils could be bad for baby. Ultimately I would rather have scabies and a healthy baby, then miscarry like I did. But, it could have been a miscarriage for many other reasons, as I am 43 and it was my 9th pregnancy. Still, take care of your precious baby in your womb, no matter what!

    Let us know what worked for you when you are cured! All 9 of our family was cured and we are scabies free with no fear.

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