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        Date: 12/16/2011 3:37:41 AM   ( 5y ago )   Hits:   1280

        Why do you even bother to have a Terms of Service when you refuse to even enforce the them?  I have watched the posts on the Webmaster Forum and elsewhere where the trolls have been allowed to repeatedly attack me and anyone trying to defend me without any enforcement against these trolls for these TOS violations.


        When we demand justice we will be seeing injustice. When we try to understand injustice, injustice will disappear on its own.

        Here is a great example of one of the trolls using my name to refer to me as a homosexual herbalist, which is untrue and a violation of the Terms of Service on so many levels:
        There is nothing wrong with homosexualism.

        I totally agree. The way I see it God made people who they are as we are all God's creation and God is a part of us all.  So those who profess to hate homosexuals therefore hate God and God's creations.

        It is the context though that has me upset.  Again this poster is acting like a 2 year old and violating TOS on several levels with the posts intended to defame me.  And this is the second post this poster has done under this name over something like 7 months.  Again, why has this poster been allowed to violate TOS like this?  Why has this poster not been permanently banned for habitually violating TOS?  Again there is no rhyme or reason to how TOS is enforced on Curezone other than to allow personal attacks on me or anyone who supports me.  And anyone providing evidence contrary to claims made on Curezone are banned.

        It is how a person makes of it that gives it a connotation of good or bad. Others are mirrors of us. Read into of what others say to understand them and watch our reaction to it to understand ourselves. Unkind words are sometimes are the most challenging teaching that we can use to advance ourselves rapidly in our personal and spiritual growth.  

        Yes, but things like this go beyond ourselves.  It is this small minded thinking like this poster posted that promotes ignorance and hatred of others.  For instance this reminds me of a time I was out to dinner with a group of people.  There was a lady in the group who was a pastor and started a conversation bashing gay rights.  So I brought up some things in the Bible such as judge not.... and love thy neighbor.  Well that really set off her and her boyfriend and we really got in to it at dinner.  Finally she asked me why I was so adamant about gay rights, and said "do you want to be gay"?  What a stupid question that was!!!  Being that she was a women I really got close to asking her if she thought that all the men who fought for women's rights really wanted to be women.  And being that she was black if all the white people who fought against slavery and fought for black rights really wanted to be black.  Where would she have been if nobody had ever stood of for the rights she now enjoys today?  But she let her ignorance and prejudice cloud her reasoning and therefore she was promoting hatred and the suppression of rights by people that are equal to her as humans and Americans.

        No wonder people have been leaving Curezone en masse. Why would anyone want to come to Curezone when they watch what happens to people like me who are here volunteering time to help people and anyone else who tries to stand up to the rampant politics of Curezone.  I have about had it myself since I did not come to Curezone to have the trolls consistently make up lies about me then attack not only me when I try to defend myself but also attack anyone else who tries to stand up for me while you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop the rampant TOS violations.
        The trolls are doing the work of the trolls, the webmaster is doing the work of the webmaster, right or wrong, and HV is doing what HV is coming to do. I have so much of appreciation for you, HV, that no matter what others have to say about you, it does not really matter. The only thing that matters to me and may be to all the people that come to this forum to get educated and help from you, is that it matters so much to you. Your time and energy are limited and it is crucial that you use it efficiently and wisely. When you visit the forum, we would like to see your heart pumped with joy because you have brought so much joy to us, with love and grace because we surrounded you with gratitude...

        Thank you.

        In addition, I noticed that all the personal messages I had saved in my storage with evidence of attacks by Tony and others as well as my previous PMs to you have all been deleted.  Luckily I made copies of these and saved them in my own folders on my computer.  But it really goes to show how extensive the politics and censorship has become here on Curezone.  Curezone is a JOKE!!!  For a place that is supposed to be about "educating instead of medicating" too few of the posts have anything to do with health education or healing.
        I hope that someday you could manage not to let yourself get caught in all the nonsenses. Things are because of what we make of it. Be visible when you are needed and become invisible when you presence is not necessary. Tune out all the crappy noises and tune in the need and the appreciation from others. Day by day your presence and your work will impact and change those that are not ready to change now. People change only when they are ready... 

        I am working on many changes right now.  This includes ignoring a lot of the trolls, especially since there are so many on Curezone to deal with.  Problem is that not everyone running across Curezone is aware of the trolls here and the heavy handed politics.  As in a court of law a failure to deny is construed as an admission.  Therefore, newbies to Curezone who have not followed the troll politics will assume that what they are saying is true if nothing is said to the contrary.  This is why the trolls spend so much time attacking me.  They are trying hard to discredit me because they cannot do it with any real evidence since they are making up their claims and "science".  I know it is a time wasting game, but again if nothing to the contrary is said then people will assume it is true just like they accept quackery like "liver flushing" without question.
        Dear HV,
        I do not know how to express my appreciation for all the work that you did for us. I stumble on words when trying to express it because you are beyond my words.You are what I admire and dream to meet and learn from.  Meeting (your spirit) and knowing you is such a priviledge! I hope that what I have to say does not cause you any more grief. If you take a minute to pause, you will see that it only meant to help to get you to focus on your journey, a journey of healing... Though, it is hard to heal others when we are hurt ...
        Please, do not disappear on us! Though, if you do, your spirit remains as always in our forever grateful heart...

        Thanks again.  But even if I do leave Curezone to the misinformation trolls this does not mean I will be gone.  There are so many other places on the Internet that would love to have someone posting credible health information.  I have already started posting quite a bit on  and have a couple of articles up on Squidoo at the moment.  And I am not getting attacked on either site like I am continuously here on Curezone.  These sites actually enforce their Terms of Service.


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